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Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI from their efforts.
Most of the potential benefits from blogging materialize only if marketers prioritize it. Content marketing success rarely, if ever, happens by accident.

53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority.
One of the top digital marketing trends of 2019 is blogging done right—the results will make you good money. Between lead generation, brand awareness, SEO, and thought leadership, there are few areas of marketing that don’t benefit from blogging. A majority of marketers, in fact, consider this a more effective tool than several other traditional forms of digital marketing.

According to LinkedIn, the top 3 content marketing tactics are blogging (53%), social media (64%), and case studies (64%).
Every time an authoritative website links to a blog post (or any page), your entire website reaps the SEO benefits. Many businesses now use blogs to attract links easily with high-quality, engaging blog content.

Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website.
Marketers should prick up their ears with this one. Trends in digital marketing show that if you have a regularly updated blog, with relevant content, on your company website, you are almost twice as likely to be linked by people.
B2C companies that blogged 11+ times per month got more than quadruple as many leads as those that blog only four to five times per month.

According to the same report, B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost three times more traffic than those blogging once per month or less. The gist is that if you are not blogging regularly, you are missing out on a big chunk of potential customers.

B2B marketers (67%) are more likely to use blogs in their social media content than B2C (56%).

These B2B marketing trends will doubtless impact 2019 marketing strategies. The likelihood of blogging becoming part of a business’s marketing strategy is even greater in B2B commerce than it is in B2C. We can see in other statistics about blogs in the B2B ecosystem that the nature of buyers and their information expectations are more aligned to blogging than many other forms of marketing.
78% of B2B buyers use case studies when researching purchases.

The most tangible way to link your business to a buyer’s need is to show the awesome results similar companies get when they choose your products or services. Digital marketing trends show that these case studies tend to be the preferred information gathering tool for a very high number of B2B buyers.
57% of B2B buyers make their purchase decision before ever speaking to a salesperson.


Bééck Kitchens – ThinkSmarta | Luxury Smart Kitchens in Cardiff | Affordable High End Kitchens for Cardiff & South Wales

Bééck Kitchens from ThinkSmarta Kitchens in Cardiff

Affordable High End Kitchens in Cardiff, South Wales…

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Smarta Kitchens | Kitchens Cardiff | Brand Name & Bespoke Kitchens Cardiff

Book a Free Consultation Today With Our Experts and Walk Around Our Kitchen Showroom in Cardiff. We Supply Luxury Brand Name Kitchens & Bespoke Kitchens In Cardiff. View Our Full Range of Kitchens Online.
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Smarta Kitchens | Kitchens Cardiff | Brand Name & Bespoke Kitchens Cardiff

Book a Free Consultation Today With Our Experts and Walk Around Our Kitchen Showroom in Cardiff. We Supply Luxury Brand Name Kitchens & Bespoke Kitchens In Cardiff. View Our Full Range of Kitchens Online.
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Top 10 Freelancer Side Hustles – infographic



Time to Think Smarta!

If your looking to get Smarta in the kitchen then please take a look at what Smarta Kitchens have to offer via their Cardiff Kitchen Showroom or their smart kitchen website!


123 Divorce | Read The Latest 123 Divorce Online News

Read our Divorce News blogs to find out about the latest industry news and expo’s we attend here at 123 Divorce.
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Got a Hotel in Wales? – Add yourself to the Hotels in Wales section of the Tourism.wales website from just £99

Hotels | Tourism.wales
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Online Divorce that’s as simple and easy as 123 – www.123divorce.co.uk

Online Divorce that’s as simple and easy as 123 – http://www.123divorce.co.uk

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Take a look at what Snowycones have to offer…

I recently used the new Snowy Cones machines, which are available for kids this Christmas, and they were very easy to use and produced very lovely drinks. This trial come a long way after I had always wanting a Mr Frostie when I was a kid. Although it was a long way coming, it was better late than never and well worth the wait.

The slushes available were lovely and very varied in flavours (Blue Rasberry, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Cola to name a few) and they seemed to go down well with the others who tried them at our event, although brain freeze isn’t as much fun at this age now, compared to how I remember it in my younger days.

I think this item would make a fabulous Christmas Gift for kids of all ages, and I would also recommend that clubs, venues, cafes and restaurants add the commercial version of this item to their venue for supplying kids with the drinks, including sugar free versions, throughout the summer because they are going to be very popular.

In addition the Snowy Cones business also provides milkshakes and frappes etc. with more fab flavours.

You can find out more about Snowy Cones including shopping online by visiting the link to the Snowy Cones website.

You can also find out more about Snowy Cones and their franchises by visiting http://www.thingstodoincardiff.co.uk .

Take a Look at what Snowy Cones Have to offer…

Party Perfect Makeup from Avon…

Sultry Rebel

Sultry Rebel

Bring out your inner sass and daring spirit.

 Vintage Vixen Set

Vintage Vixen

Add some classic red lips for Hollywood glam.

 Natural Belle

Natural Belle

Dare to bare the fresh-faced beauty.

Divine Diva Set

Divine Diva

Stand out from the crowd with vibrant eyes.

Party Perfect Make-Up

Divine Diva Set

Divine Diva Set

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King of Marketing – King of Marketing

Posts about King of Marketing written by Mike Armstrong News – MAN Media!
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Award Winning Smart Kitchens In Wales…



Some Pictures from the launch event for the new Viola Arena, Ice Rink In Cardiff – home to the Cardiff Devils……

The launch event for the new Viola Ice Rink In Cardiff Bay…

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Would you like the UK’s leading Michael Jackson tribute act at your next Event? #Networker2018 #KingofMarketing



Watch this!!! and subscibe to Rory Jackson’s Youtube channel here https://youtu.be/DK–J_D6hLo

Click on this link to view video  https://youtu.be/DK–J_D6hLo

Rory Jackson is a professional Michael Jackson tribute artist performing around the UK since 2007. He is a Top rated dancer, look-a-like and impersonator. Also nick-named as “The Dancing Machine!!” which is a name and reputation that he truly lives up to and is “Officially highly rated by Simon Cowell”

Please visit our website to see more videos http://roryj.com/videos.php

Every venue Rory has performed at has come back with the comment “Amazing” and Rory is regularly rebooked.

Rory has a huge fan base all over Britain and an incredible International following and has rapidly gained his reputation as The Best Michael Jackson tribute act ever seen. His fan base and clientele will be quick to say so.

Not only has Rory got fine attention to detail, his onstage energy and Dance skill is his main selling point. There has been no Michael Jackson dance fanatic that has ever been able to equal Rory Jackson.

In 2016 Rory took to the stage in Britain’s Got Talent Series 10, this earned Rory virtual overnight fame in April 2016 when he was aired on the show catching the eyes of over Ten Million viewers around the World and counting.

On the show, it is fair to say that the Judges loved him…  See Video here: https://youtu.be/fEzX46heujs

Rory Jackson, impressed the panel with a dance performance of “Billie Jean” and “Jam” Showing off his slick moves and incredible Moonwalking skill, to get Four Yes’s through to the next round of the Semi-Final.

Simon Cowell said, “If I was watching that from another 100 feet away, I would have believed that was Michael Jackson” This is very well deserved, Four Yes’s Congratulations!

Alesha Dixon said, “I was at the Bad Tour Concert, and you did a really good job, you should be really proud of yourself”.

Stephen Mulhern also said on a radio interview and a magazine, “In 10 years of doing Britain’s Got Talent” My favourite contestant has to be Rory Jackson as Michael Jackson! “He is Outstanding!

Since the Television appearance Rory has enjoyed National and International Fame and attention from the public not to mention Michael Jackson Fan’s from all around the World.

Rory Jackson’s attention to detail is what makes his show stand out from the rest.

Rory is also the same height, build and weight as Michael Jackson. Standing 5ft 9 inches tall with Michael Jackson look alike hair, eyebrows and hairline, permed to precision and maintained in the BAD Era hairstyle which is 100% his own hair!

This makes Rory’s hairstyle the closest to Michael Jackson’s head of hair out of all the other top MJ look-a-likes and tribute artists in the world, giving you the perfect look-a-like appearance. Not only that, he has MJ’s stage presence and will make you feel like the man himself is there dancing in the flesh right in front of you before your very eyes. See the Show up close here


There is nothing fake on stage with Rory Jackson! He’s 100% natural at impersonating Michael Jackson and his dancing totally defines the words skill and stamina. So if you’ll love to see MJ’s moonwalking magic up close and personal, Rory Jackson is the man to come and see!

Rory Jackson can be booked as a Solo Tribute Act, or he can be booked with His Backing group “The RJ Dancers” from 2 Dancers to 4 dancers backing Rory through all the famous dance routines matching the exact moves in the finest detail. See more of the show on this links here…

Rory Jackson’s set list for 2018

2 x 45 Minute sets

Act 1

• Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin

• Heartbreak Hotel

• Another Part Of Me

• Human Nature

• Smooth Criminal

• Jackson 5 Medley

• Rock With You

• Dirty Diana

• Thriller

Act 2

• Working Day & Night

• Billie Jean

• Shake Your Body

• Beat It

• Black or White

• Way You Make Me Feel

• I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

• Bad

• Man In The Mirror

Rory Jackson


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Networking Breakfast at Jurys Inn – Introbiz

Networking Breakfast at Jurys Inn – Introbiz
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