Marketing Efficiency – Why you should take time to blog…

In this ever increasing world of innovation, technology and social media there are many options for business owners and marketers to use for promoting their business, products and services.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a very popular medium for doing this but there are so many social media channels that it can be difficult to choose which ones to use and how much time to spend on each one.

Social Media Marketing issues

There are also issues with login in and out of all of the social media channels and accounts that you have which can also be time consuming and problematic.

And worse still, all of this is set against a back drop of hyper competitiveness for most businesses, especially those in saturated markets where the need for optimal operational efficiency grows greater and greater each day.

Social Media Automation

Many people turn to social media automation tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to help them improve their marketing efficiency and I myself have done this in the past and still use them from time to time, but I have found blogging to be a much better way.

Social media automation tools cost, and usually have some sort of limiting factors to your posting and scheduling.  There are also large steps ups from a small business user to a large agency users with very little in between for the business that is rapidly expanding and diversifying and expanding their social media portfolio but certainly not of Agency size and budget (just yet).

Also social media automations tools are just that, social media tools and marketing is a lot more than just Social Media Marketing.

So the reason why I blog, and why I teach blogging and recommend blogging to the world with lots of blogging articles including this, “why you should take time to blog” article is because I find it to be the best Social Media automation tool around but it comes with so many more marketing benefits and additional marketing efficiency benefits.

Blogging Platforms

Before I cover the so much more, I need to explain something in a little more detail.  Not all blogging platforms are the same and provide the same marketing and marketing efficiency benefits. I have tried tumblr, blogger and WordPress as well as other web design and build platforms that have built in blogging platforms and as yet, I have only found WordPress to have a built in social media automation feature – social sharer.

Therefore the reason I use WordPress and recommend WordPress and in fact only build websites using WordPress is for the social media automation feature and built in marketing efficiencies.

The social media sharer or automatic post and share feature saves time.  With other blogging platforms you have to post your content,  grab the link and share it around your social media universe whilst creating posts and titles etc. which can be quite time consuming, maybe even taking up half an hour or so per post.

Posting the same content via WordPress which is already linked and set up to all of your social media universe (or a large portion of it) and automatically creates the posts and titles can in comparison take just a few minutes.

People say to me “that they can’t find the time to post” but I say; “I can’t find the time not to post”.

Some marketing efficiency and social media automation has been covered but what are the other marketing benefits I hear you cry?

Free Social Media Automation!

Well we already covered the fact that Social Media Automation tools cost and one of the great things about blogs, especially WordPress blogs, is that they don’t. They all have free versions although do have paid for options as well.

Extra Google Traffic Benefits

The other great things about blogs is that you post the content on to the internet and get SEO and Keyword benefits that you just wouldn’t get with social media automation.

Website Benefits – SEO

If posting on a website you improve your own ranking in the search engines and spread of keywords and content that you can get found for and if posting on a deprecate blog site you get to build up the value and domain authority of a completely separate domain.

Join the Largest Blogging Community in the World and be inspired and build contacts…

Also if blogging on WordPress you are also part of their global blogging network, the largest in the world and can follow and take inspiration from this blogger network or blogger community as well as network with these other bloggers and build your own following!


So there we have it, to improve on Social Media Automation, to gain many additional marketing benefits and to improve on the marketing efficiency of your business are the reasons why I blog and the reasons why I recommend that all business owners or marketers should take the time to blog.

Written By Mike Armstrong founder & owner of MA Consultancy and the online WelshBiz brand!

If you need help with blogging including a content marketing strategy, setup or tech issues, training or blogging services gel free to contact me at MA Consultancy.

How to Be Successful at Anything You Do – 3 Steps (2 min read)


One of the things I see fairly often is people who want to change or accomplish something but won’t because of their own self doubt. Yet, they look at others who they view successful as humans who are made of some supernatural “stuff” when that’s just not the case.

I should know because I struggled with the same thing. I viewed those who were in a higher position, those with higher grades and those with more accomplishments as people who are just born better. But as time went on, I became “successful” in several ways to others and realize that some view me the same way when that is not the case.

People who accomplish great things in a moral fashion are often not super natural humans. In fact, they may not even be the smartest or fastest at what they are doing.

What separates them from the crowd is often these three things that you can apply to your life:

1. Research. Figure out what you want to do and why. Begin with what you know and what questions you have. Sometimes, this means asking around and other times it means going online. Do all you can to keep learning.

2. Begin Wherever You Can. Personally, I think this is one of the reasons that goals remain unmet. Most of the time, you will not start in the areas that you want. What I mean is that if you want to become an author, you may not start out with traditional publishing. Maybe time and money restricts you from doing this. Maybe you turn to blogging as a means to get you’re foot in the door and work your way up from there.

3. Put Your all Into Whatever You are Doing no Matter What Anyone Says: More than not, this the defining factor. In fact, I believe this is one of the strongest factors (outside of the grace of God) that I’ve been able to accomplish more than initially thought.

If everyone works from 9-5 before leaving for drinks, try coming in at 8-6. Maybe even try talking to people who you don’t normally conversate with or do things outside of your job description.

Instead of saying “I don’t get paid enough to do that,” try to offer doing the very task that others won’t. If you do this, I guarantee you will stand out of the crowd and go farther than you thought possible.

So what do you need to do in order to meet your goals? I’d love to talk to you below. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them for me to answer in a future post!


7 Essentials for Building a Million Dollar Brand (2 min read)

1. Show Legitimacy

Think about the people you admire the most in business. They are very legitimate. They have a following. They have an actual business name. They write for big publications. They have professional photos. They have positive reviews. They have interactive websites. Some of them even have a Wikipedia page! If you show people you mean business, they’ll trust you.

2. Google Yourself

What shows up when you Google yourself? If you have party photos, old resumes, and other useless information, you’re only hurting yourself. While it’s great to share your personal life, you don’t want to go too far and show the world what you’re doing when no one is looking. Keep clear cut profiles that show the utmost professionalism.

3. Create Content

Sumner Redstone is known for saying, “Content is king.” Today, it’s truer than ever. However, your content must be CONSISTENT and DIFFERENT. There’s a ton of inspirational people who are trying to do the same things, but get little results. Your content must be original and thought-provoking. You also want to produce content that is ‘shareable’ with the world.

Read: Need a Business Idea…? Here are 55!

4. Leverage Social Media

These days, you can use social media from your phone. You can also set posts to deliver while you’re sleeping. By utilizing my favorite social-media avenues (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and learning about new ones (Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope), I can reach hundreds of thousands of people each day. Start by making at least 10 posts per day across all social-media platforms and you’ll be recognized by many.

5. Build a Following

People who purchase my products and services have been loyal followers for a long time. I have thousands of loving fans who “check-in” every month. Every day, I’m winning the hearts and minds of those who are looking to obtain financial freedom.

Read: 10 Essentials to Becoming a Millionaire In Your 20’s

6. Promote Advocates

As you become more well known in the marketplace, people will want to help. One quick trick if you’re extra busy is to hire an intern at the local university. Interns will help your run your social media and put together some of the graphics necessary to appeal to your audience. You may also want to get your “competitors” to share, comment, and like your work.

7. Never Compete

The surest way to fail in building a million-dollar brand is to emulate others. There are too many carbon copies in every industry. You must not look at the work of others with envy or contempt, nor should you compare your products and services with another person. However, you should create an empire so large that your former “competitors” start asking you for help.

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5 Top Tips why Networking is so Important for Startup Businesses.                             #IntrobizNetworkingTip

Hi Everyone, Why Networking is So Important for Startups Businesses. Networking is an essential part of business. Unless you work hard at building relationships with customers and your fellow business professionals, it will be difficult to grow a sustainable business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of business networking. They assume that their brilliant […]

Proof that Gavin Preston can help you to double your business…

As the Gavin Preston team sat down for their months review, they had good news to share with Jane and George…

“You’ve done it! 

I’ve just finished the numbers and I’m delighted to tell you your business has not only grown, it’s doubled since we started to work together. 

AND it’s only taken you 11 months!”

You should have seen the look on their faces (and mine to be honest).

The sheer delight and sense of pride was palpable!

Yet, it all started less than a year before, when an overworked and frankly demoralised couple called me to ask for help. 

Jane and George had taken over a business his mother had set up 20 years previously and in the two years they’d been running it, they’d hit absolute rock bottom. 

The poor things were working six days a week (starting at 3 am and often only finishing at gone 9 at night). 

The staff were demotivated and obstructive, with very low morale. 

Customers were continually complaining and causing trouble. 

The business was barely breaking even. In fact, it lost money almost every month.

George was particularly worried about Jane.

She had dark grey bags beneath her eyes, was utterly exhausted from months of struggle and disappointment. She was completely worn out and it was beginning to affect hear health.

George wasn’t much better, though together they just soldiered on.


Together, they had a dream.

They knew deep in their hearts their business had potential. If only they could take the right actions to bring it out. 

They wanted to create employment opportunities for local people – as the business was in a close-knit rural area. 

They had great products and they wanted to exploit its WOW factor. 

They desperately wanted to give their children a great start in life and provide them with the best education possible. 

What’s more, they had total clarity on what they wanted to achieve.


Over the next few months we devised a thorough plan of how we could overhaul staff issues, streamline production and sales, boost customer satisfaction to create regular repeat business and most importantly significantly increase profits and personal income.

The result, in under 12 months, Jane and George have a happy and motivated team dedicated to the business. 

They regularly take time out and family holidays together.

The children are receiving the education their parents had dreamed they could have.

Jane and George are happy, excited, more relaxed and now highly rewarded.


The business has doubled in turnover and profits. 

But that’s not all
We continued to work together. Jane and George have gone on to double their business not once, but twice again

AND, we’re currently working to do this for a FOURTH time 

Now, you may be wondering… 

What’s the secret?

Are Jane and George exceptional super-humans?

Well, frankly, no. They’re not! They’re just like you.

But they have done a few things differently to most people.

First they’ve used just a few of my strategies and then gone and taken fast, effective and meaningful action.

And to help you do the same I have set up two Double Your Business Business Training Workshops in Bristol and Cardiff for November & December.

To register on to one of our next two Double Your Business Events, in either Bristol or Cardiff in order to find out how this business growth can be achieved, please click the link to the business growth event that’s in the area best for you!

   Cardiff Business Event in December – Double Your Business
Bristol Business Event in November – Double Your Business  

P.S. Important: This proves you can double your business and repeat that success with just two things. The right mind-set and the right tools.

Best wishes

Gavin Preston
Gavin Preston Ltd |

Gavin Preston Ltd, Connaught House, Riverside Business Park, Conwy, LL32 8UB, United Kingdom 0845 468 0271

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