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Business Woman Franchise Opportunity!


Are You Looking For A Part-Time
Business Opportunity That
Pays You A Full-Time Income?


If you are viewing this you are probably reached a crossroads in your life
and you are looking for a new and exciting opportunity!
Lots of other people love I AM WOMAN too! So much so, HSBC Bank have already ‘pre-approved’ our business model and can help support your purchase of this exciting I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchising Opportunity and your initial start-up costs.
We have already written for you a 50 page business plan with everything you need to know and tell others, so you get your new
I AM WOMAN Business Club up and launched in minimum time with maximum support and impact.
Our business model is unique and by following our ‘I AM WOMAN System’ at the end of your first year of trading you will have paid outright for your I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchise that will just keep on providing you with a full-time income from just working part-time hours – how amazing is that?
If after a period you decide you would like to sell your investment we can help you do that, which means you have the chance to build your initial investment, sell it on and make a handsome profit and it has offered you during the period of you building it a full-time salary from working part-time.

So what would you be doing part-time
earning a full-time income?


You will be the Franchise Director of your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club in an area you will have purchased, where there are 10,000+ business’ established
You would be generating a handsome income from I AM WOMAN Sponsorship
You will be selling I AM WOMAN Business Club Membership.
You will be organising and hosting 10 monthly I AM WOMAN Business Club meetings per year
You will be delivering I AM WOMAN 1-2-1 mentoring
You will be organising and managing I AM WOMAN Master Classes
You will be delivering specialist coaching in your area of expertise which we will help you develop
Your I AM WOMAN investment opportunity gives you the chance to help, motivate and inspire entrepreneurial women to succeed in business by them attending monthly I AM WOMAN Business Club Events, Master Classes, One-To-One Coaching, Social Media Forum Support and a Sense Of Belonging they achieve by joining an International Network of Support.


I AM WOMAN is a relatively new business club franchising opportunity but has surrounded itself with women who are already playing and staying at the top of their game. They are women who have the experience of running internationally renowned businesses working in key positions that have created global success. Meet our team click here
I AM WOMAN has already established business clubs exclusively for women in Cardiff, Cheltenham, Monmouthshire and Swindon and aims to increase this by only 12 new clubs between now and the end of 2015. Areas are limited and once your town/city is sold, it’s sold!. So reserve your area before it’s too late! click here
This is a business opportunity that can be built around you, your lifestyle or your commitments.
Stepping into I AM WOMAN means that you are stepping into becoming a part of a national network of women dedicated to your success
Owning an I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchise means that you have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that running your own business offers, as well as the security, support and training that comes from investing in this women’s business club franchise opportunity.


Michelle Wilmott – Monmouthshire I AM WOMAN Business Club

“I decided to buy an I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchise because I had already been a member of Cardiff I AM WOMAN for over a year and had experienced first hand what a difference it made to the lives of other women who joined an I AM WOMAN Business Club. I run Monmouthshire I AM WOMAN that launches October 8th 2014. before I even launch I have secured 7 Regional Sponsorship and I look forward to securing more sponsorship deals as I grow my I AM WOMAN membership. Alongside I AM WOMAN I offer Retailing and I am a Juice Plus+ Distributor. I just love I AM WOMAN” to see more of Michelle click here

Julie Sullivan – Cheltenham I AM WOMAN Business Club

”I decided to become an I AM WOMAN Business Club Director because I had reached that stage in my life where I wanted a new challenge. I have run my own business in the past and then stepped into a corporate role in direct selling. I really felt I wanted to put all of my skills, talent and expertise into running my own business again. So by working part-time running my own I AM WOMAN Business Club it meant I could build my I AM WOMAN business alongside me offering Direct Selling Consultancy and Training.I had been a Member of I AM WOMAN and just loved what they did. So when the opportunity came my way of running my very own I AM WOMAN Business Club I just lept at it”

Elaine Godley – Swindon I AM WOMAN Business Club

“I first came across I AM WOMAN on Facebook and joined their online forum where I AM WOMAN facilitates a discussion forum for women in business 24/7. I came from a corporate background and had gone to live in an area of the country that was new to me. I AM WOMAN has helped me build a part-time business, helped me build an amazing circle of new friends and helped me promote a new business Health Watchers.
So let’s get down to the numbers shall we?

This is a simple, proven, affordable and perfectly compact business opportunity designed to fit around an existing business or around your busy lifestyle. An I AM WOMAN Business Club Licence costs as little as £14,950.00 for a licence for you to run your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club.


What do you get as part of your £14,950.00 investment?

Interested in discovering more by attending
one of our Red Carpet Discovery Days?

Your I AM WOMAN journey starts with you attending one of our Red Carpet Discovery Days, which are a real ‘Red Carpet’ experiences that take place in the Presidential Suite, in The Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff, boasting panoramic views across Cardiff city and the bay.
The Red Carpet Events start at 10am in the morning and draw to a close at 1pm. We will make ourselves available in the afternoon if you would like to join us in the restaurant to discuss any particular questions you might have for us. The Red Carpet Discovery Days always take place on a Monday, enabling you to have the opportunity to travel down on a Sunday to enjoy our beautiful city. You might also decide to step-over on the Monday evening to sample for yourself A Cardiff I AM WOMAN Meeting for yourself that taken place on every Tuesday following a Red Carpet Discovery Day.

Our Red Carpet Discovery Days give you the opportunity to qualify if we are right for you and if you are right for us.
-You will be introduced to our unique I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchising Opportunity.
-You will discover how much money you have the potential to earn.
-You will be introduced to how we can help transform you into becoming a highly successful I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchise Director.
-You will be introduced to some of the amazing women who will be joining you on your journey with us.
-You will be introduced to our amazing ‘I AM WOMAN System For Success Programme’.
-You will be introduced to our leading edge coaching and mentoring techniques that we have developed to transform women’s personal and business success.


Book online (links via http://www.iamwoman.biz ) to attend our next I AM WOMAN Red Carpet Discovery Day!

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