Discounted Social Media Marketing Services

Discounted Social Media Marketing / Management Services:

We can currently offer you a discounted social media marketing services which includes the management and growth of 3 Social Media Accounts per month (from these 7 – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, with Google Business Listing, Pinterest & Instagram).

Normal cost is £150 per month.

Affiliate Discounted Price is just £100pm. – Discounted Social Media Marketing Price from £150 to £100 per month.

Sign up to this monthly Social Media Marketing Offer online for the monthly retainer fee of £100 per month.

Reasons to use our Social Media Marketing services:

We have been using social media for around 15 years and have experienced of using many different accounts. Therefore we have had the benefit of bench marking and comparisons, in order to improve the return on time invested. Therefore we can get better results managing your social media then you can get yourself. Also your time is probably better spent elsewhere.

In addition we can use our own social media accounts to help create momentum and engagement where you would have to do that all on your own.

If you would prefer to have your accounts managed by professionals instead of working them yourself, or managed by inexperienced junior staff then please get in touch: 07517 024979 | .