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This email highlights some of our most popular and well-respected columnists and their insights, analysis and opinion on world issues and major events.

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Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economics commentator, provides shrewd commentary and views on the world’s economy.

In 2008 he was placed in the world’s top 100 public policy intellectuals by the British magazine Prospect and the US magazine Foreign Policy.

Martin Wolf’s latest columns

• Why Draghi was right to cut rates
• Breakaway Scots cannot keep the BoE
• Germany is a weight on the world
• Carney places a bet on big finance
• Why the BoE must gamble on growth
• The reality of America’s fiscal future

Management – Lucy Kellaway

Lucy Kellaway has a weekly column that pokes fun at management fads and jargon. She also offers her solution to common workplace problems in her ‘agony aunt’ column, Dear Lucy.

Lucy Kellaway’s latest columns

• Why it is clever to pretend to be stupid
• The bike test shows what I’m like at work
• Who touched base in my thought shower?
• Nine valuable lessons from rubbish jobs
• Distraction beats doctors for back pain
• Competence beats confidence every time

John Kay

John Kay has been writing a column on economics and business since 1995. He is currently a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

He also had a career in the policy world which established the Institute for Fiscal Studies as one of the most respected think tanks.

John Kay’s latest columns:

• The design flaws that cause explosions
• Being ethical is nothing to boast about
• The reality of UK’s nuclear power failure
• Treat finance and fast food alike
• Nobel economics committee is muddled
• Why I ignore Apple’s silly conditions

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