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If you are a Business based in Cardiff or Newport in South Wales or you are looking for Business to Business Services from South Wales based Business Services suppliers that can work across South Wales or Wales (and many UK wide), please take a look at the Business Services available from these Business Services providers, who are also customers of MA Consultancy in Cardiff:.

Business Services available:

We currently have the following Business Services on this website.

  1. Business News Blog
  2. Business Networking in South Wales
  3. Business Cost Reduction Services
  4. Company Pensions & Investments and Business Improvement
  5. Legal Services for Businesses including Debt Collection and Dispute Ressolution
  6. Trade Windows and Doors and Steel Lockable Doors
  7. Freelance Sales Team
  8. Architectural Services for Commercial Premises
  9. Business Advertising Services for Marshfield, Cardiff
  10. Business Credit Management Services
  11. Business Woman Networking and Mentoring
  12. Laptop Repair Cardiff
  13. Business Marketing Services

As there are so many business services they are spread across two pages:  The business services on this page are: 7 to 13 from the Above List.  To see more on these business services see below.  For more on business services 1 to 6 follow the link.

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More about these Business Services:

Business Services 7. Freelance Sales Team Services:

Business Services
Business Services

South Wales Freelance Sales was created as a sales support option for businesses in South Wales. After working for more years than I care to remember as an employee selling anything from double glazing to commercial carpet cleaning, credit management solutions to copiers from Telesales and BDM to Sales and Operations Manager and Sales Director I realised I could be taking these transferable skills and successes and helping other businesses to sell more and achieve more profit by offering my services and those of other sales professionals in the region looking for something more challenging – Kevin

 So if your business is based in or around Chepstow, Pontypool, Cardiff, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan or Swansea, South Wales and if you are looking for any of the following:

• Reviewing and improving your current sales process and strategy

• Reviewing and improving your business online strategy

• Improving the lead generation and selling skills of your internal or field sales force

• Increasing the flow of sales leads and becoming more visible to your ideal market

• Growing sales

• Improving profitability

• Reducing your cost of sales

• Planning to launch a new untested service or product without the risk and expense of employing salaried sales people

• Taking on sales people for the first time

Then please contact me for an initial discussion on: Tel: 029 20 290366 or email

You can find out more about the Business Sales Services offered by SWFS by following the Link.

Business Services 8. Architectural Services for Businesses and Commercial Properties:

pic6RA Architects are a design-led architectural practice providing services to commercial and domestic clients across the UK from their offices in Newport, Wales.

They work on a wide variety of schemes, including Education, Residential, Extra Care, Office, Leisure and Retail, delivering a full architectural service.

They provide services to help you to create efficient, creative and  sustainable buildings

Using Richard Andrews Architects can make a real difference to your project.

Whether it is a new school, an office refurbishment, a sustainable house or a small extension, you can be confident that the whole design process will run efficiently and smoothly and deliver great results. The purpose of our professional service, is to deliver efficient creative buildings, whilst helping people overcome planning constraints and introducing new sustainable energy saving designs.

For more information about the Business Architectural and planning services available from RA Architects of Newport, South Wales please call:  01633 816118 or visit their south wales architects website for more information.

Business Services

Business Services 9. Business Advertising Services for Marshfield, Cardiff:

Business Services for Advertising your business
Business Advertising Services Marshfield, CF / NP

The Marshfield Mail is a local community magazine near Cardiff and Newport in South Wales that is distributed free of charge to 2,800 homes and 200 businesses in Marshfield and the surrounding areas on the East of Cardiff and West of Newport.

If you seeking to advertise in Marshfield and the other affluent areas on the outskirts of East Cardiff or West Newport such as Castleton, St Brides, Peterstone, Michaelston-y-Fedw, Coedkernew, and Old St Mellons our magazine is perfect for advertising your business.

The problem with most advertising is that it does not always get you in front of your target market. If your target market is the residents and Businesses of Marshfield and the surrounding areas in the East of Cardiff or the West of Newport, then advertising with the Marshfield Mail would put you in front of your target audience of businesses and households in that area, month after month. 

Advertising in The Marshfield Mail offers businesses incredible value and an advertisement for a whole year is less than a single one of insert in the Western Mail.

For more information please call: Tel: 01633 689063 | Mob: 07711 944063 or Email: Email: .  We are open from 9.00am to 3.00pm, Monday  – Friday!

You can also see more about the Marshfield Mail and the different business advertising opportunities available by following the link.

Business Services 10. Business Credit Management Services:

Business Services
Business Credit Management Services across the UK

Creditserve offer lots of different Credit Management Services to businesses across the UK.  These Business Services and Credit Management Services include;

  • Company Credit Checking | Company Credit Reports
  • International Company Credit Checking | International Company Credit Reports
  • Consumer Credit Checking | Consumer Credit Reports
  • AML or ID Checking | AML or ID Reports
  • Commercial Debt Collection and more…

The main business services is as follows:

UK company credit checks & company credit checks online offering Company Credit Reports!

Creditserve provide Online UK Company Credit Reports and a credit checking service to UK businesses, which offers Company Credit Reports on UK Ltd & Plc Companies.  These Company Credit Reports provide all the information required for Credit Checking UK Companies.   You can obtain a Company Credit Report by using the UK Company search facility on either their Credit Management business services home page or the Online Credit Report shop page.

In addition to Company Credit Reports they also offer these other products and business services:

UK Company Credit Reports – Credit Reports Online

  • UK Company Credit Reports including UK Limited company credit reports online and online company searches for Credit Checking UK Ltd Companies.
  • Plc company credit reports and company searches for Credit Checking UK Plc Companies
  • Non Limited company credit reports on sole traders and partnership businesses for Credit checking UK Non Ltd Businesses.

UK Company Director Reports

  • Individual detailed director reports for Credit Checking UK Company Directors

Company Monitoring on UK Companies:

  • Online monitoring for monitoring changes to UK Company Credit Reports including Credit Ratings and Credit Limits

Ltd Company Accounts / Limited Company Accounts / Company Accounts

  • UK Companies house documents for Company Financial information including Annual Accounts and Annual Returns.

Company Credit Reports online:

We are able to offer full online UK business credit reports & company credit reports on limited companies or sole traders and partnerships on Companies all over the UK including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  A Company Credit report, Business Credit Report or Company Credit Check via our Online Company Credit Report Search facility on a UK Limited or Plc company will provide you with the following Company Credit & Financial information:-

  • Full UK company incorporation details
  • Details of individual directors and shareholders including other directorships in other companies
  • Details of the companies mortgages and charges
  • Five years of financial information (where available), including Profit and loss (where available) and Balance sheet.
  • Legal notices
  • County Court Judgment information andHigh Court Writ Information
  • Up-to-date and historic credit limit
  • Up-to-date and historic Credit Rating Risk Score
  • Options to monitor the company for email alert updates

Online Business Credit Reports on UK Sole Trader or Partnership Businesses

An online credit check for a UK business credit report on a non-limited business, sole traders and partnership in the UK will confirm the following information:-

  • Confirmation of Sole Trader or Partnership ownership details
  • Length of time the Sole Trader or Partnership business has been trading
  • County Court Judgment / CCJ Search
  • Non Ltd Business Credit limit
  • Non Ltd Business Credit Rating / Risk score

Online Company Credit Report Searching:

Please click on their home business services page or online business or company & director credit report shop to perform the company credit report search for the UK company credit report or Irish company credit report or  UK & Irish director report that you require.

Company & Business Credit Report Info:

When you are searching limited companies for a UK company business credit report you are required to enter the company name or company registered number on the UK Ltd or Plc Company in order to get to the company credit report that you require.

If you need more assistance in obtaining our pay as you go Business Credit Reports, Company Credit Reports or Company Director credit reports please go to our Help & Support section.

UK Company Credit Report Cost:

Our UK Company Credit reports cost £9.95 on a pay as you go basis or you can subscribe to one of our discounted Credit Report packages.

Bespoke Cost Proposal for an annual subscription package:

For a bespoke proposal on higher volume usages of Business Credit Reports, Company Credit Reports or Company Director Credit Reports or for a multiple product Credit Report & Credit Control Services package please call: 01992 414222 email on: (mentioning the MA Consultancy website when you get in touch). 

Business Services 11. Business Woman Networking & Mentoring:

Business Services for Business Women

Are you a woman in business wanting and needing to develop more business, more confidence, & more experience & skills as well as more customers, more contacts, more support and more guidance?  If so and you are also looking for more fun and to connect with other women in business that can associate with the same challenges as you face, then you should take a look at I AM Woman?

Are you a Woman who recognises that she has a desire to develop her entrepreneurial edge, talent, skills, experience, perspective and more?

If so then you need look no further, I AM WOMAN.

I AM Woman has been created by women like you, for women like you.

I AM WOMAN prides itself as being one of the leading organisations for ASPIRING WOMEN that provides everything for women who want to develop themselves and their businesses alongside other women who understand and have the skills to not only listen but to help them flourish.

Take a look at what I AM WOMAN offers by clicking the link.

Business Services 12. Laptop Repair in Cardiff for Business Owners and Home Workers:

Laptop Repair for Business owners and home workers
Laptop Repair in Cardiff for Business owners and home workers!

We WILL fix Your PC is a local Cardiff laptop repair, computer & pc repair specialist.
All laptop repairs and laptop screen replacements are carried out either on site or in their Cardiff workshop, based in Llanishen, Cardiff.

If you’re looking for expert help with your desktop or laptop – without breaking the bank – then search no further. Whatever the problem, they will get your computer working again and running at optimal speed and performance – fast!

They enjoy an excellent reputation built on fifteen years of delivering outstanding service and value for money. When you ask them to repair your computer, you can expect to receive personal and courteous advice and assistance from experts who care. They will explain what is wrong with your computer, in plain, jargon-free English, and tell you exactly how much it will cost to fix – and they guarantee that it will be the lowest price you will find anywhere.

They are a local company based in an easily accessible location in Llanishen, Cardiff, but if you are unable to get to them, do not worry as they offer a free pick-up and return delivery service and if you are stuck without a computer, they will even loan you a free courtesy laptop while they carry out your repair.  They also operate a no-fix-no-fee guarantee, so you can be confident that in the unlikely event that they are unable to fix your computer it won’t cost you a penny. 

Now that service is ideal for business owners and home workers who rely heavily on a quick, cost effective and prompt service.

For more info call: 02920 758299 or Email: (mentioning the MA Consultancy page!

To see more about WE Will Fix Your PC and their computer and laptop repair in Cardiff, please follow the link.

Business Services 13. Business Marketing Services:

Business Services including Business Marketing Services, SEO and Social Media Marketing
Business Marketing Services

MA Consultancy (host of this web page and website) offers lots of different business marketing services and web marketing services to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industry sectors.  These business marketing services includes;

  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Directory Listings
  • Business Blogging Services
  • Website Design And Development
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Pricing and Strategy – Business Sales Services
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • E-commerce Services
  • Adwords Set up and Management
  • Business Advertising, Advertorials and Banner Advertising
  • & so much more!

If you are looking to get your business noticed more, you want to get higher up the search engines or you want to make more from your sales including having better conversion rate or average sales value, then MA Consultancy can help.

My aim is to get my customers more customers so if you are looking for more customers and want to try some new ways of looking to find some then please get in touch?  You can either call: 07969 286126 | 01633 681965 Email: or visit our contact page.

For more on Business Marketing Services please see our SEO & Marketing Products & Services Section and for other Businesses so the rest of my website or Business News and Business Marketing Blog.

Business Services 1 to 6 from previous page!

Business Services 1. Business News Blog with Guest Post, Advertorial and Business Banner Advertising opportunities:

For more on Business Advertising Services see other page!

Business Services 2. Business Networking in South Wales:

For more on Business Networking services see other page!

 Business Services 3. Business Cost Reduction Services:

For more on Business Cost Reduction Services see other page!

Business Services 4. Company Pensions and Investments and Business Improvement Services:

For more on Company Pension and Investments and Business Improvement Services see other page!

Business Services 5. Legal Services for Businesses:

For more on Business Legal Services see other page!

Business Services 6. Trade Windows & Doors and Steel Lockable Doors for Businesses and Commercial Premises:

For more on Trade Windows and Doors and Steel Lockable Doors for Commercial Premises see other page!


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