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Just 3 weeks to go until the Bierkeller Cardiff Business Exhibition

There is now just 3 weeks to go until the Bierkeller Cardiff Business Exhibition in South Wales.

About the Cardiff business event:

There are many Cardiff and South Wales based businesses Exhibiting on the day so it would be a great opportunity to meet lots of businesses in just 1 day.

To get an idea of some of those companies exhibition please see the bottom of the flyer.

Date for the Cardiff Business Event:

The date of this Cardiff Business Exhibition is Thursday 8th of September and it is on from 12pm to 4pm.

Tickets for the Cardiff Business Event:

If you would like to attend this Cardiff Business Exhibition for free you can book your free tickets online now at:


Additional Cardiff Networking Event

Prior to the Expo there will be a pre exhibition business networking breakfast event from 10am till 12pm.

It costs £10 to attend this event and for more info please email: zoefield@burningnightgroup.com

For more about the Cardiff Business Exhibition please see the flyer below.

Bierkeller Cardiff Business Exhibition


The Bierkeller Cardiff Business Exhibition post was written “By Mike Armstrong”.