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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Premier Inn throws open its doors to tourist… #UKBiz #BizNews

Premier Inn throws open its doors to tourists


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Why Social Utilities are Accelerating in a COVID-19 Era

The Coronavirus pandemic has acted as an accelerant on the businesses and industries that seemed already on track for future growth. Remote work, e-commerce, at-home fitness, connected TV, gaming—each made dramatically more relevant in the era of social distancing.

Among these is an emerging category comprised of “social utilities,” or companies that provide tangible value by virtue of bringing people together.

Zoom makes it possible for anyone to mimic an IRL social experience. Citizen puts a social layer on breaking news and events at the hyper-local level. Peloton offers fitness motivation in the form of a digitally-connected community. Public.com makes investing in the stock market a social experience so you can share ideas with friends and experts while you build your portfolio. The list goes on.

Here’s why social utilities are surging in the era of social distancing.

Uncertainty drives community

In uncertain times, most people find solace in the feeling that they’re not alone. This could mean more frequent video calls (Zoom has grown by more than 50 percent since January) and messaging (Facebook recently reported a 50 percent jump in messaging and has launched a Zoom-like rival, called Messenger Rooms).

And the desire to participate in the company others can be observed in more niche areas, as well, like exercise, career development, eSports—and even financial services. During the peak of market volatility in March and April this year, Public.com tracked a 70 percent uptick in social activity in the app, according to TechCrunch.

Sub-communities create a feeling of belonging

Beyond merely connecting in times of uncertainty, people also want to feel like they belong. Within a larger network, sub-communities make it possible to be part of a global conversation while at the same time curating a more specific experience based on interests and values.

Peloton, which has seen a surge in app downloads and equipment sales since March, introduced a new feature called Tags to nurture the organic subcommunities that were already sprouting throughout the larger community. Tags allow people to select sub-groups with which they want to affiliate in the community, like one’s hometown (#NYCRiders), alma mater (#GoBlue), favorite instructor (#BensArmy), or professional background (#WomeninTech).

Here at Social Media Week, we recently wrapped a month-long virtual conference that brought our community even closer to our content. Social interactions, and building micro-communities within individual talks and sessions, were core to the experience.

Synchronous social captures attention

According to eMarketer, time spent with social media is predicted to increase by 8.8 percent in 2020, no doubt due to social distancing measures that have caused people to spend more time in the home with their devices.

Alongside this broader trend is the proliferation of digital “events” which capture attention during specific moments in time. Synchronous social isn’t entirely new—people have been live-tweeting breaking news and award shows for years—but it has certainly been given a boost as of late.

Take for example D-Nice, the DJ who has been attracting massive crowds on Instagram during planned “Club Quarantine” sets and the video chat app House Party, which recently hosted a three-day virtual festival. Twitch, the Amazon-owned eSports platform that allows people to watch and offer commentary on live games, reportedly saw a 57 percent increase in usage in the month after social distancing guidelines were put into place.

While social media certainly receives its fair share of valid criticism when it comes to furthering divides, it has also served its stated purpose of creating connections where otherwise absent. For many products and platforms, including Social Media Week, this social layer—accelerated by uncertain times—serves a clear purpose for consumers.

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£1.5 billion pledged to rescue museums, galleries and theatres

After campaigning that has intensified over the past few weeks, the Government has announced a £1.57 billion rescue package for culture, arts and …

£1.5 billion pledged to rescue museums, galleries and theatres

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Covid-19 may not have been born in China, says the expert from the University of Oxford

Dr. Jefferson believes that many viruses are inactive around the world and emerge when conditions are favorable. It also means that they can quickly …

Covid-19 may not have been born in China, says the expert from the University of Oxford

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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Glaxo Smith Kline nears £500m UK Coronavirus vaccine – #BizNews #UKBiz

Glaxo Smith Kline nears £500m UK coronavirus vaccine deal


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Raise your glass in England as the pubs and restaurants open (but be careful)..

Raise your glass but remember pubs are infection hotspots


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Morning Motivation and Personal Development from #MikeArmstrong on the Mike Armstrong Podcast

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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Pubs opening up from 6am tomorrow… #BizNews #UKBiz

Coronavirus: Pubs prepare to roll out the barrel from 6am tomorrow


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#UKBiz #PositiveCoronavirusNews – Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ spending spree to boost recovery #BizNews

Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ spending spree to boost Britain’s recovery from coronavirus


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Senedd roundup: Minister reveals virus testing plans as schools reopen – Nation.Cymru

Health Minister Vaughan Gething has revealed the government is undertaking a programme of antibody testing of school staff who have been working in hub schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has also made plans for the rapid deployment of antigen testing if there are any outbreaks of Covid-19 in schools or if schools have failed to follow the government guidelines for infection prevention measures.

Schools in Wales have been closed to most pupils since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in March but are due to reopen on Monday.

Around 6,000 pupils, the children of key workers and those deemed vulnerable, have attended hub schools across Wales since the shutdown and residential and special schools have continued operating.

Mobile Testing Units could be deployed if required and plans have been made to establish temporary testing facilities and drop off and collection routes if needed.

In a written statement Mr Gething revealed testing is being rolled out to at least 10% of schools staff who have worked in hub schools during the pandemic.

Over 9000 people will be tested under the programme and the government is hoping the results will assist in understanding the spread of the virus amongst school staff.

In the statement Mr Gething wrote that antibody testing will be repeated following the end of term with an additional sample group consisting of the broader school community.

Retesting of the original group will also take place to provide information about both the duration of the infection for individuals that previously tested positive and the rate of the spread of Covid-19 in individuals that previously tested negative.

Official figures up to May 31 report that a total of 24 education workers have tested positive for the virus out of the 440 tests carried out.

Five more deaths from coronavirus have been reported by Public Health Wales.  The total  number of deaths now stands at 1,502.

There were 46 new cases reported over the last 24 hours taking the overall total for confirmed infections in Wales to 15,577. Yesterday 3,246 tests for the virus were carried out.

— Read more on nation.cymru/news/senedd-roundup-minister-reveals-virus-testing-plans-as-schools-reopen/

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#BritishBusinessNews – Virgin Atlantic races for a £900m bailout #BizNews #UKBiz #GlobalBiz

Virgin Atlantic races for £900m bailout


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – shrinking theatre land prepares to raise the curtain on new era…

Shrinking theatreland prepares to raise the curtain on a new era


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews as holidays are back on, with Travel ‘traffic light’ plan… #TravelNews

Holiday season back on with travel ‘traffic light’ plan


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – 1st British Tourists return to Spain… #TravelNews

Braving the costas: first British tourists return to Spain’s beaches


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Info about Coronavirus and a vaccine etc.

When will a coronavirus vaccine be delivered across the UK?


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Factories and Services Leading the way as recovery begins… #BizNews #UKBiz

Factories and services lead the way as recovery begins to take hold


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Well at least for some, as many businesses can reopen on July 4th – Ser full list… #BizNews

What can reopen in July 4 lockdown changes? List in full


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#CoronavirusNews – Britain will borrow £400bn to tackle recession, IMF Forecasts #UKNews

Britain will borrow £400bn to tackle recession, IMF forecasts


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#CoronavirusNews – Job Support Scheme Costs hit £30bn #Coronaviris

Coronavirus job support scheme costs hit £30bn


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews on Coronavirus from WHP – Well done Britain – but be careful…

Coronavirus: Well done Britain — but be careful, warns WHO


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews – Shops reopen in Wales with social distancing – Welsh Business News #WelshBiz

Coronavirus: Shops reopen in Wales with social distancing – BBC News
— Read on www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-wales-53116542

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#PositiveCoronavirusNews for British Holiday Makers #TravelNews

Spain lifts quarantine to welcome back British


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#PositiveCoronavirusNews for Shoppers as Rishi Sunak plans emergency cut in VAT to rescue ailing economy #FinancialNews

Rishi Sunak plans emergency cut in VAT to rescue ailing economy


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Latest News from BBC…



The prime minister has pledged £1bn to help school children in Englandaffected by the coronavirus lockdown. Schools have been closed to nearly all pupils since before the Easter break – and it is thought unlikely that most will return until after the summer holidays. Boris Johnson says the funding will mean the most disadvantaged pupils can get access to tutors through a £350m scheme, while primary and secondary schools have been allocated £650m to pay for one-to-one or group tuition. Head teachers say the funds are welcome but have asked for more details. The announcement comes as a report this week suggested most teachers believe their pupils are doing less – or much less work – than would be normal at this time of year, due to the lockdown. The report added that as many as a third of children are not engaging with the work that has been set for them. This comes on top of continuing concerns about how to get schools in England open safely come September.

Meanwhile, a study involving universities and health bodies across the UK has found that people with South Asian backgrounds are the most likely to die from Covid-19 after they have been admitted to hospital. The research looked at almost 35,000 patients at 260 hospitals in Great Britain and found that people of South Asian ethnicity were 20% more likely to die than white people. The study suggest that one of the reasons for this is the high levels of diabetes – both type one and type two – among people from that ethnic group. The scientists say their findings should influence policies for protecting people at work and who gets access to vaccines.

In other news, the Royal College of Nursing is calling on all healthcare employers to “care for those who have been caring” during the coronavirus pandemic. The RCN says those who have been working on the front line may be dealing with exhaustion, anxiety and other psychological problems. It wants to see improved testing for front-line healthcare staff and a commitment that nurses will not be pressured into working if they feel they do not have the right personal protective equipment.

In other Covid-19 news, health officials are working to tackle two outbreaks in England – in Leicester and Cleckheaton. Schools in Northern Ireland are to follow social-distancing of 1m which officials say will mean full classes will be able to attend. In Scotland, new rules on how members of different households can meet uphave come into effect. And in Wales, the first minister is set to announce further changes to the nation’s lockdown rules later on Friday.

And the BBC’s head of statistics has been casting his eye over the UK’s death toll from Covid-19 and comparing it with other countries. You can read his conclusions here.



In the US, a passenger on an American Airlines’ flight has been removed after he refused to wear a face covering. Forrner actor Brandon Straka was asked to leave the service from New York to Dallas on Wednesday after he refused to comply with the crew’s request. He says he was ejected after saying there was no federal law which required him to wear a mask. But American Airlines says its policy is that passengers who refused to cover their face will not be allowed to board . Strict new laws for air passengers have been also enacted in Europe – as our video explains.


Elsewhere, the BBC’s Rome correspondent, Mark Lowen, has been back to Lombardy, the Italian region which has borne the brunt of the country’s coronavirus outbreak. The area has been dubbed “the Wuhan of the West” after the Chinese city where the virus originated. You can see Mark’s report here. And speaking of Wuhan, BBC China correspondent John Sudworth has been back to the city and has been speaking to Adam Fleming on the Coronavirus Newscast.


You can get all of the day’s developments as they happen on our live page, plus we have a whole section of the BBC News website dedicated to coronavirus , including explainers to help you understand the outbreak and the latest advice.




As the UK economy continues to take a hit from the coronavirus pandemic, a new study suggests that there are currently around 20 people chasing every job vacancy in poorer parts of the country, with economists saying unemployment could surge this year . According to the Institute for Employment Studies, ex-industrial and inner-city areas have been hardest hit, while in wealthier areas there are five people out of work for every vacancy. The government has responded to the study by saying it has taken “unprecedented action” to support the economy.


One consequence of how lockdown rules have restricted the number of people who can attend funerals is that charitable donations have dropped to a fifth of the usual level. Because fewer people are going to funeral services, less money is being dropped in collection plates. This “ In Memoriam” fundraising usually brings in £1m a year for the British Lung Foundation. And the drop-off in giving comes at a time when many charities are seeing extra demand for their services – or are carrying out vital medical research. You can read the full story here.



Australia Country hit by “stated-based” cyber attack.


NZ Police officer shot dead at routine traffic stop. 


Slavery Bank and Church of England sorry for ties to trade.


US Trump bid to end immigration policy ‘unlawful’.



As people across the UK venture further afield for exercise, or return to the workplace while avoiding public transport, bikes are one of the latest items people are struggling to get their hands on. With the six-week school break soon to begin but a ban on foreign travel firmly in place, secondary school teacher Saskia Breet began looking for bikes to buy in mid-May but the hunt soon became “frustrating”. “When I rang various different bike shops around Bristol – some big brands like Trek, and some smaller independent shops – they all just said either ‘it’s completely sold out and we’re not getting any more stock this year’, or ‘we don’t know when we’ll have a new shipment for that particular model’,” she says.  Recent high demand has meant Trek has sold out of the 2020 models of most of its bikes earlier than expected. It has made 2021 models available to pre-order but customer service staff told the BBC: “If you were to place a pre-order now the stock would likely arrive in January.”


Alice Evans and Ella Wills

BBC News



Images of Forces’ Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn make it on to the front pages of several papers, following her death on Thursday at the age of 103. The Daily Express says the Queen – who was “very, very sad” to hear the news – led the country in mourning. The Daily Mail’s lead says efforts to tackle coronavirus have had another setback, following the health secretary’s decision to abandon the government’s own tracing app because it will not work on “millions of phones”. The Times reports that ministers have tried to play down the problem, with Matt Hancock saying they will work with Apple and Google to develop a new app. And the Guardian leads on what it says is a “damning review” of Labour’s defeat at the last general election, which warns the party has a long road to recovery. Read our take on the morning papers here.




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Positive Coronavirus News – Johnson in Major U-turn after Rashford campaign #PositiveCoronavirusNews

Free school meals: Johnson in U-turn after Rashford campaign


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