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You Can Now Go Live With Instagram Stories

It’s most Snapchat-like features are getting a little injection of immediacy. The post You Can Now Go Live With Instagram Stories appeared first on WIRED. Via Tech Feed http://bit.ly/2gaoHqb


Instagram Is Adding This Highly-Desired Feature for Additional Touch-Ups

Are you one of those Instagram users who can never decide on a filter? Do you spend an hour trying to find the right light balance and contrast to make your selfies look like professional glamour shots? Now you’re in luck, because the photo sharing app will soon allow users to save their work mid-post,…


You Can Now Schedule Instagram Posts Ahead of Time

Answering its users’ prayers, Instagram now supports social media marketing platform Buffer. This has been a highly anticipated feature for Buffer users, and it especially makes life easier for those managing brand accounts. Unfortunately Instagram still doesn’t allow foreign apps to post any pictures on behalf of a user, but the new Instagram Buffer feature…


Instagram hits half-billion users

Milestone hailed by photo sharing and appreciation app The photo-sharing app Instagram now has 550 million users, reaping the benefits from the growth of selfies and the propensity for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian to share images with a wider audience. Launched in 2010, it was bought by Facebook for $1bn (£680m) when it had […]


Twitter Downgraded to Sell: Hope Is Not a Strategy, Research Firm Says

Twitter has made a number of changes to the service in recent weeks, including some announced on Tuesday that give Twitter users more space, by not counting certain parts of a tweet as part of the 140-character limit. Some analysts, however, believe that these kinds of tweaks are more like rearranging the deck chairs on…


Your Instagram videos can now be a minute long

Instagram is making changes (Picture: Getty Images)Videos posted to Instagram can now be as long as a minute, the company has announced. This is what all the new Snapchat friend emojis mean At present, Instagram allows videos of just 15 seconds, so the longer videos, which begin rolling out today but will continue over several months,…


What Does Twitter’s Algorithmic Feed Mean for Social Marketing?

Last week saw a major shift in the new media landscape, as Twitter switched all of its users to a so-called “algorithmic feed.” That means users will be more likely to see tweets that match their own preferences, rather than just the most recent ones. At the same time, Instagram was reported to be testing…


Instagram Is Testing Algorithmic Filtering In Its Photo Feed

When it comes to using an algorithm to display relevant content, Instagram may be following in the footsteps of its parent company, Facebook. As reported by The New York Times, the photo-centric social network is testing a new way to show pictures in its feed using data to determine order. Instead of showing photos and…