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Twitter Provides Option to Hide Replies to Users in the US and Japan

After first launching its test of the option to hide tweet replies back in June, Twitter is now expanding it to more regions.

Google Adds New Features for Chrome, Including Improved Tab Management and Color Themes

Google is rolling out some new updates for Chrome, which will make it easier to manage, and personalize, your Chrome browsing experience.

Facebook Provides Stats on the Success of its Fundraising Tools in New Update

Facebook says that, since launching its fundraising tools five years ago, more than $2 billion has been raised for a wide range of causes on its platforms.

YouTube Looks to Clarify Verification Process with New Icons and Requirements

YouTube is looking to clarify how its verification system works, with new processes to better represent official channels.

Snapchat Publishes New Research on Gen Z Brand Discovery and Loyalty Behavior

Snapchat has published the findings from a new research report into Gen Z purchase behavior and brand expectations.

Pinterest Adds New Emoji Reactions and Chat Features to Group Boards

Pinterest is adding some new interactive elements to its group boards feature.

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Effective Brand Building

Facebook has published a new overview of effective digital brand building techniques to help maximize your marketing efforts.

Facebook is Expanding its Playable and AR Ad options Ahead of the Holiday Season

Facebook is expanding its interactive ad options to provide new ways to brands to engage their potential customers over the coming holiday season.

YouTube Adds New ‘Masthead’ Ad Option for TV-Connected Viewers

YouTube is looking to help advertisers better connect with viewers via their home TV sets with a new Masthead ad placement option.

Facebook Provides New Creator Studio Overview and Tips

Facebook has published a new, updated overview of its Creator Studio app, including its Instagram publishing tools.

Facebook Announces New Portal Devices, Including TV-Connected Camera/Streaming Service

Facebook is launching three new versions of its Portal smart home device, including one which connected to your home TV set.

SMT Employee Advocacy Survey 2019 – Part 3: Effective Approaches to Employee Advocacy

To get a better understanding of the current state of employee advocacy, and the opportunities for brands, we recently conducted a survey of our SMT network.

Facebook Publishes New Guide on Messenger and Messaging Etiquette [Infographic]

Facebook has partnered with Debrett’s to create a new messaging etiquette guide.

Instagram Implements New Restrictions on Diet and Cosmetic Surgery Ads

Instagram is implementing new restrictions on diet and cosmetic surgery ads to better protect vulnerable users.

Pinterest is Adding its Own ‘Dark Mode’ Option

Pinterest is working on a new dark mode option for its mobile app.

Creating and Utilizing Audience Personas to Refine your Process [Infographic]

Developing accurate audience personas can help refine your marketing and UX approach – here are some tips.

LinkedIn Adds New ‘Skill Assessments’ Option to Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is rolling out a new tool which will enable users to display their competency in specific work skills, and link to relevant jobs or courses.

Google Will Link Searchers to ‘Key Moments’ Within Videos, a New Consideration in Search Results

Google is adding a new search option which will link users to specific moments within YouTube videos related to search queries.

Facebook Outlines Evolving Efforts to Detect and Remove Hate Speech and Extremist Content

Facebook has provided a new update on its efforts to detect and remove hate speech from its network.

Snapchat Launches New 3D Snaps, which Display Depth as You Move Your Phone

Snapchat's added a new 3D Snaps option, which adds moveable depth to your captured images.