Financial Planning for you & your parents…

On Tuesday afternoon we met with a gentleman who was enquiring on behalf of himself and his parents.  A colleague of his from work had shared with him the difficulties they were having as a result of their parent having a stroke and losing mental capacity. The purpose of our meeting was to share with the […]

Writing an Asset Trust in Wales

On Tuesday we re-visited a client previously seen 4 weeks ago. This client was pleased to learn from us about the potential benefits of placing his assets into Trust but wanted to carry out some research on the proposal as well as on us as a company and our pricing structures.  The client rang us back […]

Wills, Trusts, LPA’s, Funeral Plans & Financial Planning appointment in South Wales today…

Writing a Will in Usk, South East Wales and possibly a Funeral Plan… First thing we went off to see a lady in Usk, South East Wales to write her a will and possibly a Funeral Plan. This Will Writing & Funeral Appointment was a referral from an existing client. Asset Protection & Financial Planning in […]

Thinking of getting married in Wales?

Getting Married? Getting married is a wonderful event that will change your life forever. You are taking on responsibility for another person and declaring that you will take care of them for the rest of your life. Quite often people assume that because they are married it gives them automatic rights in relation to their […]