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SEO Company in Cardiff – Are you looking for one?

If you are looking for an SEO Company in Cardiff then please read on.

If you have a website, or even not, in this day and age, you have probably heard of SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation”.

SEO simply refers to the process of making websites and their domain name more visible in Search Engine Rankings helping you to increase your profile, website traffic and customer base.

There are very many factors that Search Engines take into account when visiting your site in order to give it a ranking and an SEO Company in Cardiff would take this into consideration when working on improving the website rankings for Businesses in Cardiff.

The SEO Company Cardiff would look at these factors to compile a ranking for the pages of your site for different search terms or Keywords and that is why SEO is so important.

Good SEO would make sure that people who are searching for the information, service or products that your business or company provides, are being directed to you and not your competitors.

You should be thinking about using the services of an SEO Company Cardiff as soon as you start thinking about getting a website or starting a business, in the Cardiff or wider South Wales area.

SEO Company in Cardiff offering SEO Services for Startups, SME’s and New Companies.

SEO is important if and when you are registering the domain of your website (which often gets over looked by people new to website ownership) and potentially even when choosing the name of your business.

If you pick the keywords of your product or service and add them to your name or include them in your domain this can give you a competitive edge in the search engines.

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SEO Terms from MA Consultancy – SEO Company in Cardiff!

Here are some SEO terms that every webmaster / website owner and ideally business owner or company director should know:

1. SEO:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the term used for the overall process of making your website more visible and rank higher in Google and the other Search Engines ranking pages.

SEO includes thousands of factors and techniques and can also be referred to as Internet marketing, Search Engine marketing, Page Rank, Website marketing and Organic Search marketing.

2. Domain name / Web Address:
This is the name you use to call your website. You have to register a domain name in order to be given your www. Web address.

3. Organic Search ranking:
This is the natural ranking of your website in the search engines as apposed to the paid for Adwords ranking that you see at the top and bottom of the pages.

4. Crawler / Spider
A crawler or spider is a bot (or piece if Technology) that Search Engines use to search the internet and all the websites on it in order to collect data about the websites to be able to rank them.

The crawler will regularly visit your site and analyse its content.

They visit your site to keep up to date with changes and add new content.

This is how Search Engines keep their results relevant and up to date!

5. Keywords / Search terms
Keywords play a massive role in SEO. Your keywords should relate to the information, services or products you provide. for example will use Cars as its primary keyword.

Keywords should be used on your site to ensure Search Engines can recognise what that page is about and therefore show that page to the correct searchers! Often single keywords are very competitive as thousands or millions of sites will be using them so often 3-4 keywords combined will get better results. For example “UK cars for sale” could be much better.

6. SERP:
Search Engine Results Page. This is the list of results that a Search Engine displays after being given a certain keyword or combination of Keywords to search.

The higher up the SERPs you are, the better! As above can also be referred to as organic (natural ranking).

7. META Description / Meta Keywords & Meta Tags:

A META description briefly describes what the page is about. The META description you set is often seen below the clickable link to your website in the SERPs as a summary.

You can also set META keywords or Meta Tags to let Search Engines know what terms should be relevant to the page.

8. Title Tag:
The title tag is the main heading of a web page as defined by the ‘title’ tags in HTML.

The title tag is the blue link text that you click on in a search result.

It also appears in the top of your browser window or tab.

Search Engines use the title tag to describe what your website is about.

If your title tag is wrong, chances are your website will not be found by the people it should be, so getting this right and including the correct keywords, is very important.

9. Sitemap
A sitemap allows users and Search Engines to navigate your site more easily in order to be able to analyse the content.

It is important to have a sitemap as it can help Search Engines identify all the pages on your site, some of which otherwise may not have been visited by the crawler.

10. Backlinks:
When a link to your site appears somewhere else on the web, it is referred to as a backlink. Search Engines see this as a sign that your site must have some useful information as other people and websites are referring to it. This helps with your SERP.

11. Off page or offsite Optimisation:
This refers to the wider sales and marketing process of getting your web address out in the real world and across the Internet so that you have lots if back links and inline advertising and press releases etc in order to send traffic to your website and to help increase your SERP.

12. Internal Link:
Internal links are links between pages on your own site. This can help crawlers get around your site and identify the topics that the website revolves around.

13. Pagerank:
Google produces a Pagerank or PR value every few months as a general guide to the quality of all websites.

The higher the Pagerank of a website is, the better but there are some low PR sites with great search visibility and some high PR sites with low visibility.

14. Online Advertising & Campaign Management:
This refers to the activity of marketing your website online. It is often referred to as google Adwords as they are the market leaders, but you can advertise with Bing and yahoo as well as twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

The campaign management refers to the management of the ad campaign including reviewing and analysis as well as the addition and reviewing of prices and keywords etc.

15. Pay per Click marketing / PPC / (Google) Adwords:
This refers to the online paid for advertising as in your online advertising campaigns.

16. Cost per click / CPC:
This refers to the price you pay for every click on to your website from your online advertising.

17. Impressions:
This refers to the number of searches carried out with your chosen keywords or keyword combinations.

18. Social Media Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via the popular social media platforms as well as the engagement of customers and prospects via the same mediums.

19. Video Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via video, often using the popular video sharing site, “YouTube”. This can also be a great way to engage with customers and prospects via another popular medium. It can be referred to as YouTube marketing after the market leader.

20. Picture Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via the popular platform of using images.

There are a number of picture sharing social media platforms that allow you to do this (Instagram and PInterest being two) and these are great for advertising product as well as engaging customers and prospects.

Summary of why you need an SEO Company in Cardiff?

All of the social media, video marketing and picture marketing provided by the SEO Company in Cardiff can help with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website and would increase your SERP, as well as increase the number of visitors to your website, which both in themselves can help with your Search Engine Page Ranking ensuring that you get more visitors!

The increase in your Search Engine Page ranking that is delivered by the services of the SEO Company in Cardiff, would result in you getting more website traffic.

As long as your business proposition and product or service is good and your market is plentiful then this extra traffic would reduce in more sales (ecommerce) or more inbound leads or enquiries (and more customers), if you are not selling online!

Other Marketing services provided by the SEO Company in Cardiff, MA Consultancy, on top of the standard SEO Services provided by other SEO Company in Cardiff

As well as being an SEO Company in Cardiff that provides SEO Services, MA Consultancy also provide sales and marketing consultancy and Sales & Marketing Solutions and services as well as business marketing services, advertising services, promotional merchandise and Networking and Exhibition opportunities, so if in the example above you get a lot of traffic and not many customers or sales, I can provide consultancy and services to help you improve those results, from competitor and market analysis, pricing and packaging improvements, on site optimisation and so much more.

Now that I have found an SEO Company in Cardiff, what’s next?

If you are a new business, startup business, SME business or Company in the Cardiff area and you are looking for an SEO Company in Cardiff to help you get up the Internet search engines and therefore more customers, please try MA Consultancy Cardiff on 07517 024979 or

We use the combined services of an SEO Company in South Wales, along with services off a Marketing Company in South Wales and a Sales & Marketing Consultancy in South Wales, to ensure you get a step ahead of your competition.

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