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Here’s How BuzzFeed Agile In The Ever-Changing Platform Space

You may not realize that popular video channels Tasty and Bring Me! are both under Buzzfeed. Tasty, a food video channel, is now the biggest food network in the world and the #1 content publisher on Facebook; BRING ME!, a travel channel, in just one year, has become the top travel publisher on the internet.

So what’s BuzzFeed’s secret in reaching these numbers? At Social Media Week London 2018, Antonia Bonello, Associate Creative Director at BuzzFeed UK, shared why brands must remain agile and nimble in the ever-changing platform space.

Be the content that people love

“If you got people to share your content, they automatically become your advocate,” said Bonello.

Since Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize Meaningful Social Interaction (MSI), which puts posts from friends and family before public content, platforms made changes accordingly so as to encourage the share of content through Facebook connections.

BuzzFeed’s viral content takes credit from the fact that it has always been something people would love to share. “BuzzFeed content has always been built to have a good MSI,” said Bonello.

Be data driven

BuzzFeed prides itself on having a “feedback loop.” Producing more than 600 pieces of content a day, BuzzFeed doesn’t expect all to perform well but rather sees it as a chance to learn from the audience’s reaction to those content.

“We get a lot of feedback from these content,” said Bonello. “We take these learning to address our next moves.”

Bonello likes to read through comments. She sees it as a way to talk to the audience and learn about what they are interested in at the moment. Another benefit of that is, it’s a way to create branded content that has a real impact, Bonello said.

Don’t put all eggs in one basket

“The average human attention span is around eight seconds,” said Bonello. “And it changes depending on platforms.” That’s why BuzzFeed doesn’t put all their eggs in just one platform.

According to Bonello, BuzzFeed’s content meets people wherever they are rather than dragging them to the platform. So when one platform’s viewership starts to dip, they will move on to another one.

With that, they will also optimize every piece of content depending on the platform, so as to suit different users’ behaviors.

Culture is everything

“We build a culture of risk-taking and no fear of failure,” said Bonello.

A good example would be when the President called BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage.” In response, BuzzFeed created a limited edition trash can and clothing line in just three hours after the news broke. Most interestingly, all of the merchandise was sold out in just one day.

With all these four takeaways, BuzzFeed retains its fame as being a viral content site where people like to read and share content from. It speaks volume of the importance of creating engaging content that was backed by audience feedback data.

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Get “Closer” to Platform Agility with Buzzfeed’s Antonia Bonello at SMWLDN

Creating content that people want to read about the dangers of road accidents is a high bar to reach, but Buzzfeed UK’s Associate Creative Director Antonia Bonello counts doing so in conjunction with Aviva during Road Safety Week among her professional points of pride. Long-form content, translated into shorter snippets and even games, got across information that helped people learn and have conversations around this crucial topic. And as someone who admitted to liking the conversation part the most (“maybe that’s because I’m a bit chatty!”), you should anticipate a lively and insightful presence at Bonello’s midday Wednesday session at Social Media Week London.

The nimble and agile approach that Buzzfeed champions was key to tailoring content that could convey even this heavy message and engage readers across social media platforms—Bonello will be sharing the strategies she uses to accomplish this at her SMWLDN session, How to Remain Agile and Nimble in the Platform Space.

Fewer than 110 passes remain. Claim yours before they’re gone!

Remaining nimble as an organization means not only staying in motion, but moving with intention. At Buzzfeed, that intention is data-driven and heavily informed by user feedback. Bonello’s session will delve into how to use the data you have available to drive decision making and strategy. This data has to go beyond vanity metrics; as she sees it, “you can learn so much more from what people are saying than just a ‘like.’” And when you show care and consideration for the details people reveal via comments and shares, users respond in kind.

“Content shouldn’t be thought of necessarily as traditional advertising. It should be thought of as more of a gift or what a brand can do for a person, rather than what a consumer can do for a brand.”

It takes a special culture in an organization to develop skill in interacting this way. Bonello cites risk-taking and courage, as well as sympathy and empathy, as key to hearing and acting on user experiences in a meaningful way. “How do you make a friend? You do it by listening, talking, and learning about each other. And that’s actually what Buzzfeed does,” she noted as we talked about the impact of brand listening. “That’s what brands should do: listen and interact with people on a human level, rather than it just being transactional.”

Look forward to a session that thoughtfully explores how digital data and connections between humans can interlace to inform future content and marketing moves, and much more. Those aiming to engage meaningfully across platforms won’t want to miss this session, presented by Buzzfeed on Wednesday, November 14th, at 12pm GMT during Social Media Week London.

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SMWLDN Adds Buzzfeed Creative Director to 2018 Lineup

We are less than two months from Social Media Week London. You might think we’d be done adding incredible speakers and panelists to our sessions, but the hits keep coming.

Last week, executives from LinkedIn and Facebook joined the lineup. This week, we’re excited to announce that Antonia Bonello, the Associate Creative Director of Buzzfeed UK, is now scheduled to take the stage as well.


Bonello has catapulted herself to the top of the advertising world with her 8-bit reimaginings of “Game of Thrones,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “Friends,” along with her branded campaigns on behalf of Google, Nike, Netflix, and more. She’s one of the 100 Significant Women In Native Advertising 2018, and uniquely qualified to discuss the theme of her SMW talk: “Buzzfeed Presents: How to Remain Agile and Nimble in the Platform Space.”

The question of how to remain agile in the wake of Facebook’s algorithm shakeup, as well as across other platforms where data-driven, innovative content is key, is one of the biggest social media marketing questions of the year. We can’t wait to hear Bonello’s perspective and to hear your thoughts as well.

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From A Very Potter Musical to Kenya: The Origins and Future of BuzzFeed’s Ladylike

On Thursday, June 14, the incredible women from BuzzFeed’s Ladylike joined us at Social Media Week Los Angeles to discuss their show and what being “ladylike” actually means The show’s creators, and stars, Kristin Chirico, Chantel Houston, Devin Lytle, Freddie Ransome and Jen Ruggirello spoke with BuzzFeed’s Senior Talent Manager Megan Moeller about the origins of the show and how they all came to join BuzzFeed, who they look up to, what they hope viewers take from the show and where they see the show going in the future.

The Origins of Ladylike

Reluctant, or unexpected, stars was the way Jen Ruggirello put it. None of the ladies on Ladylike planned to be on camera, but the way that casting is done at BuzzFeed, “hey we’re making a video and you’re a warm body, be in it,” they just sort of fell into the project. Prior to BuzzFeed, Freddie Ransome and Jen started out on the more “traditional” film and TV track, however both found the structure and what goes on within the industry, to be distasteful, especially the casting process. Devin Lytle took a slightly different path, beginning with the YouTube viral hit A Very Potter Musical before moving to LA to pursue an acting and modeling career. After a few years, she took a break before joining BuzzFeed.

Chantel Houston joined the BuzzFeed team through a family friend and immediately began to breakdown what the word ladylike meant – what falls into and out of the stereotypes associated with the word – and realized that there is no one definition, it’s unique to each individual. Social media, according to Kristin Chirico, is the reason that shows, and ideas, like Ladylike are so successful, as we are in a “really interesting time,” a time where social media had democratized the types of stories we can tell and where you can actually be yourself.

While their personalities might be very different, the shared morals and values among this group of amazing women ensures that Ladylike can be a success, even if the show doesn’t conform to “normal” entertainment industry standards – which they don’t mind at all.

The Makings of Ladylike

From role models, to fans, to the Internet, a number of different factors come into play regarding the structure of Ladylike. Akin to the way most of us currently feel about our favorite Hollywood stars, Jen noted that a number of her role models have let her down, while Freddie emulates one of her role models, Issa Rae, by speaking her truth.

Fans play a major role in the direction and structure of the show. From immediate feedback, to the shared human experience, the ladies from the show feel as though they are not “alone in the woods” when it comes to the structure of their show, their fans are along for the adventure with them. The makeup of which, to some, might not be what you expect. As Kristin notes, at least 13 percent of her audience alone are men – women are not the only ones who are allowed to be feminine. This is just a small sample size of the diversity and inclusion that is such a large part of the show – not just in front of the camera either.

The inclusion and unity of the show is important for today’s digital media landscape. As Devin describes it, the Internet is where everyone’s free time is and when you present people with something new, they want to tear it down – people don’t like change.

What’s Next for Ladylike?

Ladylike’s creators hope that they will be able to show everyone that we need to stop seeing women’s content as niche and end the need for women to keep explaining to men why things that affect women are important – something they have to do daily. They also want their viewers to see that being yourself will make you stand out – although they don’t always say it, people care about you being yourself.

Moving forward, following the success of their trip to Kenya, the group plans to feature more travel content. However, focusing on individual pilots to support their brands is the current focus. There will still be group content and collaborations, however. Group chats are still common practice amongst the group when brainstorming ideas for content. Whether it’s a collaboration, solo effort, or group video, keep an eye out for the latest though-provoking, hilarious and entertaining content from the ladies of Ladylike at BuzzFeed!

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Facebook Doesn’t Need One Public Editor, It Needs 1,000 of Them

Depending on whom you believe, the problem of fake news on Facebook is either one of the most important issues facing mankind, or an over-blown controversy pumped up by the mainstream media. And in a way, that dichotomy itself points out the problem with defining–let alone actually getting rid of–”fake news.” When someone uses that…