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3 Reasons Why Trump Needs to Start an Advertising Blitz

Every four years, a new American presidential campaign gives a fresh boost to social media. This year the winner is Twitter. Donald Trump has racked up 11.3 million Twitter followers (and counting) compared with 8.5 million for Hillary Clinton. But Trump has 33,100 tweets to his credit to Clinton’s 7,772, and he widens his lead…


How Bernie Sanders Beats Donald Trump at Social Media

It’s been eight years since Barack Obama’s “Hope” meme lit up Facebook and helped propel a young senator from Illinois into the White House. But the 2016 campaign has seen a whole new level of use. I asked my analytics team at Hootsuite to dig into the social strategies of the five remaining campaigns and…


Why Twitter Probably Can’t Predict Who Will Become President

In politics, it is said that all press is good press. But that does not necessarily apply to tweets, according to a study released this week. In fact, it is difficult to predict the outcome of an election based on the amount of Twitter twtr buzz a candidate gets, according to the study from the…