Business Advertising Opportunities for Cardiff, South Wales Businesses – Branded Promotional Merchandise Cardiff!

Are you currently looking for Branded Promotional Merchandise Cardiff or Branded Marketing Solutions in Cardiff, South Wales?

If you are currently looking for Branded Promotional Merchandise Cardiff & Branded Marketing Solutions in Cardiff, South Wales then please get in touch with “MA Consultancy Cardiff” as we are an agent for an amazing Branded Promotional Merchandise Cardiff Company who offer high quality items at exceptional value for money prices via their expert and tailored Branded Marketing Solutions.

Whether you are looking for high quality branded pens, umbrellas, mouse mats, folders, key rings, torches, golf equipment (gloves, tee’s, club headers etc.) or anything else we can ensure that we deliver the highest quality branded promotional merchandise Cardiff that you are looking for, at the best prices.

If you would like a meeting to discuss your branded promotional merchandise Cardiff requirements in more detail, please call “MA Consultancy Cardiff” on 07969 286126 or Email: .

About the Branded Promotional Merchandise in Cardiff, South Wales on offer and how our Branded Marketing Solutions work!

We have a large network of suppliers and manufacturers from around the world which have been sourced and built up over many years and we only deal with companies that are reliable and which offer high quality products.

You tell us or show us what Branded Promotional Merchandise Cardiff you want and what numbers you require (we only work in minimum bundles of 250 or 500 upwards, depending on product) and we will source the best product at the best price for you, guaranteeing to beat the prices of any supplier that you can source yourself.

Our Branded Promotional Merchandise partners currently supply a lot of the branded Golf Equipment to Bristol City Football Club and have managed to improve the quality whilst reducing the cost on all items in the branded golf equipment range, so if you would like us to do the same for your branded promotional merchandise requirements, please get in touch?

Call MA Consultancy on: 07517 024979 or email:

Other Business Advertising Opportunities in Cardiff, Wales or UK

We can provide you with a number of other business advertising opportunities in Cardiff, Wales and the UK.  These are:

  • Private Social Platforms – Web Marketing and Communication System for Large Organisations or Communities of people – Community Engagement Platforms.

  • Outdoor Business Advertising – (Billboards, Mobile Promotional Vehicles etc.)

  • Local Magazine Business Advertising – Local Geographically based Magazine Advertising for Local / Targeted Advertising.

  • National Magazine Business Advertising (Advertise in a National Food & Lifestyle Magazine on sales in WHSmiths and online – “Aimed at an audience of ‘food lovers’ with an adventurous palate and intrepid travel interests”.  Appear in 25,000 copies with a reach of up to 75,000 people for prices from just a few hundred pounds).

  • Branding (Logos, Graphic Design, Marketing Literature, Online Branding).

  • Branded Promotional Merchandise (Branded Office Equipments, Branded Stationary, Branded Clothing, Branded Exhibition Equipment).

  • Printed Brochures & Leaflets, plus office stationary, business cards etc.

  • Leaflet Distribution (Door 2 Door Distribution & B2B business distribution).

  • Sky TV Advertising (Local, Regional & National targeted TV advertising).

  • Exhibition Guide Advertising

  • Business Expo Sponsorship

  • Business Club Sponsorship

  • Blog Advertising & Social Media Advertising

  • Regionally Targeted Social Media Marketing

  • Niche Social Media Marketing

  • Banner Advertising

Branded Social Networking Platforms / Community Engagement Platforms

MA Consultancy works with Private Social Platforms to offer business and organisations in Wales the ability to have their own branded social media platform (also know as social engagement platforms).

About Private Social Platforms

Private Social Platforms specialise in the provision of online services that help organisations of all sizes to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters or employees through the provision of a cost effective, private social platform.
In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive to most organisations and this opportunity was seized upon by a number of large, well funded social organisations providing the use of their branded services as long as you promote their branding, build their asset values and generate them advertising revenues.
Well no more, we have removed these historic barriers by providing you with your own state of the art social network, branded as your organisation with no capital outlay cost to your organisation.
We help organisations of all sizes to benefit from the social asset that they are building and moving those assets into a dedicated, branded, secure environment that benefits both the user and the organisation, taking back control of your members, your revenues, your data and your asset values.
For a demo of these branded social media platforms please see:
Branded Social Media Platforms for UK Business & Organisations

or for more about Privater Social Platforms please see: Branded Social Networking Platforms for Business or call: 07517 024979.

Banner Advertising Opportunities for Welsh, UK & European Businesses

For more about our Business Advertising opportunities via Blog Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Private Social Platforms and Banner Advertising etc. please see our Regional Marketing Brands.

We can provide banner advertising opportunities for all of the following Business Community Platforms or Business Blogs:

We can offer banner advertising for as little as £50 per month (blogs) and £100 per month (community platforms).

Next Step!

Should you like to know more about our Banner Advertising or other Business Advertising Opportunities please complete the form or call us on: 07517 024979.

The Business Advertising Opportunities for Cardiff, South Wales Businesses – Branded Promotional Merchandise and other advertising in Cardiff page was written “By Mike Armstrong” – WelshBiz / MA Consultancy

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