Wedding Services in Cardiff, South Wales

Please find a list of some Wedding Services in Cardiff, South Wales from some Wedding Services Providers based in and around Cardiff, South Wales:

Bridal Shoes from Crystal Couture:


Crystal Couture have an online Swarovski Crystal Shoes and Accessories store which includes a big Luxury Swarovski Crystal Bridal Shoe Section.

If you are getting married soon and you require Swarovski Crystal covered white or ivory Bridal Shoes for your upcoming wedding then this online Swarovski Crystal Shoes and Accessories stores.

You can Follow Crystal Couture online by Following one of their Crystal Shoes or Wedding Shoes Blogs or @SparklyCouture on Twitter or the Swarovski Crystal Shoes Facebook Page!

Crystal Bridal Shoes

Cosmetic Treatments for Brides from the Botocmedix:

Cosmetic Treatments in South Wales


Botocmedix was Established in 2008 in Gwent, South East Wales and now it covers the whole of South Wales including Cardiff & Newport.  Owner and Practitioner Nicola, has been a registered Mental Health Nurse (RNMH) for 16 years and a Harley Street trained Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner (BACN) for 5 years.

The essence of Botocmedix is based around skin rejuvenation using a variety of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can provide amazing results.

To accomplish this at Botocmedix  they use Botox, Dermal fillers and NeoStrata Chemical peels as well as other skin rejuvenating products.  As brides are often looking to look their best on their big day, then as well as offering Cosmetic Treatments throughout the year, the business is also very busy in the build up to the Wedding / Bridal Season.

Aesthetic skin care is rapidly expanding and for many people, especially brides, it is a great alternative to plastic surgery with their being no anaesthetic risks.

People often just want to look like themselves but in their former years and brides just want to look their best on their Big Day which are both good philosophies.

You can also help prevent lines forming by having certain treatments at the right time. Perhaps you want a little of what you never had such as fuller lips or cheeks.

All this is achievable in the right hands. HOWEVER this industry is poorly regulated and you may be surprised to hear that anyone can set up shop and legally inject you with potentially disastrous results. 

What can you do? Firstly do not allow non medical or inexperienced individuals to inject your face. The key fact is EXPERIENCE counts and it is your reassurance that I, Nicola Rudakov (RNMH, BACN) have been working in this field since 2008. I am a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and I fully adhere to NMC regulations to ensure that you receive a safe professional service.

Cosmetic Treatments for Brides


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