Legal Services for Businesses in England. & Wales including debt collection & dispute resolution!

WelshBiz works with a National provider of Legal Services for Businesses including Debt Collection and Dispute Ressolution Services in Wales and Legal Services for Landlords, Property Developers, Letting Agents and Housing Associations etc.

About the Legal Services for Businesses including Debt Collection and Dispute Ressolution in Wales

WelshBiz have a number of partners which offer many different business legal services to Businesses across Wales.  They specialise in Landlord legal services and work for a number of Letting Agents, Housing Associations and similar organisations and they also specialise in a number of business legal services including Debt Collection and Dispute Ressolution:

Debt Recovery Wales

Our Partners provide specialist debt recovery services for landlords and letting agents including specialist services for the recovery of rent arrears.  They can also help any business or anyone who is looking to recover money that they are owed.

Often a solicitor’s letter will do the trick. If not, we can advise nationwide on every step that you are required to take and can represent you or your business at every court in England and Wales.

  • Our Partners can ensure that you will receive all the costs and interest to which you are entitled too.
  • They can also track down missing debtors for you and can help you to assess if they are going to be worth pursuing.
  • Whether it’s rent arrears, a trade debt, or in fact any debt, they can help you obtain and enforce a judgment.

Dispute Resolution

Where a possession claim or debt is disputed, our partners can advise wales-wide or nationwide on how to deal with the issue.

Whether the issue is one of disrepair, breach of contract, antisocial behaviour or pretty much anything else, they have probably seen it before.

Whether it’s best dealt with by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or the courts, whether the problem is in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Chepstow, Bridgend, Neath, Llanelli, Wrexham, Bangor, Rhyl or anywhere else in Wales (or England), they can help.

If you are interested in any of the above Business Legal Services, Debt Collection Services or Dispute Ressolution Services please call: 07969 286126 or email: .

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