Category: Marketing

LinkedIn Outlines the Strength of its Reach and Ad Targeting Options [Infographic]

The infographic provides a full overview of LinkedIn's ad targeting tools, as well as its various display options.

Pro Tips: Snapchat Shares Insights into Key Platform Marketing Approaches, and Trends Generating Results

Looking to maximize your Snapchat marketing strategy? Here are some tips and insights, direct from Snap's ad team.

Twitter Launches Live Test of Topics in Spaces to Improve Discovery

Topics will help Twitter highlight relevant Spaces broadcasts to a broader audience.

Twitter Updates Video Playback to Ensure a Higher Quality Viewing Experience

Your Twitter videos will now look better, thanks to a new update in the platform's playback process.

Twitter’s Testing More Options to Help Users Avoid Negative Interactions in the App

The new options would give users more ways to control their in-app experience, and avoid unwanted interactions.

Instagram Launches New Global Branding Campaign, Highlighting the Benefits of Community Connection in the App

The campaign aims to highlight the community benefits of Instagram, in connecting people around interests and trends.

Twitter Launches New #ExtremeWeather Mini-Site to Help Maximize Climate Change Messaging

The mini-site aims to help raise awareness as to how climate-related discussion evolves via tweet, which could help to improve messaging approaches.

Clubhouse Adds New ‘Wave’ Option to Prompt Spontaneous Group Chats

The option could help Clubhouse facilitate new use cases, and solidify its place in the broader social media landscape.

Twitter Shares New Preview of Coming Spaces Recording Option

Recorded Spaces would provide more functionality for the option, which could help to lure more broadcasters.

TikTok Shares New Research into How Users Respond to Ads on the Platform

The data shows how TikTok users respond to ads in the app, and highlight key notes on mental response and recall.

Facebook Shares Insight into Content that it Looks to Limit in News Feeds

Facebook's Content Distribution Guidelines provide more insight into the types of posts and providers Facebook seeks to limit in News Feeds.

Twitter Opens Up Tipping to All Users, Part of its Continued Push to Facilitate Creator Monetization

Twitter continues its monetization push by bringing on-profile tipping to all users.

Pinterest Announces New Partnership with Albertsons to Facilitate Grocery Shopping In-App

The deal will see Pinterest moving into a new type of online shopping behavior.

LinkedIn Launches Updated Lead Gen Forms Integration for Zapier, Providing New Automation Opportunities

The option will help streamline contact info collection from LinkedIn's Lead Generation forms.

Facebook’s Adding More Elements to its Organic Post Testing Tool to Help Optimize Performance

There are now more options to test your Facebook organic posts, which could help to provide more audience insight.

YouTube Launches Super Chat and Super Stickers in More Regions, Adds New Comment Translation Options

The new options will enable more YouTube creators to monetize their efforts, while YouTube's also testing changes to its 'Upload' page.

Snapchat Provides Insights into How its Users Expect Brands to Approach Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

Snapchat users expect brands to recognize and support important cultural events, and celebrate diversity in their promotions.

Google Publishes New, Practical Guide on Key Ad Creative Best Practices and Tips

The guide includes a heap of practical, actionable tips for your Google ads, which also apply to other digital channels.

TikTok Outlines Rising Opportunities for eCommerce, and the Unique Potential for Brands in the App

With the holiday season fast approaching, TikTok has outlined some key notes to help marketers make the most of its tools for promotion.

Facebook Outlines Impacts of Apple’s Data Tracking Update, Provides Tips on How Brands Can Improve Ad Performance

The new overview outlines the performance impacts Facebook's seeing, and how advertisers can mitigate data loss.

Facebook Tests New ‘Community Awards’ to Encourage Engagement in Groups

Facebook's looking to encourage more positive group interactions, while also modeling ideal engagement behavior.

LinkedIn Shares New Research into Effective, and Ineffective, Thought Leadership Approaches

The new LinkedIn/Edelman B2B Thought Leadership report highlights some key areas of focus for content marketers.

TikTok Shares New Holiday Marketing Guide to Assist with Strategic Planning [Infographic]

The overview provides a range of key usage stats and planning tips for your holiday campaigns.

Snapchat Launches New Lenses to Teach Users Sign Language as Part of International Week of the Deaf

The new Lenses aim to help maximize inclusion, while also raising awareness of sign language as a communication tool.

Facebook Announces New Portal Devices, Continuing its Evolving Hardware Push

Facebook continues to build on its hardware streams, which could present significant new opportunities for the company.