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Will Messenger Become The New Facebook?

This essay originally appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily tech newsletter. Sign up here. I must confess a habit of mine with you, Data Sheet readers. Every day, while I tap away on my laptop in Fortune’s San Francisco bureau, one tab in my browser remains constantly open: Facebook.com. It’s not to see the new…


Snapchat’s Ultimate Goal Isn’t Just Chat—It’s Total Media Domination

It can be difficult to get a handle on Snapchat sometimes, and not just because of its notoriously user-hostile (at least for old people) design. It’s also a slippery target because it keeps changing so rapidly–the Snapchat you thought you knew six months or a year ago isn’t the same Snapchat you’ll be using tomorrow.…


Messaging Bots May Soon Invade Your Inbox

If messaging software startups like Slack and Kore have their way, bots will become far more common in the not-so-distant future for organizing and prioritizing workplace communications. Only the messages won’t just come from other humans–they’ll be generated by software applications and Internet-connected machines that need to share important updates. Chat “bots,” simple apps programmed…