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Google puts ‘on’ switch in hoodies


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Google Pledges $800 Million to COVID-19 Relief and Support Efforts – #PositiveCoronavirusNews

Google has pledged a massive $800 million to a range of COVID-19 relief and support efforts.


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Google Launches COVID-19 Help Site To Keep You Informed From A To Z

Image via Google

Google has launched an extensive website on the novel coronavirus, which aims to help internet users stay informed about COVID-19 while providing them the necessary tools and resources to keep up during this uncertain time.

From health information to safety and prevention tips, the site enables users to disregard fake news while up-keeping measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It also includes data and insights based on searches, and offers maps to see where the virus is currently prevalent.

The site also includes links to official bodies such as the World Health Organization and the respective public health departments from various states. Those practicing self-isolation and are working from home can browse through its ideas on living and coping well amid the crisis.

You can also take part in coronavirus relief efforts or read more about the contagion on Google’s blog. The site is presently directed to US-based visitors, but more content and languages are scheduled for rollout to the rest of the world.

Google’s efforts to fight COVID-19 are in line with Apple’s update to Siri that screens users for the virus.

Do these five simple things to help stop coronavirus (COVID-19).

1️⃣ HANDS: Wash them often
2️⃣ ELBOW: Cough into it
3️⃣ FACE: Don’t touch it
4️⃣ FEET: Stay more than 3ft (1m) apart
5️⃣ FEEL: Sick? Stay home

*General public health information* pic.twitter.com/7SNGV1ROxZ

— Google (@Google) March 14, 2020

[via The Next Web, cover image via Google] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409208/Google-Launches-COVID-19-Help-Site-To-Keep-You-Informed-From-A-To-Z/

Google’s Pixel 4a Gets Leaked In Shop And Even Has A Hands-On Video Review

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Image via IrinaKobrina / Shutterstock.com

Google is infamous for not safekeeping its upcoming smartphones from the public eye. The company doesn’t leave fans very surprised during Pixel events, because the phones’ designs and specifications get leaked months in advance.

And now, it looks like there’s not much else to say at the next Google Pixel event, as someone has managed to get their hands on the yet-to-be-released Pixel 4a, even producing an entire hands-on review to help you decide—way ahead—whether to purchase the model or not.

Cuban YouTube channel TecnoLike Plus spotted the model at a local mobile shop, and contacted the outlet for more details.

Google’s not going to like this, but the shop promptly sent the channel videos and full specs for the anticipated Pixel 4a.

The video below, which is in Spanish, shows the device with a coded alias and a fake logo on its rear, indicating that it is just a prototype. However, TNW believes the iteration to be “near-final.”

The prototype is shown with a purple wallpaper, which could mean that Google Pixel 4a will be available in purple. It also “feels like metal” to the reviewer, though it is made with plastic.

It seems that alike the Pixel 4, the 4a will come with a fingerprint sensor and a single back-facing camera. However, this version is seen with a hole-punch camera at the front, which Google hasn’t introduced yet.

The reviewer expressed that the smartphone’s camera has a “very good quality.”

Notable specs expected to arrive in the Google Pixel 4a include a Snapdragon 730 processor, a 5.81-inch display with 1080-by-2340 resolution, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, a hole-punch 8MP front camera, a 3,080 mAh battery, a 60Hz refresh rate, Dual-SIM support, a fingerprint reader, and even a headphone jack. Whether or not there’s an XL version remains to be known.

[via TNW, video via TecnoLike Plus, cover image via IrinaKobrina / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/408997/Google-s-Pixel-4a-Gets-Leaked-In-Shop-And-Even-Has-A-Hands-On-Video-Review/

Tech Event News…

MA News

MA News

As the novel coronavirus continues to take a human and economic toll across the world, the lucrative business of tech conferences is not immune. 

The direct economic loss from the cancellation of major tech conferences like Google I/O, Facebook’s F8 event, and Mobile World Congress over coronavirus has already passed $500 million, according to estimates the data intelligence company PredictHQ pulled for Recode. That number doesn’t even include what event organisers like Facebook itself would have made from the event.

The figure just covers the losses to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and transportation providers that would normally make money from attendees’ purchases. 

Some $480 million — the vast majority of that total loss — comes from the cancellation of Mobile World Congress, which was supposed to host more than 100,000 attendees in Barcelona last month.

That’s followed by the cancellation of Google I/O, a 5,000-person developer conference whose direct losses are estimated to reach nearly $20 million. 

While a number of events, including Facebook F8 and Adobe Summit, will still have an online component, that effort does not stave off the significant economic loss from canceling the physical event.

PredictHQ looks at losses from four categories: airfare, lodging, food, and transportation. That means this is a very conservative estimate since it doesn’t include losses incurred from, say, event sponsors, purchases that employees might have made, or ancillary impacts to the local economy. 

The Game Developers Conference, a 30,000-person event that was scheduled for March but has been postponed, is not yet included in this data. 

PredictHQ said there was a 500 percent increase in major event cancellations and postponements last month, and the International Air Transport Association estimated last month that the new coronavirus outbreak could cost it more than $29 billion in revenue. 

Oxford Economics estimates that business conferences generate more than a trillion dollars in direct spending annually; so far these canceled tech conferences haven’t put a major dent in that. Still, both tech companies and consumers will be responsible for bearing the brunt of their losses, as most major insurance companies exclude communicable disease losses from reimbursement. 

These cancellations come as more than 3,100 people have died and nearly 93,000 have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Numerous tech companies, including Twitter and Square, have told their employees to work from home. Several other major companies, like Amazon, have canceled nonessential travel, especially internationally. Mentions of working from home also skyrocketed last month in public company transcripts. If more companies follow these tech companies’ lead, it could result in a test of people’s ability to work at home en masse rather than in the office.

Apple is still expected to hold its giant developer conferences later this spring. Austin’s South by Southwest is on for later this month, although major tech companies like Facebook, Intel, and Twitter have pulled out of the event. Were SXSW to cancel, total tech conference losses would reach nearly $900 million, according to PredictHQ. Recode’s own Code Conference is still scheduled for the end of May.

As the threat of coronavirus grows, it’s likely more companies big and small will decide to cancel their conferences. It remains to be seen how big those losses will be.

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