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Google’s 200+ Ranking Factors: The Complete List as of 2020

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The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know 🌍📲📰
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Online Marketing Agency Cardiff 

Looking for an Online Marketing Agency in Cardiff?


Maybe you’re looking for any of the following services?

Outsourced Online Marketing Agency Services:

  • Search Engine Optimisation / SEO – Onsite & Offsite Optimisation
  • Blogging 
  • Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing Services / SMM
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In addition to our Outsourced Online Marketing services our Online Marketing Agency also provides:


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  • Web Marketing Consultancy
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Long Tail CTR Study: The Forgotten Traffic Beyond Top 10 Rankings

New post on Online Marketing Hub

Long Tail CTR Study: The Forgotten Traffic Beyond Top 10 Rankings
by christopherjanb
Posted by GaryMoyle

This post was originally in YouMoz, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc.

Search behavior is fundamentally changing, as users become more savvy and increasingly familiar with search technology. Google’s results have also changed significantly over the last decade, going from a simple page of 10 blue links to a much richer layout, including videos, images, shopping ads and the innovative Knowledge Graph.

We also know there are an increasing amount of touchpoints in a customer journey involving different channels and devices. Google’s
Zero Moment of Truth theory (ZMOT), which describes a revolution in the way consumers search for information online, supports this idea and predicts that we can expect the number of times natural search is involved on the path to a conversion to get higher and higher.

Understanding how people interact with Google and other search engines will always be important. Organic click curves show how many clicks you might expect from search engine results and are one way of evaluating the impact of our campaigns, forecasting performance and exploring changing search behavior.

Using search query data from Google UK for a wide range of leading brands based on millions of impressions and clicks, we can gain insights into the how CTR in natural search has evolved beyond those shown in previous studies by
Catalyst, Slingshot and AOL.

Our methodology
The NetBooster study is based entirely on UK top search query data and has been refined by day in order to give us the most accurate sample size possible. This helped us reduce anomalies in the data in order to achieve the most reliable click curve possible, allowing us to extend it way beyond the traditional top 10 results.

We developed a method to extract data day by day to greatly increase the volume of keywords and to help improve the accuracy of the
average ranking position. It ensured that the average was taken across the shortest timescale possible, reducing rounding errors.

The NetBooster study included:

65,446,308 (65 million) clicks
311,278,379 (311 million) impressions
1,253,130 (1.2 million) unique search queries
54 unique brands
11 household brands (sites with a total of 1M+ branded keyword impressions)
Data covers several verticals including retail, travel and financial
We also looked at organic CTR for mobile, video and image results to better understand how people are discovering content in natural search across multiple devices and channels.

We’ll explore some of the most important elements in this article.

How does our study compare against others?
Let’s start by looking at the top 10 results. In the graph below we have normalized the results in order to compare our curve, like-for-like, with previous studies from Catalyst and Slingshot. Straight away we can see that there is higher participation beyond the top four positions when compared to other studies. We can also see much higher CTR for positions lower on the pages, which highlights how searchers are becoming more comfortable with mining search results.

A new click curve to rule them all
Our first click curve is the most useful, as it provides the click through rates for generic non-brand search queries across positions 1 to 30. Initially, we can see a significant amount of traffic going to the top three results with position No. 1 receiving 19% of total traffic, 15% at position No. 2 and 11.45% at position No. 3. The interesting thing to note, however, is our curve shows a relatively high CTR for positions typically below the fold. Positions 6-10 all received a higher CTR than shown in previous studies. It also demonstrates that searchers are frequently exploring pages two and three.

When we look beyond the top 10, we can see that CTR is also higher than anticipated, with positions 11-20 accounting for 17% of total traffic. Positions 21-30 also show higher than anticipated results, with over 5% of total traffic coming from page three. This gives us a better understanding of the potential uplift in visits when improving rankings from positions 11-30.

This highlights that searchers are frequently going beyond the top 10 to find the exact result they want. The prominence of paid advertising, shopping ads, Knowledge Graph and the OneBox may also be pushing users below the fold more often as users attempt to find better qualified results. It may also indicate growing dissatisfaction with Google results, although this is a little harder to quantify.

Of course, it’s important we don’t just rely on one single click curve. Not all searches are equal. What about the influence of brand, mobile and long-tail searches?

Brand bias has a significant influence on CTR
One thing we particularly wanted to explore was how the size of your brand influences the curve. To explore this, we banded each of the domains in our study into small, medium and large categories based on the sum of brand query impressions across the entire duration of the study.

When we look at how brand bias is influencing CTR for non-branded search queries, we can see that better known brands get a sizable increase in CTR. More importantly, small- to medium-size brands are actually losing out to results from these better-known brands and experience a much lower CTR in comparison.

What is clear is keyphrase strategy will be important for smaller brands in order to gain traction in natural search. Identifying and targeting valuable search queries that aren’t already dominated by major brands will minimize the cannibalization of CTR and ensure higher traffic levels as a result.

How does mobile CTR reflect changing search behavior?
Mobile search has become a huge part of our daily lives, and our clients are seeing a substantial shift in natural search traffic from desktop to mobile devices. According to Google, 30% of all searches made in 2013 were on a mobile device; they also predict mobile searches will constitute over 50% of all searches in 2014.

Understanding CTR from mobile devices will be vital as the mobile search revolution continues. It was interesting to see that the click curve remained very similar to our desktop curve. Despite the lack of screen real estate, searchers are clearly motivated to scroll below the fold and beyond the top 10.

NetBooster CTR curves for top 30 organic positions


Desktop CTR

Mobile CTR

Large Brand

Medium Brand

Small Brand
1 19.35% 20.28% 20.84% 13.32% 8.59%
2 15.09% 16.59% 16.25% 9.77% 8.92%
3 11.45% 13.36% 12.61% 7.64% 7.17%
4 8.68% 10.70% 9.91% 5.50% 6.19%
5 7.21% 7.97% 8.08% 4.69% 5.37%
6 5.85% 6.38% 6.55% 4.07% 4.17%
7 4.63% 4.85% 5.20% 3.33% 3.70%
8 3.93% 3.90% 4.40% 2.96% 3.22%
9 3.35% 3.15% 3.76% 2.62% 3.05%
10 2.82% 2.59% 3.13% 2.25% 2.82%
11 3.06% 3.18% 3.59% 2.72% 1.94%
12 2.36% 3.62% 2.93% 1.96% 1.31%
13 2.16% 4.13% 2.78% 1.96% 1.26%
14 1.87% 3.37% 2.52% 1.68% 0.92%
15 1.79% 3.26% 2.43% 1.51% 1.04%
16 1.52% 2.68% 2.02% 1.26% 0.89%
17 1.30% 2.79% 1.67% 1.20% 0.71%
18 1.26% 2.13% 1.59% 1.16% 0.86%
19 1.16% 1.80% 1.43% 1.12% 0.82%
20 1.05% 1.51% 1.36% 0.86% 0.73%
21 0.86% 2.04% 1.15% 0.74% 0.70%
22 0.75% 2.25% 1.02% 0.68% 0.46%
23 0.68% 2.13% 0.91% 0.62% 0.42%
24 0.63% 1.84% 0.81% 0.63% 0.45%
25 0.56% 2.05% 0.71% 0.61% 0.35%
26 0.51% 1.85% 0.59% 0.63% 0.34%
27 0.49% 1.08% 0.74% 0.42% 0.24%
28 0.45% 1.55% 0.58% 0.49% 0.24%
29 0.44% 1.07% 0.51% 0.53% 0.28%
30 0.36% 1.21% 0.47% 0.38% 0.26%
Creating your own click curve
This study will give you a set of benchmarks for both non-branded and branded click-through rates with which you can confidently compare to your own click curve data. Using this data as a comparison will let you understand whether the appearance of your content is working for or against you.

We have made things a little easier for you by creating an Excel spreadsheet: simply drop your own top search query data in and it’ll automatically create a click curve for your website.

Simply visit the NetBooster website and download our tool to start making your own click curve.

In conclusion
It’s been both a fascinating and rewarding study, and we can clearly see a change in search habits. Whatever the reasons for this evolving search behavior, we need to start thinking beyond the top 10, as pages two and three are likely to get more traffic in future.

We also need to maximize the traffic created from existing rankings and not just think about position.

Most importantly, we can see practical applications of this data for anyone looking to understand and maximize their content’s performance in natural search. Having the ability to quickly and easily create your own click curve and compare this against a set of benchmarks means you can now understand whether you have an optimal CTR.

What could be the next steps?
There is, however, plenty of scope for improvement. We are looking forward to continuing our investigation, tracking the evolution of search behavior. If you’d like to explore this subject further, here are a few ideas:

Segment search queries by intent (How does CTR vary depending on whether a search query is commercial or informational?)
Understand CTR by industry or niche
Monitor the effect of new Knowledge Graph formats on CTR across both desktop and mobile search
Conduct an annual analysis of search behavior (Are people’s search habits changing? Are they clicking on more results? Are they mining further into Google’s results?)
Ultimately, click curves like this will change as the underlying search behavior continues to evolve. We are now seeing a massive shift in the underlying search technology, with Google in particular heavily investing in entity- based search (i.e., the Knowledge Graph). We can expect other search engines, such as Bing, Yandex and Baidu to follow suit and use a similar approach.

The rise of smartphone adoption and constant connectivity also means natural search is becoming more focused on mobile devices. Voice-activated search is also a game-changer, as people start to converse with search engines in a more natural way. This has huge implications for how we monitor search activity.

What is clear is no other industry is changing as rapidly as search. Understanding how we all interact with new forms of search results will be a crucial part of measuring and creating success.

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Link Building

A recent post on Online Marketing Hub

The Future of Link Building

by christopherjanb
Posted by Paddy_Moogan

Building the types of links that help grow your online business and organic search traffic is getting harder. It used to be fairly straightforward, back before Google worked out how to treat links with different levels of quality and trust. However, the fact that it’s getting harder doesn’t mean that it’s dead.

What does the future hold?

I’m going to talk about links, but the truth is, the future isn’t really about the links. It is far bigger than that.

Quick sidenote: I’m aware that doing a blog post about the future of link building the week of a likely Penguin update could leave me with egg on my face! But we’ll see what happens.

Links will always be a ranking factor in some form or another. I can see the dials being turned down or off on certain aspects of links (more on that below) but I think they will always be there. Google is always looking for more data, more signals, more indicators of whether or not a certain page is a good result for a user at a certain moment in time. They will find them too, as we can see from
patents such as this. A natural consequence is that other signals may be diluted or even replaced as Google becomes smarter and understands the web and users a lot better.

What this means for the future is that the links valued by Google will be the ones you get as a result of having a great product and great marketing. Essentially, links will be symptomatic of amazing marketing. Hat tip to
Jess Champion who I’ve borrowed this term from.

This isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be. That’s the point.

To go a bit further, I think we also need to think about the bigger picture. In the grand scheme of things, there are so many more signals that Google can use which, as marketers, we need to understand and use to our advantage. Google is changing and we can’t bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is going on.

A quick side note on spammy links
My background is a spammy one so I can’t help but address this quickly. Spam will continue to work for short-term hits and churn and burn websites. I’ve talked before about
my position on this so I won’t go into too much more detail here. I will say though that those people who are in the top 1% of spammers will continue to make money, but even for them, it will be hard to maintain over a long period of time.

Let’s move onto some more of the detail around my view of the future by first looking at the past and present.

What we’ve seen in the past
Google didn’t understand links.

The fundamental issue that Google had for a long, long time was that they didn’t understand enough about links. They didn’t understand things such as:

How much to trust a link
Whether a link was truly editorially given or not
Whether a link was paid for or not
If a link was genuinely high quality (PageRank isn’t perfect)
How relevant a link was
Whilst they still have work to do on all of these, they have gotten much better in recent years. At one time, a link was a link and it was pretty much a case of whoever had the most links, won. I think that for a long time, Google was trying very hard to understand links and find which ones were high quality, but there was so much noise that it was very difficult. I think that eventually they realised that they had to attack the problem from a different angle and
Penguin came along. So instead of focusing on finding the “good” signals of links, they focused on finding the “bad” signals and started to take action on them. This didn’t fix everything, but it did enough to shock our industry into moving away from certain tactics and therefore, has probably helped reduce a lot of the noise that Google was seeing.

What we’re seeing right now
Google is understanding more about language.

Google is getting better at understanding everything.
Hummingbird was just the start of what Google hopes to achieve on this front and it stands to reason that the same kind of technology that helps the following query work, will also help Google understand links better.

Not many people in the search industry said much when
Google hired this guy back in 2012. We can be pretty sure that it’s partly down to his work that we’re seeing the type of understanding of language that we are. His work has only just begun, though, and I think we’ll see more queries like the one above that just shouldn’t work, but they do. I also think we’ll see more instances of Googlers not knowing why something ranks where it does.

Google is understanding more about people.

I talk about this a little more below but to quickly summarise here, Google is learning more about us all the time. It can seem creepy, but the fact is that Google wants as much data as possible from us so that they can serve more relevant search results—and advertising of course. They are understanding more that the keywords we type into Google may not actually be what we want to find, nor are those keywords enough to find what we really want. Google needs more context.

Tom Anthony has
talked about this extensively so I won’t go into loads more detail. But to bring it back to link building, it is important to be aware of this because it means that there are more and more signals that could mean the dial on links gets turned down a bit more.

Some predictions about the future
I want to make a few things more concrete about my view of the future for link building, so let’s look at a few specifics.

1. Anchor text will matter less and less
Anchor text as a ranking signal was always something that works well in theory but not in reality. Even in my early days of link building, I couldn’t understand why Google put so much weight behind this one signal. My main reason for this view was that using exact match keywords in a link was not natural for most webmasters. I’d go as far as to say the only people who used it were SEOs!

I’m don’t think we’re at a point yet where anchor text as a ranking signal is dead and it will take some more time for Google to turn down the dial. But we definitely are at a point where you can get hurt pretty badly if you have too much commercial anchor text in your link profile. It just isn’t natural.

In the future, Google won’t need this signal. They will be much better at understanding the content of a page and importantly, the context of a page.

2. Deep linking will matter less and less
I was on the fence about this one for a long time but the more I think about it, the more I can see this happening. I’ll explain my view here by using an example.

Let’s imagine you’re an eCommerce website and you sell laptops. Obviously each laptop you sell will have its own product page and if you sell different types, you’ll probably have category pages too. With a products like laptops, chances are that other retailers sell the same ones with the same specifications and probably have very similar looking pages to yours. How does Google know which one to rank better than others?

Links to these product pages can work fine but in my opinion, is a bit of a crude way of working it out. I think that Google will get better at understanding the subtle differences in queries from users which will naturally mean that deep links to these laptop pages will be one of many signals they can use.

Take these queries:

“laptop reviews”

Context: I want to buy a laptop but I don’t know which one.

“asus laptop reviews”

Context: I like the sound of Asus, I want to read more about their laptops.

“sony laptop reviews”

Context: I also like the sound of Sony, I want to read more about their laptops.

“sony vs asus laptop”

Context: I’m confused, they both sound the same so I want a direct comparison to help me decide.

“asus laptop”

Context: I want an Asus laptop.

You can see how the mindset of the user has changed over time and we can easily imagine how the search results will have changed to reflect this. Google already understand this. There are other signals coming into play here too though, what about these bits of additional information that Google can gather about us:

Location: I’m on a bus in London, I may not want to buy a £1,000 laptop right now but I’ll happily research them.
Device: I’m on my iPhone 6, I may not want to input credit card details into it and I worry that the website I’m using won’t work well on a small screen.
Search history: I’ve searched for laptops before and visited several retailers, but I keep going back to the same one as I’ve ordered from them before.
These are just a few that are easy for us to imagine Google using. There are loads more that Google could look at, not to mention signals from the retailers themselves such as secure websites, user feedback, 3rd party reviews, trust signals etc.

When you start adding all of these signals together, it’s pretty easy to see why links to a specific product page may not be the strongest signal for Google to use when determining rankings.

Smaller companies will be able to compete more.

One of the things I loved about SEO when I first got into it was the fact that organic search felt like a level playing field. I knew that with the right work, I could beat massive companies in the search results and not have to spend a fortune doing it. Suffice to say, things have changed quite a bit now and there are some industries where you stand pretty much zero chance of competing unless you have a very big budget to spend and a great product.

I think we will see a shift back in the other direction and smaller companies with fewer links will be able to rank for certain types of queries with a certain type of context. As explained above, context is key and allows Google to serve up search results that meet the context of the user. This means that massive brands are not always going to be the right answer for users and Google have to get better at understanding this. Whether a company is classified as a “brand” or not can be subjective. My local craft beer shop in London is the only one in the world and if you were to ask 100 people if they’d heard of it, they’d all probably say no. But it’s a brand to me because I love their products, their staff are knowledgeable and helpful, their marketing is cool and I’d always recommend them.

Sometimes, showing the website of this shop above bigger brands in search results is the right thing to do for a user. Google need lots of additional signals beyond “branding” and links in order to do this but I think they will get them.

What all of this means for us
Predicting the future is hard, knowing what to do about it is pretty hard too! But here are some things that I think we should be doing.

Ask really hard questions
Marketing is hard. If you or your client wants to compete and win customers, then you need to be prepared to ask really hard questions about the company. Here are just a few that I’ve found difficult when talking to clients:
Why does the company exist? (A good answer has nothing to do with making money)
Why do you deserve to rank well in Google?
What makes you different to your competitors?
If you disappeared from Google tomorrow, would anyone notice?
Why do you deserve to be linked to?
What value do you provide for users?
The answers to these won’t always give you that silver bullet, but they can provoke conversations that make the client look inwardly and at why they should deserve links and customers. These questions are hard to answer, but again, that’s the point.

Stop looking for scalable link building tactics
Seriously, just stop. Anything that can be scaled tends to lose quality and anything that scales is likely to be targeted by the Google webspam team at some point.

A recent piece of content we did at Distilled has so far generated links from over 700 root domains—we did NOT send 700 outreach emails! This piece took on a life of its own and generated those links after some promotion by us, but at no point did we worry about scaling outreach for it.

Start focusing on doing marketing that users love.
I’m not talking necessarily about you doing the next Volvo ad or to be the next Old Spice guy. If you can then great, but these are out of reach for most of us. That doesn’t mean you can’t do marketing that people love. I often look at companies like Brewdog and Hawksmoor who do great marketing around their products but in a way that has personality and appeal. They don’t have to spend millions of dollars on celebrities or TV advertising because they have a great product and a fun marketing message. They have value to add which is the key, they don’t need to worry about link building because they get them naturally by doing cool stuff.

Whilst I know that “doing cool stuff” isn’t particularly actionable, I still think it’s fair to say that marketing needs to be loved. In order to do marketing that people love, you need to have some fun and focus on adding value.

Don’t bury your head in the sand
The worst thing you can do is ignore the trends and changes taking place. Google is changing, user expectations and behaviours are changing, our industry is changing. As an industry, we’ve adapted very well over the last few years. We have to keep doing this if we’re going to survive.

Going back to link building, you need to accept that this stuff is really hard and building the types of links that Google value is hard.

In summary
Links aren’t going anywhere. But the world is changing and we have to focus on what truly matters: marketing great products and building a loyal audience.

For more about link building or content marketing see:

Link Building page was posted “By Mike Armstrong”

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Costs for our SEO Services Cardiff!

As the amount of SEO work required can vary on the competitiveness of the Keywords you are looking to rank for and the geographical territory that you want to be found for my costs are quoting for on a bespoke basis once I’m able to review the market and determine what is involved to get you the results that you need.

Our SEO Services Cardiff can cost from £100 a month up to £1,000 a month and would be subscribed for a minimum of 3 months but can often be required for 6 months or even 12 months to achieve the desired results.

If you need to rank high on page 1 for less competitive keyword phrases, on a local Cardiff basis, against competitors with less SEO activity the costs would be far lower than of you were looking to rank high on page 1 for High competitive keyword phrases, on a UK basis on a Sector where all competitors are taking part in a high level of SEO activities themselves.

What to do if you are interested in our SEO Services Cardiff?

If you would like our SEO Services Cardiff or simple want a free review or a no obligation quotation please call us on: 07517 024979 or email:

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SEO Cardiff

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Are you looking for SEO Cardiff or Search Engine Optimisation in Cardiff?


If you have a website, or even not, in this day and age, you have probably heard of SEO (Cardiff) or Search Engine Optimisation (Cardiff)!

SEO or (Search Engine Optimisation) simply refers to the process of making websites and their domain name more visible in Search Engine Rankings helping you to increase your profile, website traffic and customer base.

Seo Cardiff or Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff refers to the process of making Cardiff Businesses websites and their domain name more visible in Search Engine Ranking, helping to increase the profile, website traffic and customer base of Cardiff based businesses.

There are many factors that Search Engines take into account when visiting your site in order to give it a ranking and an SEO Company in Cardiff providing you with SEO Cardiff Services would take this into consideration when working on improving the website rankings for your Business in Cardiff.

The SEO Company Cardiff would look at these factors to compile a ranking for the pages of your site for different search terms or Keywords and that is why SEO Cardiff is so important.

Good SEO Cardiff would make sure that people who are searching for the information, service or products that your business or company provides, are being directed to you and not your competitors.

You should be thinking about implementing SEO Cardiff as soon as you start thinking about getting a website or starting a business, in the Cardiff or wider South Wales area.

SEO Cardiff for Cardiff Startups

SEO Cardiff is important if and when you are registering the domain of your website (which often gets over looked by people new to website ownership) and potentially even when choosing the name of your Cardiff business.

If you pick the keywords of your product or service and add them to your name or include them in your domain this can give you a competitive edge in the search engines.

For more about our SEO Cardiff please call 07968286126 or email:

SEO Cardiff Terms

Here are some SEO Cardiff terms that every webmaster / website owner and ideally business owner or company director should know:

1. SEO:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This term is used to describe the overall process of making your website more visible and rank higher in the Google search ranking pages and the ranking pages of other search engines such as Bing & Yahoo etc. SEO can also be used to refer to the practitioner of SEO services.

SEO Cardiff

SEO includes thousands of factors and techniques and can also be referred to as Digital marketing, Search Engine marketing, Page Rank marketing, Website marketing and Organic Search marketing.

SEO Cardiff refers to the providing of SEO Services to businesses in the Cardiff Area.

2. Domain name / Web Address:
This is the name you use to call your website. You have to register a domain name in order to be given your www. Web address. When registering your Cardiff Business domain name please consider the advice from an SEO Consultant in Cardiff!

3. Organic Search ranking:
This is the natural ranking of your website in the search engines as apposed to the paid for Adwords ranking that you see at the top and bottom of the pages.

If you want to rank high amongst Cardiff, Wales or UK searches for you Cardiff based Products or Services you should subscribed to SEO Cardiff services!

4. Crawler / Spider
A crawler or spider is a bot (or piece if Technology) that Search Engines use to search the internet and all the websites on it in order to collect data about the websites to be able to rank them.

SEO Cardiff services will ensure that when a crawler searches your website it will result in your Website ranking higher.

The crawler will regularly visit your site and analyse its content.

They visit your site to keep up to date with changes and add new content.

This is how Search Engines keep their results relevant and up to date!

5. Keywords / Search terms
Keywords play a massive role in SEO Cardiff.

Your keywords should relate to the information, services or products that you provide. for example will use Cars as its primary keyword.

Keywords should be used on your site to ensure Search Engines can recognise what that page is about and therefore show that page to the correct searchers!

Often single keywords are very competitive as thousands or millions of sites will be using them so often 3-4 keywords combined will get better results. For example “UK cars for sale” could be much better. An SEO Cardiff consultant can help you research the best Keywords and a Marketing Specialist will help you think of additional “Keyword” markets to help you attract more visitors!

6. SERP:
Search Engine Results Page. This is the list of results that a Search Engine displays after being given a certain keyword or combination of Keywords to search. Your SEO Cardiff services will help you rank higher up the SERP including the all important Google SERP.

The higher up the SERPs you are, the better! As above can also be referred to as organic (natural ranking).

7. META Description / Meta Keywords & Meta Tags:

A META description briefly describes what the page is about. The META description you set is often seen below the clickable link to your website in the SERPs as a summary.

You can also set META keywords or Meta Tags to let Search Engines know what terms should be relevant to the page.

An SEO Cardiff specialist would help you to create the best META descriptions for your page.

8. Title Tag:
The title tag is the main heading of a web page as defined by the ‘title’ tags in HTML.

The title tag is the blue link text that you click on in a search result.

It also appears in the top of your browser window or tab.

Search Engines use the title tag to describe what your website is about.

If your title tag is wrong, chances are your website will not be found by the people it should be, so getting this right and including the correct keywords, is very important.

An SEO Cardiff practitioner will help you to have the right Title Tags for your web pages to ensure higher rankings in the SERPs.

9. Sitemap
A sitemap allows users and Search Engines to navigate your site more easily in order to be able to analyse the content.

It is important to have a sitemap as it can help Search Engines identify all the pages on your site, some of which otherwise may not have been visited by the crawler.

An SEO Cardiff Consultants can work with your website designer to ensure you have a good site map for your website.

10. Backlinks:
When a link to your site appears somewhere else on the web, it is referred to as a backlink. Search Engines see this as a sign that your site must have some useful information as other people and websites are referring to it. This helps with your SERP.

An SEO Cardiff consultant will help you to build back links to your website whilst SEO Cardiff Services will provide backlinks to your website.

11. Off page or offsite Optimisation:
This refers to the wider sales and marketing process of getting your web address out in the real world and across the Internet so that you have lots if back links and inline advertising and press releases etc in order to send traffic to your website and to help increase your SERP. This includes the ever growing importance of the use of Social Media.

An SEO Cardiff should help you with this or direct you to a Social Media or Marketing Company in Cardiff. MA Consultancy covers all SEO, Social Media and Wider Marketing Activities.

12. Internal Link:
Internal links are links between pages on your own site. This can help crawlers get around your site and identify the topics that the website revolves around.

SEO Cardiff Services will provide you with internal links.

13. Pagerank:
Google produces a Pagerank or PR value every few months as a general guide to the quality of all websites.

You SEO Cardiff Services will lift your page rank over time.

The higher the Pagerank of a website is, the better but there are some low PR sites with great search visibility and some high PR sites with low visibility.

14. Online Advertising & Campaign Management:

This refers to the activity of marketing your website online. It is often referred to as google Adwords as they are the market leaders, but you can advertise with Bing and Yahoo as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ / Google Places.

The campaign management refers to the management of the ad campaign including reviewing and analysis as well as the addition and reviewing of prices and keywords etc.

Your SEO Cardiff can provide you with advice or Services around online advertising activities.

15. Pay per Click marketing / PPC / (Google) Adwords:
This refers to the online paid for advertising as in your online advertising campaigns.

16. Cost per click / CPC:
This refers to the price you pay for every click on to your website from your online advertising.

17. Impressions:
This refers to the number of searches carried out with your chosen keywords or keyword combinations.

18. Social Media Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via the popular social media platforms as well as the engagement of customers and prospects via the same mediums.

An SEO Cardiff should help you with this or direct you to a Social Media or Marketing Company in Cardiff. MA Consultancy covers all SEO, Social Media and Wider Marketing Activities

19. Video Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via video, often using the popular video sharing site, “YouTube”. This can also be a great way to engage with customers and prospects via another popular medium. It can be referred to as YouTube marketing after the market leader.

An SEO Cardiff should help you with this or direct you to a Specialist Video Marketing Company in Cardiff. MA Consultancy covers all SEO, Social Media and Wider Marketing Activities

20. Picture Marketing:
This refers to the offsite or off page marketing of your website via the popular platform of using images.

An SEO Cardiff should help you with this or direct you to a Specialist Picture Marketing Company in Cardiff. MA Consultancy covers all SEO, Social Media and Wider Marketing Activities

There are a number of picture sharing social media platforms that allow you to do this (Instagram and PInterest being two) and these are great for advertising product as well as engaging customers and prospects.

Summary of why you need SEO Cardiff?

All of the social media, video marketing and picture marketing can help with SEO and increasing your SERP, as well as increasing the number of visitors to your website, which in itself can help with your Search Engine Page Ranking.

The increase in your Search Engine Page ranking would result in you getting more website traffic.

As long as your business proposition and product or service is good and your market is plentiful then this extra traffic would reduce in more sales (ecommerce) or more inbound leads or enquiries (and more customers), if you are not selling online!

Other services provided by MA Consultancy, on top of those for SEO Cardiff

As well as providing SEO, I provide sales and marketing consultancy and services and business marketing services so if in the example above you get a lot of traffic and not many customers or sales, I can provide consultancy and services to help you improve those results, from competitor and market analysis, pricing and packaging improvements, on site optimisation and so much more.

Now that I have found an SEO Cardiff Company, what’s next?

If you are a new business, startup business, SME business or Company in the Cardiff area and you are looking for an SEO Company in Cardiff to help you get up the Internet search engines and therefore more customers, please try MA Consultancy Cardiff on 07969 286126 or

We use the combined services of an SEO Company in South Wales, along with services off a Marketing Company in South Wales and a Sales & Marketing Consultancy in South Wales, to ensure you get a step ahead of your competition.

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Facebook Advice and Facebook Like Pages for Cardiff Businesses

Facebook Advice for Businesses in Cardiff, South Wales:


If you are not using Facebook and Facebook like pages for your business whether selling to consumers or businesses, you are missing out!

Many businesses are under the impression that Facebook is not for them, especially those offering Products and services aimed at other businesses in Cardiff and South Wales. I have always used Facebook for marketing my e-commerce business aimed at Consumers, but was under the same impression as many businesses, that it wouldn’t work for my Business to Business sales and marketing company.

Boy was I wrong!

I set up a Facebook account and additional like page for both my business – MA Consultancy Like Page on Facebook and my welsh business marketing brand – Welshbiz Like Page on Facebook and within two months I had over 3,000 (mostly business) followers on my Facebook Accounts and hundreds of likes on my pages as well as three really good enquiries from Businesses for my services, which resulted in enough business to already make the time and effort worth while.

Give Facebook marketing for your business in Cardiff, South Wales a try – what have you got to lose?

If you have previously thought that a Facebook page isn’t for you, what have you got to lose in giving it a try? Facebook accounts and Facebook pages are Free so give it a try and see if they can benefit you and the marketing of your Cardiff business as they have me?

As I set up two different business Facebook accounts and Facebook Like pages and one went viral whilst the other didn’t I have some advice and tips that can help you if you want to subscribe to my marketing or Social Media consultancy services in Cardiff, South Wales?

Facebook Like Page Advertising:

I also used the advertising for a few days to get likes for my like page as a test to see how it works and it’s quite good and quite reasonably priced but I like to do things the hard way!

It might be worth you trying too for a bit to help get the momentum going!

Facebook UK Like Pages Group on Facebook – A recommended group on Facebook

In addition to the Facebook pages and accounts which have given me a great “Free Marketing platform for my business and all the businesses that I represent”, I have also now set up a Free to join Group for owners of a UK Facebook Like page. Feel free to join and let the other know what your page and your business is about:!/groups/382158065198537?ref=bookmark&__user=100004198595661

I provide Facebook Training Cardiff, Facebook Advice Cardiff, Facebook Consultancy Cardiff and Facebook Set up and management Cardiff / or outsourced marketing services for businesses in Cardiff if you are interested? I also provide other Social Media Training in Cardiff, Social Media Advice Cardiff, Social Media Consultancy Cardiff and Social Media Set up and management Cardiff / or outsourced marketing services for businesses in Cardiff if you would prefer?

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SEO Company in Cardiff – Do you need one?

Are you a business owner or Company Director in Cardiff who is wondering if you could benefit from the SEO Services from an SEO Company in Cardiff, South Wales Wales?

If so ask yourself the following questions and if you answer yes to any of the questions then you could benefit from the SEO Services of an SEO Company in Cardiff.

  1. Are you not currently being found on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords?
  2. Are you looking to increase your Google page rankings?
  3. Are you looking to drive more customers to your E-commerce Website?
  4. Are you looking for more web traffic.
  5. Are you looking for more customers?
  6. Are you looking for more customers or visitors on your company or business website?
  7. Are you currently looking to increase your Website sales?
  8. Are you currently spending a lot of money on Google Adwords?
  9. Are you wondering how to get higher up the internet search engine rankings?
  10. Are you currently not getting enough inbound leads or inbound enquiries via your website?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then give Cardiff SEO Company and Web Marketing Company MA Consultancy Cardiff a call on 07969 286126 | 01633 681965 or Email: (or if you want to connect on Google+).

Why should you call Cardiff SEO Company and Web Marketing Agency MA Consultancy Cardiff, if you answered YES to the above questions.

  1. If you are not currently being found on the first pages of Google then our SEO Company and Marketing Company and the services that we offer can get you there.
  2. If you are looking to increase your Google page ranking then the SEO Services from our SEO Company can achieve this for your business or company website.
  3. If you are looking to drive more traffic to an e-commerce website then increase page ranking and being on the first page of the internet search engine rankings can do this for you.
  4. If you are looking for more web traffic our SEO services will provide this for you.
  5. If you are looking for more customers then being on page 1 of Google, especially at the top end will get these for you.
  6. If you are looking for more customers or visitors to your business or company website or online shop then being higher up in the internet search engines would achieve this for you.
  7. Likewise more website visitors and web traffic will increase your web sales or help you to generate more enquiries.
  8.  If you are currently spending a lot of money on Google Adwords then SEO services can help you reduce this spend by getting you found on the free organic search listings instead.
  9. If you are wondering how to get higher up the internet search engine rankings, speak to our SEO Consultants and they will explain how they can achieve this for you.
  10. Increased page rankings in the search engines (especially on Google) would help you to generate more inbound leads and inbound enquiries.


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Welcome to my new website blog. This blog and website is from Cardiff based Sales & Marketing Consultants, Seo Agents and Social Media Marketing Service Providers and Trainers MA Consultancy.

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