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Snapchat Could be the Next Social App That Is Run by an Algorithm

Algorithmic filtering has been much in the news lately, after reports that Facebook routinely fiddles with the site’s Trending Topics, and makes editorial judgements about what to include or exclude. Now, there are reports that Snapchat is about to implement an algorithmic filter for the service, which is a hot platform for short-form video. According…


Giphy Says It’s Worth $300 Million Because It’s a Real-Time Media Platform

Three years ago, Giphy was just two weeks old, having just been launched by co-founders Alex Chung and Jace Cooke as a hacked-together search engine for animated GIFs–something they created as a side project within the New York-based tech incubator Betaworks. On Tuesday, the company announced a $55 million financing round that values Giphy at…