Twitter Marketing Services for Businesses

Twitter Marketing Services for businesses…

Are you looking for Twitter Marketing Services or Tweet Marketing Services in the UK for your business or company.

The Twitter Marketing Services could be for Businesses or Companies in Cardiff, Swansea or Newport in South Wales, Bristol and London in England or elsewhere in the UK?

Do you need help with Twitter, Advice on Twitter, Web Marketing Services or Twitter Marketing Services?

Are you looking for some Twitter Strategy, Twitter Advice, Twitter Training or Twitter Inside knowledge as well as Twitter Marketing Services?

Twitter Marketing Services from MA Consultancy

If you are looking for Twitter Marketing Services, you will find the Twitter Marketing Services or the Tweet Marketing Services that you are looking for on offer from MA Consultancy in Cardiff, South Wales, UK.

We can provide a monthly twitter marketing services campaign for your UK business for prices from just £50 to £100, a month (on a rolling monthly agreement) and as well as tweeting and marketing your products & services on your accounts (building targeted followers) and/or marketing your business via my own well followed accounts, we can also provide twitter strategy, twitter training and twitter advice.

Twitter Marketing Services for over 40 Customers and on over 100 accounts:

On Twitter MA Consultancy Cardiff, the search engine marketing consultants and South Wales based marketing company is home to many Twitter Accounts including the following Twitter Marketing Accounts of our own, which have over 200K+ followers on, of which over 100K+ are UK business owner followers (50,000 of which are in Wales).  Some of our accounts are:

  • @WelshBiz (21,000+followers) | @CardiffBizTweet (10,000+followers)
  • @WelshBizEvents (10,000+followers) | @UKBizTweet (5,000+followers) 
  • @LondonBizUK (5,000+followers) | @SouthWestBiz (5,000+followers)
  • @MAConsultancy1 (3,500+followers) | @RetweetBizUK(3,500+followers) 
  • @Cardiff_Wales (3,500+ followers) | @Wedding__World (3,500+followers)
  • @Welsh_Sport (3,000+followers) | @UK_Sports_News (1,000+followers) | @6Nations_Rugby (1,500+followers)
  • @NetworkingHour (2,500+followers) |@Tweet2UK (2,500+followers) | Over 50’s News (500 Followers)
  • @MidlandsBizUK (2,500+followers) | @NorthernBizUK (2,500+followers)
  • @MrViralMarketer (2,500+followers) | @StartupsAdvice (2,500+followers)
  • @1MillionLogos (2,000+followers) | @MrBusinessInfo (2,000+followers)
  • @UK_MarketingCO (1,000+followers) | @TVO_SocialMedia (1,000+followers)
  • @MikeArmstrong2 (1,000+followers) | @EuropeanBiz (1,000+followers)
  • @WebsitesCardif (500+followers) | @Websites_Wales (500+Followers)
  • @WeddingServiceL (1,000+followers) | @DirectoryBridal (1,000+followers)
  • @LadiesNewsPosts (1,000+followers) | @Consumer_Offers (500+followers)
  • @4_News_Posts (500+followers) | @UK_News_4_Women (500+followers)

In total MA Consultancy managed over 100 twitter accounts which see’s a combined audience of over 200,000+ Followers (off which 100K+ are businesses), so MA Consultancy can really help with the Twitter Advertising and the online marketing of your business!

Twitter Advertising Packages

We offer these Following Twitter Advertising Packages to suit most niches and most budgets:

For more info about our Twitter Advertising service, please see our Twitter Advertising Services – Sign Up page.

Stand alone Twitter Marketing or Part of a wider Social Media Marketing Campaign?

The Twitter Marketing Services we offer can be stand alone dedicated Twitter Marketing or can be part of a wider Social Media or Content Marketing Strategy.

Stand alone Twitter Marketing Services

If going for stand alone Twitter Marketing Services, we can provide dedicated Twitter Marketing on your own accounts (building targeted following), or implement a twitter marketing campaign (marketing your business) on our own Twitter Marketing sites (with established audiences).

Social Media Marketing Services

If we are providing the Twitter Marketing services as part of a wider Social Media Marketing Service, we can also provide marketing services on; Facebook & Facebook Pages, Google+ and Google Business Places, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress & Blogger too if required?

Twitter Marketing Services provide by experienced professionals

Our Twitter Marketing Services, Twitter Services and Twitter Management Services are provided with the knowledge and expertise gained from real life, real world learning and not just out of a text book.

Successful Twitter Accounts

We have been using, teaching and providing marketing services to businesses for many years now and have a number of popular twitter accounts of our own (over 100), with our most used twitter account being @WelshBiz which has over 17K followers (at the time of writing).

We also built up 14,000 followers on a New Twitter Account for a new start up Business (over a few years) several years ago now @SparklyCouture and also helped to grow @Introbiz  (8K followers), @PaulIntrobiz (4K followers), & @CardiffBizShow (5K followers) via services as well as Training and Consultancy over the past 3.5 years.

Top 250 Twitter Influencers in Wales inc. @WelshBiz

In October 2015 our @WelshBiz Twitter account was featured in the Wales Online top 250 Twitter Influencers in Wales Feature at number 132, which was put together and independently verified by Lissted’s Adam Parker (click link for more info about how the list was compiled).

Demographics of our WelshBiz Twitter Account

We have specifically used target marketing and content marketing strategies and techniques to build the right audience for us and as you can see by our demographics we have built the High Brand, Welsh Business audience that we were targeting.

Demographics of @WelshBiz followers

@WelshBiz Twitter Demograpgics

Demographics of our MA Consultancy Twitter Account

We have also  built up an even higher end (but smaller number) Wales & UK following of Entrepreneurs on our @MAConsultancy1 account.

Demographics of @MAConsultancy1's Twitter Followers

Some more demographics from some of our other accounts.

Want to arrange some Twitter Marketing Services?

If you are looking for Twitter Marketing or Twitter Marketing Services for businesses, please complete the online form or call us on 07517 024979.

More about our Twitter Marketing Services

Areas covered by our Twitter Marketing Service

We provide Twitter Marketing Services for businesses all over Wales, but especially Twitter Marketing Services South Wales from Carmarthen, Llanelli & Swansea in the South West to Chepstow, Monmouth, & Abergavenny in the South East and everything in between including Twitter Marketing Services for Businesses in Neath, Bridgend, RCT, Pontypridd, Vale of Glamorgan, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Newport, Gwent, & Torfaen in between.

We also provide Twitter Marketing Services for businesses all over England and all over the UK including Bristol, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Reading, London etc.

Industry Sectors MA Consultancy have previously or are currently provide twitter marketing services to:

MA Consultancy have previously provided or currently provide Twitter Marketing Services in the following Industry Sectors:

  • Twitter Marketing for the Bridal / Wedding Industry
  • Twitter Marketing for the Ladies Fashion Sector
  • Twitter Marketing for products or services for women
  • Twitter Marketing for Business to Business product & service providers including Networking Events, Training Services, Consultancy Services, Marketing Services, Financial Products, Legal Products, IT Services, Business Apps & Websites
  • Twitter Marketing for providers of Landlord Services
  • Twitter Marketing for Restaurants & Takeaways
  • Twitter Marketing for Magazines & Advertisers
  • Twitter Marketing for B2B businesses
  • Twitter Marketing for BTC consumers
  • Twitter Marketing for Charities
  • Twitter Marketing for Sports brands, events or clubs.

Some of the Twitter Accounts are locally focused  with a big focus on Cardiff, Newport and London, whilst many of the accounts are regionally focused with a Big Focus on South Wales and South East England whilst quite a few of the accounts are Nationally focused (Wales wide or UK wide accounts).

If you are looking to market to females or businesses in South Wales, London or the UK then our twitter marketing services can provide you much quicker results than what you can achieve alone because of the established following base that we can access.

Twitter Marketing Services with No Contracts:

The Twitter Marketing & Tweet Marketing Services on offer are available without any long term contract, on a rolling monthly contract (via DD)!

Getting Set Up with Twitter Marketing Services, Twitter Services or Tweet Marketing Services.

If you want to purchase some twitter marketing services or tweet marketing services or you want discuss in more detail anything about the twitter marketing services that we can provide, or some twitter training or twitter consultancy that we also offer, or anything else to do with Twitter, Web Marketing or Sales & Marketing Services, please feel free to Contact Us on: Tel: 07517 024979 | Email:

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