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15 Top Business Startup Tips #Startups #MikeArmstrong


When starting a business the strategy is to do some analysis on the Market Place and some market research (Google is a great place to do this).

1. Check what your competitors are doing and what markets they are aiming at and see if there’s a gap in the market.

2. Then once you see there is, think about what you story and message is and to what audience you are aiming it at.

3. Work on the branding so that it’s telling the right message to the right audience including the name very important.

4. Check the name is Free on Companies House / Registration, Google and all major social platforms.

5. Work on a content portfolio so that you can share the message and synergy messages as well as product and service info and other content, in many ways and to attract many different people in your target segment or segments, regularly with different messages without switching them off.

6. Set up all the things / assets a new business needs – well Optimised Website with Blog, Off-site Blog and a marketing / lead generation add on), Google and Bing Listings, Facebook Pages (for Company and target niches), Facebook Groups for Company and target niches).

LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups a format for profiles for all staff, Twitter Account or Accounts, Instagram, Directory Listings, Geographical and Niche Directories, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Tick Tock, Pinterest etc.!

7. Regularly post good content and squeeze good advertising messages in between with good offers and good call to actions, build up audiences and get them to visit part of your website, your online store, YouTube channel etc.

8. Add an email capture Form to your website for building a database to email too.

9.Go Networking

10. Add some landing pages and look at FB advertising and adwords etc.

11. Consider Selling on Amazon or Ebay,

12. Attend Events, Expos, maybe host some!

13. Consider trying Telesales and/or Field Sales / Solution sales etc.

14. Do some Organic SEO and link building strategies for your website and blog (podcast and YouTube channels etc.)

15. Do some Content Marketing in other sites and blogs and some PR etc.




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Morning Motivation via Positive Podcast, Positive Poems or Positive Quotes

Morning all,

Be grateful for that special gift!

You can also get more #MorningMotivation with this Mornings Motivational Episode on the Mike Armstrong Podcast – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Morning-Motivation–Positivity-From-Mike-Armstrong-On-the-Mike-Armstrong-Podcast—MikeArmstrong-ed3qgm #MikeArmstrongPodcasts By #MikeArmstrong – #Motivation #Positivity #DailyMotivation #Inspiration #MotivationalPodcast #PositivityPodcast #YouCanDoIt #PositiveVibes #PMA #WelshBiz #PositiveMentalAttitude #Inspire #Inspired #StartYourDayTheRightWay #PositiveCoronavirusNews #WFH #Lockdown #CoronaLockdown #positivethinking #positivemindset

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast

There’s also lots of other positivity and useful information available on the Mike Armstrong Podcast, so please checkout the entire podcast out here – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9

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A Fab Outstanding Network Event and Masterclass with Pat Slattery Followed by a fab LinkedIn seminar with Martin Murtagh…

Today was another fab Outstanding Network Event which also included a business master class for the Legend that is Pat Slattery.

Success Habits

Me listening to Pat…

This Masterclass was followed by a LinkedIn Seminar from one of the Outstanding Members, Martin Murtagh.

Martin Murtagh

I know LinkedIn pretty well and still walked away learning some new things and be reminded of a few more. I also got to see some of the latest LinkedIn Stats which was fab!

LinkedIn Seminar…

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Morning Motivation and Positivity – #PositiveCoronavirusNews

It all starts with a great attitude!

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Another Fantastic day of Zoom Online Business Networking (2 Events down, 1 to go)!

Had a great time networking online at the Introbiz Swansea Networking and Masterclass Event this morning from 8.30am until 11am.

Introbiz Swansea & West Wales Networking Online

It was great listening too and Intereacting with Marianne Petifor from Frogmore Consulting this morning and hearing what she had to say and teach.

Another fab event from Introbiz as per usual 👍😎

It was also great to catch up with some old contacts and make some new ones.

I also once again really enjoyed the Online Business Support and Networking Event hosted by Pat Slattery and his The Outstanding Business Network at 11am until 1pm which runs daily.

I again got to enjoy two more inspirational stories from Inspirational people both he had great messages about Perseverance, and Perspective and how to change your energy to change your life via what if, spirituality and practicing gratitude.,

Thanks to Ken Falconer and John Donnelly for the great presentations 👏😎

Online Business Networking & Support

It’s great to be a part of such a great Network as The Outstanding Network, in-fact its Outstanding! Thanks Pat for putting it all together🙏

I have had some many calls the past few days from all of this networking which is fab but I’m only 2/3’s the way through today as there still another “site to be fab” Event still to come at Introbiz South Wales tonight from 8pm till 9.30pm. See www.introbiz.co.uk/events

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Another Great Online Business Networking and Support Event with The Outstanding Network.

Again I really enjoyed the Online Business Support and Networking Event hosted by Pat Slattery and his The Outstanding Business Network.

Two more inspirational stories from Inspirational people.

Thanks to Jennifer Byrne and Anthony Dolan.

Online Business Networking & Support

It’s great to be a part of such a great Network as The Outstanding Network, in-fact its Outstanding!

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Another Great Online Networking and Business Support Event with The Outstanding Network

Had another great online business networking & business support event this morning with The Outstanding Network, hosted by Irish Business Coach & Entrepreneur, Pat Slattery on the Zoom platform.

I had the pleasure of listing to two great talks from two inspirational and honest business people with a lot to say and teach…

Lee Tunney-Ware

First up was Lee Tunney-Ware, A Keynote Speaker and Coach who’s Dyslexia taught him to think differently to others and who will get you to think differently if you take some time to listen to what he has to say! You can find out more about by listening to this recently filmed interview made following the event, by Aron O’dowd who was also on the event – http://aronodowd.com/leon-tulley-ware/

Breeda Hurley

The second speaker was Breeda Hurley, a Business Owner & Author, who’s tough struggles can inspire you to over come your own struggles in life. You can find out more about Breeda Hurley and her Survive to Thrive book here – http://breedahurley.com/my-book-survive-and-thrive/ and you can buy her book online here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Survive-Thrive-Lifetime-Breeda-Hurley/dp/0995581207 .

I’m looking forward to more great online business networking & support sessions with The Outstanding Network, daily at 11am.

Thanks Pat for ousting such an Outstanding Event in your truly Outstanding Network.

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Had a great time Online Business Networking over the past three day…

It’s been an incredible 3 days of Online Business Networking for me with 4 Events in 3 days.

First on Wednesday evening was the #Introbiz @Introbiz Cardiff, South Wales & Global #OnlineNetworking #Masterclass Events with Sharon Lechter @sharonlechter

Then it was the Thursday morning’s online Business Networking & Masterclass event with Introbiz Swansea & West Wales @IntrobizW and Marianne Pettifor @MariannePettif4

Friday morning then saw two online Business Networking Events:

The first being another Introbiz Event, this time Featuring former Apprentice finalist, Jess Cunningham @TheProdigalFox

This was followed by an online Business Networking Event with Pat Slattery @slatteryp and his Outstanding Network.

The Outstanding Networking Event is at 11am everyday and the list of upcoming Introbiz Networking Events Online is available via the link.

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Ma Consultancy Michael Armstrong

FREE SUPPORT for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs or Home Workers…

Whilst the current climate is happening I am looking to offer FREE SUPPORT for people who are self isolating or struggling in Business!

Hi Fellow Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Home Workers or Self Isolator – I offer Business Growth, Business Optimisation and Sales & Marketing Strategy & Services to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and I also used to be a corporate sales manager/director and am used to motivating and supporting a team.

During these tough times I want to support as many of my contacts, LinkedIn connections and wider business community colleagues with any Help, Advice, Ideas, Support, Motivation or Problem Solving needs that they might have during these tough Self Isolation / Coronavirus Times…

If you need any help or support or you simply just want a chat or some motivation during these tough times please feel free to contact me on 07960 872549.



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Help with Your Business Optimisation including Switching your business online, where possible…

UK Business & Sports News

UK Business & Sports News

In Modern times it has been important to use technology and the Internet wherever possible in your business to improve it’s efficiency, processes, costs and the Sales & Marketing reach of clients and audience, and this has never been more important for businesses than NOW!

Coronavirus Effect!

Is your business ready and prepared for the new world order?

With the current climate being one of lock down, self isolation and restricted movement people are going to turn to technology and the internet even more now than ever before?

If you are not already embracing Technology and the Internet in your business the time to do something about it is NOW!

You need to start thinking about how you can move your business to one that operates more online!

Also what additional products or services can you sell online.?

Start thinking about what manual and labour intensive processes can be moved to your website or other online applications?

Start thinking about what expensive overheads can be reduced.

Start thinking about what protection and cover you might need in place to protect key performers and personnel in your business!

Start thinking about what members of staff are required to be in your business and what members are able to WORK REMOTELY from home.

Start thinking about whether all of your IT infrastructure is suitable and able to allow remote working.

Some of these things may be temporary but many might become the new norm, so don’t get left behind and start planning and implementing these changes today!

If you need any Business Strategy, Business Planning, Business Consultancy, Business Optimisation, Sales & Marketing Strategy or Solutions, Credit Control Strategy ir Solutions, Debt Collection Solutions / Accounts Receivable Solutions, Cost Saving, Energy / Utility Reduction, IT / Telecom / Website Infrastructure Optimisation or Business Change Implementation assistance in any of these areas of your business, then please feel free to contact Mike Armstrong on 07960 872549.

Mike can offer a free one to two hour, review and consultation of your business to chat about areas where he can help to optimise your business for the tough times ahead!

This Business Optimisation post was written by Mike Armstrong of Business Growth & Business Oqptimisation Consultants MA Consultancy , Mike Armstrong’s Entrepreneur Website, MA Group, Property Management & Maintenance Company MA Property , Web Design & Marketing Agency MA Web , News, Media & PR Company MA News & Ad Agency MAN Media

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New FREE Social Media / Online Business Networking Platform for Businesses in Wales

Business Network Wales has launched a new online business networking and business support platform for the Welsh Business Community.

 New Online Social Networking Platform
The new Business Network Wales Business Networking and Business Support platform has being launched to the welsh business community in February 2016 and this platform will change the way that businesses in the Welsh business community, and beyond Wales, will do business with each other.

Business Networking / Social Networking Platform for Businesses in Wales

The new innovative Business Network Wales platform will offer it’s members the ability to network with each other in an open networking forum as well as to market, advertise and do business with each other.

Business Support Community Platform for Businesses in Wales

Members will also be able to learn from one another as well as use the various business support and business growth documents and integrated business support services in order to help improve their own businesses.

How to Join Business Network Wales?

To join the Business Network Wales business community system there are three different levels of subscription membership with the first level being FREE (with some restricted access) for business startups and those thinking about getting in to business.  The second level is an Enterprise level for just £150 per year and the third level is a Business level (with unrestricted access) for just £250 per year (to see what you get in each level please follow the link to the Business Network Wales plan comparison page).

More info…

As already mentioned the two main purposes of the Business Network Wales platform is to provide open business networking online as well as to provide online business support to businesses at any level including startups and SME’s as well as large companies and group corporate companies:

Online Business Networking 

The Business Network Wales platform has been specifically designed with business networking and online business networking in mind so it does not come with the usual contact restrictions and limitations of rival social media and contact/connection building platform systems such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Some of these other platforms restrict the building up of contacts and connections beyond the people that you already know or have met in the “Real World” however the Business Network Wales platform actively encourages you to connect and more importantly do business with new people that you meet within the new business social networking system.  The only restriction on our business networking system is that you can only contact and connect with businesses at the same level of access to the system and below.

Online Business Support including Business Support Documentation

The Business Network Wales platform has again specifically been built and design with business support in mind so it has many elements inbuilt which can help with supporting your business.  The main areas of business support are the many business support documents contained within the cutting edge document vault (including business startup support  documents, business growth support documents and business improvement documents) as well as the many negotiated business support services and the many business advertising opportunities.

Business Support Document Vaults

Free Online Business Support Documents inc. Startup guides

The business support document vaults contains over 5,000 Crown produced “Business Support Documents”.  These documents are Free to download and save on the standard PDF document system.  Access to the documents is restricted to the level of access you have to the system.  If you have the top “Business Level” that you can access all 5,000 business support documents, with the “Enterprise level access members being restricted to just over 2,000 of the documents, whilst entry level “FREE” members have access to 500 of the business support documents.  The majority of the documents at all levels are aimed at business growth and business support whilst a large proportion of the 500 documents aimed at the entry level “FREE” membership level are business startup documents ideal for business startups, new businesses and people thinking about starting a business.

Business Support Services

The owners of the Business Network Wales system, Private Social Platforms, have negotiated a number of business support services aimed at helping all levels of businesses to improve their business.

These business support services offer excellent opportunities to help and support all types of businesses in many different areas from Business Marketing and Business Cost Reduction Services to Raising Business Funds and Business Financing.

Example Business Support Service

Business Cost Reduction Services

Members of the Business Network Wales community platform can benefit from the support services already negotiated and available as well as the opportunity to put forward your business as a potential partner to the system if you feel that you may have a business support service suitable to be considered.

Business Advertising Opportunities

The purpose built system has a number of built in business advertising opportunities including the ability to “offer business services” and “reply to people requesting business services” via the “Business Exchange” section as well as “Banner Advertising” via every page on the system.

Web Design Wales

Other Business Support Services

In addition to the business support document vaults and the business support services and business advertising services the Business Network Wales platform also allows business to raise funds via a “Crowd Funding” feature, sell tickets and market events via the “Event” feature and set up and join (open or closed) groups to allow better interaction and communication via the “Group” feature.

If you are part of the Welsh business community or you are someone looking for online business support or online business networking then this new Business Network Wales “Welsh business community platform” is for you.

So what are you waiting for.  Sign up today and start benefiting from the many features and benefits available to you from within the system and whilst your at it, invite all your friends, colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers to join you on the system for the benefit of being able to connect with them online as well as to help reduce your own subscription fee, via the inbuilt discount referral scheme.

Happy Networking and Business Running,
The Business Network Wales Team
“Business Network Wales” is one of the many Private Social Media Platforms run by “Private Social Platforms” and “FioFro” software.
Branded Social Media Platforms for UK Business & Organisations

In addition to Launching  the Business Network Wales Platform for 2016 they have also partnered with Wales’ Leading Professional Business Network, Introbiz, to offer the Introbiz.Wales online business community platform.

This page has been written and posted “By Mike Armstrong” from MA Consultancy | WelshBiz | 333 Websites.