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Facebook Doesn’t Need One Public Editor, It Needs 1,000 of Them

Depending on whom you believe, the problem of fake news on Facebook is either one of the most important issues facing mankind, or an over-blown controversy pumped up by the mainstream media. And in a way, that dichotomy itself points out the problem with defining–let alone actually getting rid of–”fake news.” When someone uses that…


Reuters Signs a News Deal with Red Bull, but Is That a Good Thing?

Anyone who has been following the media industry for the past few years knows that the boundaries between different types of content–news, entertainment, advertising–are blurring like never before. But is that a good thing? And is it something media companies should be embracing, or is it something they should be fighting? Those are questions we…


Eight Out of Ten Reddit Users Get Their News From the Site, Pew Report Says

Reddit isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to the news, at least not for people who grew up with traditional sources like newspapers and TV networks. But a new report from the Pew Research Center says that for those who visit Reddit regularly, the site plays a significant role in their news consumption:…