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How to Use Emojis and Symbols to Improve Your Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

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Twitter’s Testing a New Option Which Would Enable You to Switch Accounts in Tweet Replies

Twitter is testing out a new option which would enable you to switch accounts within a tweet reply, facilitating easier tweet management.

Instagram Will Begin Hiding Total Like Counts for US Users from Next Week

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has announced that it will extend its testing of hiding total like counts to US users from next week.

Exploring the Power of Stories with SMW Manila

As one of the world’s leading conference series, Social Media Week has an undying commitment to equipping community members with the tools, insights, and practices for shaping their business in profound ways that positively define the industry.

This year, with the global theme, “STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility,” SMW Manila will bring its unique perspective into the power of storytelling in changing how people think and act, and our responsibility to use this influence for the greater good to the discussion table.

We sat down to speak with the organizers of SMW Manila about the forthcoming event, what sessions have the most intricate ties to this year’s theme, which partners and brands they’re most looking forward to working with, key questions that will be addressed in their specific SMW edition, and much more.

What do you think will be the most important attendee takeaways from this year’s conference?

The Philippines is known as the social media capital of the world, and it’s been recognized that more than 67 million Filipinos are online. This has caused a dynamic shift for the people who constantly check their social media accounts, to also rely on it for news or important announcements. Soon, fake news began popping everywhere and was used in every corner of the world wide web. From politics to class suspension announcements, false news became a growing nuisance; and one great way to put an end to it is education. We wanted to teach the social media capital of the world how to use social media properly and responsibly so that Filipinos could recognize it as a powerful platform where they should be responsible in using their power to craft stories that mater.

What session is your team the most excited about?

Social Media Week Manila’s second year is packed with a great list of speakers, among them are:

  • Assistant Secretary Kris Ablan from the Presidential Communications Operations Office; Bong Nebrija, Head of Traffic from MMDA; and Michael Charleston “Xiao” Briones Chua, a Filipino historian. who will all be featured in a panel about promoting positive social impact in the digital era.
  • Jenny Chua, the Head of Partnerships and Communities at Rappler, will lead a keynote session unpacking the power of storytelling.
  • Michelle Cruz, Klook’s Market Lead, in a separate keynote address, will tackle the topic of destination storytelling through a local lens: the filipino market.
  • YouTube’s Jolly Estaris, Google’s Al Lim, and Samuel Jeanblanc. Zomato’s Christopher Evans, and TikTok’s Donny Eryastha

How do your overall agenda tie into this year’s global theme?

We recognize that humans love stories. Psychologically, we are wired to seek and enjoy stories. Historically, stories are made and told to influence others. Today, technology presents so many dynamic opportunities to create new content. That’s why humans will still crave stories, so they can make sense of the world.

Given its scale, social media has become the world’s most influential storytelling platform. It’s vital that our industry takes responsibility for the stories we put out in the open. With the advent of greater technologies, the way we share stories will surely change; but we must never lose sight of out prime goal: to create a social media environment where stories are propagated for positive change.

Which partners or brands are you most excited to be working with this year?

This year’s main brand will be Angkas, with its CEO Angeline Tham as a key speaker. Angkas is a mobile transport app that helps Filipinos commute the Metro Manila traffic in a safe, fast, cheap, and comfortable way, Their way of solving traffic and helping Filipino commuters earned them the favor of the people, along with their witty posts on social media with various content (jokes, memes, etc.). Angkas became an icon of relief for Filipinos both online and offline.

Another brand is TikTok, a social media platform famous for its short-term mobile videos. Its Head of Public Policy will discuss how an app like TikTok became a part of the new generation’s lifestyle, and how it keeps its market’s creativity fresh and viral.

What are some local trends you are seeing in your market?

Content in video formats, jokes, and memes, are among the trends in today’s market.
Social media influencers also have a great impact on the local market, Youtube stars who talk about games, lifestyle, and beauty, are the most popular ones.

Celebrities also found Youtube as a platform to show organic content. Most of them have their own vlogs to show life behind the scenes.

What are some of the key questions that will be addressed during your edition of SMW?

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world, but because of this the term “peenoise” was coined. It’s a derogatory term referring to Filipinos in online communities who wreak havoc by being “pabida” and toxic. Based off this trend, our program will tackle questions that include:

  • Why do you think Filipinos are notorious for this, and what can we do about it?
  • What kind of content do Filipinos like to see on their screens?
  • Do you think that the Filipino audience wants to see traditional content to be strengthened, or do you think they want to shift and experiment to something more unconventional?
  • What’s the best advertising medium for your brand?: If you’re a small business, a medium-scaled business, and a big business.
  • Why are girls rarely recognized and usually outnumbered in the business industry, and what can we do to make a change?

Where can potential attendees find news and updates about your conference?

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4 Major Platforms Paving the Way for Private, Personalized Marketing Experiences

Privacy, safety, and security are all critical components of a trusted digital environment. They also offer a tremendous opportunity to innovate and build our businesses around private sharing and group culture that today’s audiences crave. By tuning into this important inflection point in our industry, we can begin to create a more human element to marketing.

Let’s take a look at some recent updates from four major platforms that are paving the way for a more permission-based future where users choose who they’re engaging with, how their information is shared, and have some say in the curation of their feeds:

Twitter Topics

As reported by The Verge, starting next week Twitter is offering the ability to follow topics in an approach to make the platform more accessible and approachable for newcomers and enhance the discovery of conversations and accounts for veteran users.

“We know that the main reason that people come to Twitter is to keep up on the things that they’re interested in,” said Rob Bishop who leads the company’s Topics team. “The challenge is that it’s really quite difficult to do that on Twitter day to day.”

With this feature, you can select from a variety of over 300 topics across sports, entertainment, and gaming that match your interests and are made clearly visible amidst the clutter of other conversations occurring.

Unlike the concept behind Twitter moments, there is a human element to the vetting with this update targeted to guarantee that topic streams remain relevant and stay on track. Above all, the goal is to emphasize the human behind the Twitter experience,

To follow a topic, simply follow the prompts from your Home timeline and enter the subject in the search bar. Tap the ‘Follow’ button and you’ll then be notified via a badge on tweets in your timeline that are being populated based on the topic you chose. You can unfollow topics at any time and make your account private if you don’t want anyone outside of your followers see your posts or what you’re sharing.

Facebook Messenger’s Privacy Hub

“We believe it’s critical to have spaces for private conversations where you have the freedom to be yourself and shared with loved ones,” Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management for Messenger Privacy and Integrity stated in a blog post announcing a new privacy hub for Messenger.

The primary goal of this update is providing users with detail around their privacy settings and features including “Secret Conversations,” or end-to-end encrypted messages.

To make it simpler for users to avoid unwanted interactions, the site also provides detailed instructions for blocking accounts and reporting issues including people impersonating a friend or celebrity. In a similar vein, details for protecting your account from hackers via login alerts and safer browsing to avoid malware are also outlined.

Lastly, the platform is sharing the behind the scenes processes of removing reported accounts and how emerging tech like artificial intelligence is employed to identify harmful or inappropriate content and prevent the spread of misinformation.

WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp has introduced an overhaul to its privacy settings and group and invite system to help users personalize their groups.

Here’s a breakdown of the new options:

  • Everyone: Any WhatsApp user is able to add you to a group.
  • My Contacts: Anyone in your phone’s contacts can add you to a group. If a user is not included in this list, they will not be able to add you to a group.
  • My Contacts Except: Anyone in your phone’s contact list can add you to a group with the exception of designated contacts that you specifically choose to exclude.

“As people turn to groups for important conversations, users have asked for more control over their experience,” the company shared in the official announcement.

LinkedIn Recommended Group Posts

After originally removing the messaging feature due to complaints around spam, LinkedIn introduced recommended group posts — a way for groups, owners, managers to share top content to keep everyone up to speed without the headache of sifting through unrelated content.

The steps to recommend are few and simple: navigate to your group’s homepage, click ‘More’ at the top of the post you’d like to recommend, then lastly, hit ‘Recommend this post.’ A quick disclaimer: you’ll get an error message if someone else in the group has beat you to the punch in recommending that given post or if you suggest a post too early. Only one post can be recommended per group every seven days — a LinkedIn rule to minimize notifications and focus them on the most value-adding content.

Learn more about Privacy Matters as part of our 2020 global theme: HUMAN.X and help us establish a human-first, experience-driven approach to digital marketing. Secure your early-bird discount today to save 30% on your full-conference pass to #SMWNYC (May 5-7, 2020).

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