Business Credit Management Services in Wales

WelshBiz works with a number of providers of Business Credit Management Services and other Credit Industry Products and Services in Wales (& the rest of the UK).

About these Business Credit Management Services in Wales:

Our Business Credit Management Services partner provides Business Credit Management Services in Wales and across the UK

Our Partner offers lots of different Credit Management Services to businesses across Wales and the UK.

These Business Credit Management Services in Wales include;

  • Company Credit Checking | Company Credit Reports in Wales
  • International Company Credit Checking | International Company Credit Reports in Wales
  • Consumer Credit Checking | Consumer Credit Reports in Wales
  • AML or ID Checking | AML or ID Reports in Wales
  • Commercial Debt Collection and Recovery in Wales

The main business credit management services are as follows:

UK company credit checks & company credit checks online offering Company Credit Reports!

Our Partners provide Online Welsh & UK Company Credit Reports and a credit checking service to Welsh & UK businesses.  This services offers Company Credit Reports on UK Ltd & Plc Companies.

These Company Credit Reports provide all the information required for Credit Checking UK Companies.   You can obtain a Company Credit Report by using the UK Company search facility on either their Credit Management business services home page or the Online Credit Report shop page.

In addition to Company Credit Reports they also offer these other Business Credit Managemen products and business services:

UK Company Credit Reports – Credit Reports Online

  • UK Company Credit Reports including UK Limited company credit reports online and online company searches for Credit Checking UK Ltd Companies.
  • Plc company credit reports and company searches for Credit Checking UK Plc Companies
  • Non Limited company credit reports on sole traders and partnership businesses for Credit checking UK Non Ltd Businesses.

UK Company Director Reports

  • Individual detailed director reports for Credit Checking UK Company Directors

Company Monitoring on UK Companies:

  • Online monitoring for monitoring changes to UK Company Credit Reports including Credit Ratings and Credit Limits

Ltd Company Accounts / Limited Company Accounts / Company Accounts

  • UK Companies house documents for Company Financial information including Annual Accounts and Annual Returns.

Company Credit Reports online:

We are able to offer full online UK business credit reports & company credit reports on limited companies or sole traders and partnerships on Companies all over the UK including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  A Company Credit report, Business Credit Report or Company Credit Check via our Online Company Credit Report Search facility on a UK Limited or Plc company will provide you with the following Company Credit & Financial information:-

  • Full UK company incorporation details
  • Details of individual directors and shareholders including other directorships in other companies
  • Details of the companies mortgages and charges
  • Five years of financial information (where available), including Profit and loss (where available) and Balance sheet.
  • Legal notices
  • County Court Judgment information andHigh Court Writ Information
  • Up-to-date and historic credit limit
  • Up-to-date and historic Credit Rating Risk Score
  • Options to monitor the company for email alert updates

Online Business Credit Reports on UK Sole Trader or Partnership Businesses

An online credit check for a UK business credit report on a non-limited business, sole traders and partnership in the UK will confirm the following information:-

  • Confirmation of Sole Trader or Partnership ownership details
  • Length of time the Sole Trader or Partnership business has been trading
  • County Court Judgment / CCJ Search
  • Non Ltd Business Credit limit
  • Non Ltd Business Credit Rating / Risk score

Online Company Credit Report Searching:

Please click on their home business services page or online business or company & director credit report shop to perform the company credit report search for the UK company credit report or Irish company credit report or  UK & Irish director report that you require.

Company & Business Credit Report Info:

When you are searching limited companies for a UK company business credit report you are required to enter the company name or company registered number on the UK Ltd or Plc Company in order to get to the company credit report that you require.

If you need more assistance in obtaining our pay as you go Business Credit Reports, Company Credit Reports or Company Director credit reports please go to their Help & Support section.

UK Company Credit Report Cost:

Their UK Company Credit reports cost £9.95 on a pay as you go basis or you can subscribe to one of their discounted Credit Report packages (see below contact details for ways to get in touch for a quote).

Bespoke Cost Proposal for an annual subscription package:

For a bespoke proposal on higher volume usages of Business Credit Reports, Company Credit Reports or Company Director Credit Reports or for a multiple product Credit Report & Credit Control Services package please call: 07969 286126 or email : .

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