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Business Woman Networking & Business Event in Cardiff, South Wales



You are invited to Cardiff I AM WOMAN’s October 2014 Business Club Meeting

Embracing and Releasing
The Celebrity In You!

This Business Event is on Tuesday 28th October 2014 at 6.30pm

If you are a woman in business wanting to be with ‘like-minded’ successful women in business, who have an edge on their competitiors, then this is the place to be


Did you know:-
Women dominate the consumer market by 85%?
Women refer 10 x more business than their male counterparts?
The fastest emerging market is not India or China – IT’S WOMEN!

Come for the Cocktails – Stay for the Business!


6.30pm Cocktail and Canapé Networking Reception, Speed Networking, 3 Fantastic Speakers, Open Floor, Meet the Speakers and More Networking…

“In business we are our brand. Elevating you and your business to become ‘celebrities’ needs some core factors satisfied, which include: passion, diligence, discipline, self-motivation adn tenacity. You also need to master some core techniques.
Celebrities are incessantly stereotyped, sometimes denigrated by the general public although glamour and wealth certainly plays a role for only famous celebrities, (usually less than 1%) achieve fame and fortune.
Due to the competitive nature a vast amount of aspiring the most talented may never recognise and won’t ever develop the skills and opportunities they need to receive the opportunity to carve a celebrity name for themselves or their business!”
Cheryl Bass – Creator and MD of I AM WOMAN

Learn Top Tips How To:
Embrace and Release
the Celebrity In You!
From 4 prominent and successful women in business

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Dr Sohere Roked

The Holistic Doctor & Publishing Author
Dr Sohere Roked (pronounced Sa-Hair Row-ked) is a General Practition witha specialist interest in intergrative medicine. Here passion is to help empower patients to take control of thier healthcare, using a range of tools to achieve this. Dr Sohere has a broad range of knowledge about both, conventional and holistic medicine, and uses this to combine the two in her recommendations for better health. Dr Sohere has recently been released into the celebrity world with her first book – The Tiredness Cure!

Embracing & Releasing The Celebrity In You By
Diversifying How You ‘Do Business’
Dr Sohere Roked looks forward to sharing with you how she moved from being a GP and moved into publishing and running her private practice in Cardiff and Harley Street. Sohere will share with you the highlights and lowlights of her celebrity elevations with you and teach you the lessons you need to learn to take a step up in your game.

Lis McDermott & Miranda Bishop

HeadShot Diva & Talking Social Media
Lis is a creative photographer based in Whiltshire. When it comes to corporate photos Lis knows that the people in your business are YOUR business, so quality images will help to tell the story of your company and also shows it’s uniqueness. Lis McDermott’s work has been published in magazine, on websites, published in books and has been used in adverts around the world.
Miranda has grown up in an era when social media is a ‘must’. Miranda’s experience has been born from the marketing of promotions, night clubs and reality stars. With the launch of her new business name ‘Talking Social Media’, Miranda now focuses on working with business’ and business owners to help elevate their business profile across a host of social media platforms.

Embracing & Releasing The Celebrity In You By Getting The Right Celebrity Image of You Out Talking On Social Media
We look forward to sharing with you how to put your best ‘celebrity’ face forward in you business, optimising your assets and saying what needs to be said ‘talking social media’. Learn tips and tricks of how to elevate your personal and business celebrity online on multi social media platforms.

Emma Evans

The Green
Sky Living TV – My Kitchen Rules Finalist
Over 20 years’ experience within hospitality. Past clients include HRH Prince Edward, The Welsh Secretary of State, Lord & Lady Mountbatten. Professional kitchen experience with The Hardwick, Stephen Terry. Emma started the PopUp concept The Secret Supperclwb, Sky Living TV My Kitchen Rules Finalist and now owner of her first restaurant The Green.

Embracing and Releasing The Celebrity In You By
Celebrating Your Skills Within Celebrity Settings
Emma looks forward ti sharing with you her ingredients of success and how she has developed her idea recipe in her life of cooking her way into working for and with celebrities, her tv experience and how she has launched and become the patron of her first restaurant. i

Close 9.30pm – followed by more networking in the bar….

Bring along lots of business cards, marketing literature, pop up stands and samples of what you do best to help you network and speed network with women looking to do business with women just like you!

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It’s a known fact that women do business quicker than any other gender mix.
By attending I AM WOMAN BUSINESS CLUB monthly meetings
you will enjoy a level of support that no other women’s network can offer.

Sample – a new way!, an easier way!, a more comfortable way!,
a more inspiring way!

Your Host: Cheryl Bass
Founder and MD of I AM WOMAN
Telephone number: 02920 351533/07581 210004
Email: info@iamwoman.biz Website: www.iamwoman.biz

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