Freelance Sales Services in Wales

WelshBiz works with a specialist freelance sales partner that has a dedicates team of freelance sales people to assist you with your New Business Sales Revenue Generation.

About the Freelance Sales Services provided to Businesses in Wales:

Our Freelance Sales Services partner in Wales, created their business as a sales support option for businesses in South Wales, Wales.

After working for many years as an employee selling many different items including double glazing windows, doors and conservatories, commercial carpet cleaning, credit management solutions and photocopiers via telesales and fieldsales and then moving in to Sales and Operations Manager and Sales Director our partner realised that they could take these transferable skills and successes and transfer them to a freelance business where they could help other businesses to sell more and increase their profits.

If your business is based in or around Chepstow, Pontypool, Cardiff, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan or Swansea in South Wales and you are looking for any of the following Freelance Sales Services in Wales, please get in touch:

  • Reviewing and improving your current sales process and strategy
  • Reviewing and improving your business online strategy
  • Improving the lead generation and selling skills of your internal or field sales force
  • Increasing the flow of sales leads and becoming more visible to your ideal market
  • Growing sales
  • Improving profitability
  • Reducing your cost of sales
  • Planning to launch a new untested service or product without the risk and expense of employing salaried sales people
  • Taking on sales people for the first time
  • Freelance Sales Services in Wales

For more information or to book a meeting to discuss your Freelance Sales Services in Wales requirements further please call: 07969 286126 or email: !

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