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25 Times James Blunt Well and Truly Won Twitter – Music Plus Sport

As much as we love James Blunt’s music, we might just love his comebacks on Twitter a little more!

From serving up harsh truths, being outright brutal in response to his fans, and generally just being the funniest bloke we’ve seen on Twitter, James Blunt’s account has got it all.

Blunt by name, Blunt by nature.

Here’s our 25 favourite tweets from the wittiest musician we know:

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Jack Dorsey Set to Retain Twitter CEO Role Amid Investor Group Challenge

Twitter has negotiated an investor 'ceasefire' of sorts in order to ease pressure on CEO Jack Dorsey.

Netflix’s Horny Tweet Inspires Brands To Deliver Their Most NSFW Sex Lines

Image via Bogdan Glisik /

Netflix has decided to put other brands to the test with their raunchiest comments. The streaming platform’s account posted a tweet, which read, “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand Twitter account?”

This led to a plethora of replies from the Twitter accounts of various brands, leaving their users bewildered by the chain of NSFW comments.

Tech firm Ubisoft playfully responded with, “Ubisoft,” while competitor site Hulu joked, “Netflix and chill?”

Paramount Pictures also joined in with, “I’m not sure we want to touch this,” and makeup brand ColourPop Cosmetics sneakily replied, “Use your fingers for best results.” Gaming site cheekily commented, “Player [three] has entered.”

However, not everyone on the platform is pleased. One user tweeted, “911, the brands are at it again,” hinting at an immediate action to stop this atrocity.

The joke went a little off-track when IMDb tweeted, “The Mandalorian continues to dominate,” and Netflix responded, “more of a Baby Yoda lover myself.” It’s probably not the best idea to put the beloved Baby Yoda in a sexual context.

Scroll down for some thirsty one-liners from brands.

what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?

— Netflix US (@netflix) December 5, 2019

netflix and chill?

— hulu (@hulu) December 5, 2019

Double tap.

— Instagram (@instagram) December 6, 2019

Haters will say it's Photoshopped…

— Adobe Photoshop (@Photoshop) December 6, 2019

Use your fingers for best results 😉

— ColourPop Cosmetics (@ColourPopCo) December 6, 2019

I'm not sure we want to touch this.

— Paramount Network (@paramountnet) December 5, 2019

The Mandalorian continues to dominate

— IMDb (@IMDb) December 5, 2019

more of a Baby Yoda lover myself

— Netflix US (@netflix) December 5, 2019

Player 3 has entered.

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) December 6, 2019

"This is delicious"

— Aviation American Gin (@AviationGin) December 5, 2019

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Presenting: the best Twitter thread of 2019. Curated for your viewing pleasure. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by Comments By Celebs (@commentsbycelebs) on Dec 6, 2019 at 9:57am PST

911 the brands are at it again

— peytøn (@peytnhaag) December 6, 2019

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Twitter shares fall after Dorsey discusses harassment, Nazis and white nationalists on the site


Twitter shares fall after Dorsey discusses harassment, Nazis and white nationalists on the site
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FBI Request For Twitter Data May Have Overstepped Legal Guidelines

The FBI appeared to go beyond the scope of existing legal guidance in seeking certain kinds of internet records from Twitter as recently as last year, legal experts said, citing two warrantless surveillance orders the social media company published on Friday. Twitter said its disclosures were the first time the company had been allowed to…

What Twitter Needs to Do in 2017

These are undeniably dark days for Twitter, so when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked users for feedback, he got a lot of impassioned responses. Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017 — jack (@jack) December 29, 2016 One of…

3Novices:Google: Euro 2016, Pokemon and Bowie lead UK search queries

Google reveals that Euro 2016 was its top trending search term in the UK, and Pokemon Go its global equivalent. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe

Twitter fails to deal with far-right abuse, anti-hate crime group tells MPs

Tell MAMA accuses social networking site of ignoring calls to tackle online abuse against Muslims, Jews and LGBT people The founder of a hate-crime monitoring group has told MPs that Twitter is failing to tackle far-right extremists in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder. Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA, which records anti-Muslim abuse, said […]

The Most Popular Tweets of 2016: ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Star Wars,’ Hillary Clinton Score Big

Twitter released the top-trending topics and tweets for 2016 (so far), and Hollywood and politics were both prominently in the digital zeitgeist for the social-media’s 300-plus million global user base. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” registered as the top TV show of the year, and #GameofThrones also was one of the top-trending topics overall on Twitter,……

Twitter Doubles Down on the ‘Mute’ Button in Its Fight Against Harassment

Twitter is finally taking some steps that could meaningfully help its users escape from harassment on its service. On Tuesday, the company said it’s rolling out two new features that will give Twitter users more control over abusive content sent to them. One of the new options lets users block out tweets directed at them…

A simple Twitter change has already led to confusion and frustration

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Twitter Is Reportedly Planning Another Round of Layoffs

Twitter is reportedly planning to slim down a bit. The social media company is said to be announcing a round of layoffs as soon as this week, according to a report on Monday evening from Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. The layoffs will shrink Twitter’s workforce by about 8%, or 300 employees, according to the report,…

Trump’s Twitter debate lead was ‘swelled by bots’

Web robots – or bots – posted many more pro-Trump tweets than pro-Clinton ones during and after the first presidential debate. Via Tech Feed

Twitter shares tumble as Salesforce rules out bid

Shares in Twitter drop more than 7% after Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff says his firm would not bid for the social media website. Via Tech Feed

Chrissy Teigen Makes Her Twitter Private, Citing That She’s ‘Not Strong Enough Anymore’

Rihanna fangirl, body positivity enthusiast, and all-around delight Chrissy Teigen has made her very vocal Twitter account private. Teigen, whose memorable Twitter presence has included sending a $400 blender to one of her followers like a veritable online fairy godmother, tweeted that she chose to protect her tweets because she was “not strong enough anymore.”…

Possible Sale Divides Twitter Founders (Report)

The prospect of a possible Twitter sale isn’t going over well with everyone at Twitter: The company’s two founders Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey, who has been Twitter’s CEO for a little over a year, are sharply divided over the company’s future, according to a Bloomberg report. Dorsey wants the company to remain independent, according……

Jack Dorsey Has Failed to Save Twitter, Now It’s Someone Else’s Turn

By all accounts, the process of selling Twitter is well under way. The company has hired an investment advisor and is expected to start receiving bids later this week from a group of interested parties that reportedly includes Google, Salesforce and Disney. As it does in almost every case in which a once-promising technology company…

Twitter Plans Job Cuts at Its Technology Hub in India

Twitter twtr said on Monday it would lay off some employees and halt engineering work at one of its development centers in India’s technology hub Bengaluru. The layoffs will impact less than 20 employees at the development center, according to a source familiar with the matter. The employees were part of ZipDial, an Indian mobile…

Twitter Is Finally Loosening Its 140-Character Limit

Twitter has been talking for some time about loosening up the 140-character limit on tweets, and on Monday the company took the first step in that direction. As of today, any photos, videos, animated GIFs and polls posted with a tweet won’t count towards the total. According to The Verge, the service is also experimenting…

Top 5 Web Marketing Tips for New Business Startups and SME’s

1. Twitter Marketing

Set up a Twitter Account and Follow up to 5,000 of your target audience.

A large proportion will follow you back and those that don’t can be unfollowed so that you can follow some more.

This could be a particular niche or businesses / consumers in a certain geographical location. Whilst you are building followers and when you have thousands of followers, send out information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

2. Facebook Marketing, Facebook Pages and Facebook Group Marketing

Use your personal Facebook account to connect with potential customers and partners, also create a Facebook Page and get your friends, potential partners and target audience (clients etc) to like and share your page. Whilst you are building likers & followers and when you have thousands of followers, send out information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

You can also set up groups for your target audiences and get some of those to join your group where you can also share information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

3. LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Company Pages

Make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile page that covers everything that you do including all of your skills and which links to your company website, blog and Facebook page etc. Also add links to any video that you might have etc.

Also create a Company page on LinkedIn (you need an email address on a registered domain to do this) and regularly post information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience via your LinkedIn company page and your regular posts facility on LinkedIn.

Finally on LinkedIn regularly connect with lots of people in your target audience on LinkedIn (but not to many all at once though as LinkedIn can block you). Also join lots of groups full of your target audience and connect with them via the group (Something linkedin allows you to do more aggressively than just connecting with people).

4. Blogging

Create a blog or ideally add a blog to your existing website or get a new website with a blog already included and start blogging regularly about your business, products and services etc.

This can help to improve the Seo of your website and get it associated with more keywords to help you get indexed more regularly the search engines and helping you to appear higher up and more often in the internet page ranks.

5. Keyword Content Marketing via content pages on your website

You should have an existing website or get a new website and create great keyword written landing pages for your business, as well as every single product and service and geographical area covered etc.
This will help to improve the Seo of your website and get it associated with more keywords to help you appear higher up and more often in the internet search engine page ranks helping you to get more enquiries.

If you need any help with any of the above please call: 07517 024979 or email:

Apple’s Twitter Account Is Waking Up

At the time of writing on Friday, Apple’s Twitter account is only just crossing the 100,000-users mark. You might think that strange for the world’s most valuable company, but the truth of the matter is that Apple’s aapl Twitter twtr account was until now just a dormant “egg”—the company had never created a profile picture…