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Business Financial & Legal Services

What are Business Financial Planning & Legal Services?

Our Business Financial Planning & Legal Services involves looking after you and your Business.

What Business Financial Planning & Legal services can we provide?

We work with a number of Business Financial Planning & Legal services providers who offer the following business services:

  1. Business Lasting Powers of Attorney
  2. Auto-Enrolment for Work Place Pensions
  3. Landlord Legal Services including Debt Recovery, Tenant Evictions, Arears Recovery, Dispute Ressolution & Mortgage Arears.
  4. Business Energy Cost Reduction

1. Business Lasting Powers of Attorney

Business Financial & Legal Services

Are you Running a Business?

If you run a successful business then you must have been through teething problems and come out the other side. Perhaps this is now the time to relax and sit back enjoying the rewards of your many years of hard work.

If all that hard work was in jeopardy we are sure that you would do anything you could to prevent that threat from affecting your business, but what if that threat was you?

With recent changes in legislation and case law it is now almost impossible to remove a company director who has lost mental capacity.

To remove them based upon an impairment would breach discrimination laws and even the courts are reluctant to fall foul of this legislation.  This could lead to a Director in a position of authority making decisions and accessing company accounts without the remaining Directors being able to do anything about it.

The damage that could be done to a company does not bear thinking about and there is suggestion by legal experts is that this could lead to an influx of cases through the courts by Shareholders suing Directors who have not taken their responsibilities to the Company seriously.

You’ve worked hard for you what you have. Make sure you keep it.

Your step-by-step guide is ready right now. Grab your copy today.

The problem of not having a Business Lasting Power of Attorney…

Every Director owes a Duty of Care to the Company and to their shareholders to ensure the smooth running and to do all that is within his power to prevent his actions from being detrimental. If the ability to remove that Director is now curtailed by the Equality and Discrimination legislation then what can be done to protect the business?

The Solution offered by having a Business Lasting Power of Attorney in Wales…

The answer is simple, each Director should prepare a Business Lasting Power of Attorney in Wales (Business LPA) which is a personal document authorising someone they trust to act on their behalf and step into their shoes should they be in a position where they no longer have capacity to carry out their duties.

There are various occasions when the Business Lasting Power of Attorney in Wales would be useful. The loss of capacity due to mental illness is of course major concern but there could be a short term illness or injury which affected capacity as well as perhaps trips abroad which could require someone to deal with matters in their place.

Given the potential risk to Directors and their families from being sued by co-Directors and Shareholders for having not made sufficient provision it is now vital that everyone who runs a business has a Business Lasting Power of Attorney in Wales, dealing specifically with their business affairs.

Quite often although the legislation covers specifically Company Directors should a case come before the courts concerning either a sole trader or a partnership then the courts are likely to apply the same principles.

Our trained consultants can assist you in determining the potential risk to your business and advising on the requirements under the new legislation to protect your interests and your business.

Get your free information pack today, contact us for more information or complete the online form for an appointment.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

In addition to Business Lasting Powers of Attorney, we also offer Lasting Powers of Attorney for consumers (or private individuals).  For more about these including Lasting Powers of Attorney for Wales (including Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, RCT, Vale of Glamorgan, Neath, Bridgend, Swansea & Chepstow), please click the link.

2. Auto-Enrolment for Work Place Pensions

Auto Enrolment for Workplace pensions Cardiff - Auto Enrolment UK for Businesses

Looking for Auto Enrolment for Work Place Pensions Made Easy?

What is Auto Enrolment for work place pensions and how does it affect your business?

All employers are legally required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a qualifying work place pension scheme and make contributions towards it themselves.  Communication with your staff about the auto enrolment for work place pensions process is essential for all businesses to ensure that the auto enrolment scheme happens smoothly.

How much does auto enrolment cost?

Alongside the monthly pension contributions, employers are expected to pay other indirect set-up and administrative costs for the auto enrolment of Work Place Pension scheme. With over 500 pages of information, advice and facts on auto enrolment published by The Pensions Regulator to help employers comply with their responsibilities, additional man hours will also be added to these.

What can we do regarding auto enrolment for your company?

Our partners will provide a comprehensive and complete service to help your business to easy navigate its way through the auto enrolment for work place pensions process. Our partners will work closely with you to ensure that none of your business’s precious time or current resource is wasted.

What areas of the UK do we cover for our Auto Enrolment for Work Place Pensions

Our partners can provide their work place pensions services to businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes, throughout the UK including Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Caerphilly, RCT, Vale of Glamorgan, Chepstow, Monmouth, South Wales, Wales, Bristol, South West,  London, South East, Birmingham, Midlands, England & UK.

For a no obligation quote on your Work Place Pension requirements, please get in contact today:

Or call MA Consultancy on: 07517 024979.


3. Landlord Legal Services including Debt Recovery, Tenant Eviction, Arears Recovery, Dispute Ressolution & Mortgage Arears.

Nationwide Service  across England & Wales by Solicitors based in Cardiff, South Wales

a. Fixed Fee Tenant Evictions for Landlords and Letting Agents

Our Partners have been involved with well over 10,000 possession claims over the last 10 years. Their firm has every court in England and Wales covered nationwide. Whether your problem tenant is in London, Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester or in fact anywhere in England and Wales, they can manage all or part of possession proceedings for you. As experienced landlord and tenant solicitors, they can advise and assist with tenant evictions, rent arrears recovery, tenancy deposit disputes, enforcement of judgments, the Possession Claims Online procedure, the Accelerated Possession Procedure, urgent evictions and any other Landlord & Tenant issue or Property Law issue that you might encounter.

b. Debt Recovery including recovering rent arrears for landlords…

Not just for landlords and letting agents although recovery of rent arrears is a regular task here.  We can help anyone to recover money that they are owed.  Often a solicitor’s letter will do the trick.

If not, we can advise nationwide on every step and represent you at every court in England and Wales.  We can ensure that you receive all the costs and interest to which you are entitled and we can track down missing debtors for you and help you to assess if they are worth pursuing.

Whether it’s rent arrears, a trade debt, or in fact any debt, we can help you obtain and enforce a judgment via our debt recovery service.

c. Dispute Resolution including helping to handle Landlord & Tenant Disputes…

Where a possession claim or debt is disputed, we can advise nationwide on how to deal with the issue.  Whether the issue is one of disrepair, breach of contract, antisocial behaviour or pretty much anything else, we’ve probably seen it before.

Whether the dispute is best dealt with by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or the courts, whether the problem is in Bristol, Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle or Plymouth, we can help.

d. Residential Landlord and Tenant Legal services…

Our partners provide a nationwide fixed fee tenant repossession and eviction service to landlords and letting agents anywhere in England and Wales.

However, they don’t only just look after landlords and letting agents, they also deal with a lot of mortgage repossessions. And they don’t only deal with repossessions and evictions.  They can help with contracts, deposits, disrepair, boundary disputes, antisocial behaviour, rights of way and they have even dealt with manors.

They will always give you 10 minutes free, so why not see what they can do to help you with your property issues.

e. Mortgage Repossession…

Whether you are a lender, borrower, a landlord or a firm of solicitors who just requires representation at a far flung court, our partners can help. Even if you need help in London, Newcastle, Kingston upon Hull, Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby, Swansea or Newport. If you need them to conduct the whole process for you, or just represent you at court, they can usually help on a fixed fee basis.

The fixed fees start from just £75 inclusive. Whether you are bringing or defending a possession claim, they have the experience of having been involved with well over 10,000 mortgage possession claims.

f. Arrears Recovery…

If your tenant or borrower has been evicted (or left) owing arrears, our partners can help.  They can trace the tenant or borrower whether they have fled to London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool or anywhere else in England and Wales and then obtain judgment for the arrears & advise you regarding how to enforce your judgment for the arrears.

You may be able to put a charge on their property (charging order), force their employer to pay part of their salary to you (attachment of earnings order), force a third party such as the debtor’s bank to pay money or send around high court bailiffs to take their possessions.

It’s not necessarily true that you can’t enforce a judgment against your former tenant or borrower more than six years after it was made.

Contact  for a free, no obligation discussion on:  07517 024979 or 

4. Business Cost Reduction

We work with a provider of Business Cost Reduction including;

  • Business Energy Cost Reduction

  • Business Telecoms Cost Reduction

  • Business Mobile Cost Reduction

If you are looking to save between 30% & 50% off your business bills, then please get in touch with a national supplier of these services.

Free consultation to discuss any of these Business Financial Planning & Legal Service, and how we can help you…

Should you wish to speak to a specialist in Wales or the South West of England, to discuss your Business Financial Planning & Legal requirements please get in touch, or please complete one of the online contact forms:

Areas we cover:

For Business Lasting Powers of Attorney and Landlord Legal Services we cover all of Wales including North West Wales, North East Wales, Mid Wales, South West Wales, South Wales / Cardiff & South East Wales as well as all of England especially the South West of England including Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, Avon / Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall but also South East England including London, Reading, Brighton, Southampton & Portsmouth the Midlands including Birmingham, Nottingham, Coventry, Derby, Leicester and the North of England including Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield & Newcastle. 

For Business Cost Reduction & Auto-Enrolment we cover all of the UK.

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