Waterproof Printing including Waterproof Menu Printing in Cardiff, South Wales!!

Would you like Waterproof Printing or Waterproof menu printing in Cardiff, South Wales or Wales????

If so then you should take a look at the Waterproof Menu Printing and other Waterproof Printing that South Wales printers Wkprint have developed.

WK print of Cardiff, South Wales is now producing Waterproof menu printing for many clients.

These waterproof menus can be any size from A3 downwards. The Waterproof menus are printed digitally on 360gsm plastic.

The Waterproof Menus are Printed one colour or full colour (CMYK), with rounded corners. The waterproof printing process is ideal for printing waterproof menus and these waterproof menus are ideal for restaurants and cafés to use to reduce overall menu printing costs.

Being waterproof the waterproof menus can be wiped with a damp cloth or even washed under a tap (sorry they don’t work in a dishwasher – we tried that one). After wiping or washing clean you can then spray sanitise them so your customers have clean menus to order from and with no germs or grease marks on them.

Enquire about Waterproof Menu Printing Today:

If you are Interested then look at their website: www.wkprint.co.uk or send them an email to: sales@wkprint.co.uk for a competitive quote.

They don’t charge VAT so absorb that cost for you. You can also contact Wkprint on: 029 2050 8782 for further information. – asking for Steve (and mentioning MA Consultancy).

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