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 Branded Promotional Merchandise

Are you currently looking for Branded Promotional Merchandise or Branded Marketing Solutions?

If you are currently looking for Branded Promotional Merchandise & Branded Marketing Solutions then please get in touch with “WelshBiz” as we are an agent for an amazing Branded Promotional Merchandise Company who offer high quality items at exceptional value for money prices via their expert and tailored Branded Marketing Solutions.

Whether you are looking for high quality branded pens, umbrellas, mouse mats, folders, key rings, torches, golf equipment (gloves, tee’s, club headers etc.) or anything else we can ensure thatwe deliver the highest quality branded promotional merchandise that you are looking for, at the best prices.

If you would like a meeting to discuss your branded promotional merchandise requirements in more detail, please call “Welshbiz” on 07969 286126 or Email: .

About the Branded Promotional Merchandise on offer and how our Branded Marketing Solutions work!

We have a large network of suppliers and manufacturers from around the world which have been sourced and built up over many years and we only deal with companies that are reliable and which offer high quality products.

You tell us or show us what Branded Promotional Merchandise you want and what numbers you require (we only work in minimum bundles of 250 or 500 upwards, depending on product) and we will source the best product at the best price for you, guaranteeing to beat the prices of any supplier that you can source yourself.

We currently supply all the Golf Equipment to Bristol City Football Club and have managed to improve the quality whilst reducing the cost on all items in the branded golf equipment range, so if you would like us to do the same for your branded promotional merchandise, please get in touch.

Posted “By Mike Armstrong” – WelshBiz / MA Consultancy