Event Promotion Services in Cardiff, Wales UK

If you are looking to promote an event in Cardiff, South Wales or the UK we can help you to promote your event at MA Consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales, UK by providing you with our Event Promotion Services.

MA Consultancy has over 30 Blogs, 30 Twitter Accounts, 20 Facebook Pages, 3 Google + Pages and 4 LinkedIn accounts, which between them have over  150,000 followers.

They also have access to many Customer Blogs, Twitter Accounts, Facebook Pages & Google+ Pages which between them have over 150K followers as well as many partners who have over 250,000 followers allowing me to reach out and market to over half a million people across Social Media.

This social media following allows us to market many things including events.  If you have an event in Cardiff, Wales or the UK coming up soon then please get in touch to discuss how MA Consultancy can help you with your event promotion via our various event promotion services.

A large proportion of the Social Media following that we can access are business people although there is also a high coverage of followers interested in the Fashion & Wedding Sectors making us ideally placed to market Business Events in Cardiff, Wales or the UK as well as Fashion & Wedding Industry Events in Cardiff, Wales or the UK and Social Events or Charity Events aimed at people in Cardiff, Wales or the UK.

In addition to Event promotion via our event promotion services, including Blogs and Social Media,  we can also set you up on the popular Eventbrite system for helping you to market and sell events or you could do this yourself via the Link to the Eventbrite Event Promoting System.

We can also provide training on Social Media, in order for you to be able to promote your events yourself, if preferred?

If you have any questions about our Event Promotion Services please call: 07517 024979, email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com or complete the online form:

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