Facebook Advice and Facebook Like Pages for Cardiff Businesses

Facebook Advice for Businesses in Cardiff, South Wales:


If you are not using Facebook and Facebook like pages for your business whether selling to consumers or businesses, you are missing out!

Many businesses are under the impression that Facebook is not for them, especially those offering Products and services aimed at other businesses in Cardiff and South Wales. I have always used Facebook for marketing my e-commerce business aimed at Consumers, but was under the same impression as many businesses, that it wouldn’t work for my Business to Business sales and marketing company.

Boy was I wrong!

I set up a Facebook account and additional like page for both my business – MA Consultancy Like Page on Facebook and my welsh business marketing brand – Welshbiz Like Page on Facebook and within two months I had over 3,000 (mostly business) followers on my Facebook Accounts and hundreds of likes on my pages as well as three really good enquiries from Businesses for my services, which resulted in enough business to already make the time and effort worth while.

Give Facebook marketing for your business in Cardiff, South Wales a try – what have you got to lose?

If you have previously thought that a Facebook page isn’t for you, what have you got to lose in giving it a try? Facebook accounts and Facebook pages are Free so give it a try and see if they can benefit you and the marketing of your Cardiff business as they have me?

As I set up two different business Facebook accounts and Facebook Like pages and one went viral whilst the other didn’t I have some advice and tips that can help you if you want to subscribe to my marketing or Social Media consultancy services in Cardiff, South Wales?

Facebook Like Page Advertising:

I also used the advertising for a few days to get likes for my like page as a test to see how it works and it’s quite good and quite reasonably priced but I like to do things the hard way!

It might be worth you trying too for a bit to help get the momentum going!

Facebook UK Like Pages Group on Facebook – A recommended group on Facebook

In addition to the Facebook pages and accounts which have given me a great “Free Marketing platform for my business and all the businesses that I represent”, I have also now set up a Free to join Group for owners of a UK Facebook Like page. Feel free to join and let the other know what your page and your business is about:


I provide Facebook Training Cardiff, Facebook Advice Cardiff, Facebook Consultancy Cardiff and Facebook Set up and management Cardiff / or outsourced marketing services for businesses in Cardiff if you are interested? I also provide other Social Media Training in Cardiff, Social Media Advice Cardiff, Social Media Consultancy Cardiff and Social Media Set up and management Cardiff / or outsourced marketing services for businesses in Cardiff if you would prefer?

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