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Welsh Business News / WelshBiz – Budget, Bugs & Business Rates – A Welsh Property Perspective…

Richard Murphy. Head of Cushman & Wakefield’s Cardiff Office responds to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak’s 2020 Budget and what it means for Wales: “It …

Welsh Business News / WelshBiz – Budget, Bugs & Business Rates – A Welsh Property Perspective…

WelshBiz Blog featuring Welsh Business News

Welsh Property News – Cardiff & Wales Rental values over the last 12 months…

Welsh Property News – Cardiff & Wales Rental values over the last 12 months…

Over the last 12 months, the average rent achieved for properties let in Cardiff was £755 per month.

This is a +4% change on the previous 12 month period.

52% of properties let in the past 12 months were flats, achieving an average rental value of £691 per month.

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WelshBiz Blog featuring Welsh Business News

UK Property News – Property Advice From Kevin Green…

Property Advice from the UK’s Leading Property Entrepreneur, Kevin Green…

Who is Kevin Green?

You may know Welsh Entrepreneur, Kevin Green from the Channel 4 television programme, The Secret Millionaire.

Kevin, from Llanelli in Wales, is the UK’s largest buy to let landlord.

Having been homeless back in 1984 he has been on a professional and personal journey that has seen him rise to the very top of the property & business world.

Kevin’s passion now, is to educate and share his knowledge so that others can achieve success.

His speciality talks include motivation, empowerment and coaching and he enjoys giving businesses and organisations an insight into what it takes to become successful in the business world.

We have compiled the very best of Kevin Green’s tips for you.

Kevin Green Property Advice

Property Investment Tips No 1

Do you have capital adequacy? Why would you need capital adequacy?

Have you got a strategy for your property investment? I know we all want to build a portfolio but is there a certain way to go about it. In this short recording here, Kevin Green talks about a simple strategy he applied when building his portfolio.


Tip No 2 – Kevin Green shares his property investment strategies

Have other businesses alongside your property business. Listen here to how Kevin, a multi multi millionaire sets up his businesses and how he uses them to clear loans on his property business.


Tip No 3 – Download Kevin Green’s FREE APP to help with your figures!

Kevin does not want to hold a property with a buy to let mortgage on it for longer than ten years!? Interesting fact!


Tip No – 4 Kevin Green on Family houses v HMO’s?

What to buy – Family houses or HMO’s? Hear from Kevin the pros and cons of both in this audio tip


Kevin Green Tip No 5 – The Queen Mum & Inheritance Tax

Are you planning ahead for the future, it is important to be aware of IT and how you can mitigate it.


Kevin Green Tip No 6 – What makes a successful entrepreneur?

In Kevin’s opinion entrepreneurs must be extremely grounded. You must be very clear on what you want to achieve, have a listen here


Kevin Green Tip No 7 – Special tips from Robert Kiyosaki & Richard Branson

Listen now to some key tips from Kevin on how he achieves such success, hear quotes from none other than Rich Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Richard Branson that Kevin has learned first hand.


Kevin Green Tip No 8 – Choose your networking wisely

Kevin advises us to choose our networking wisely and gives support to The Manchester Property Meet. 


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Cardiff & Wales Rental values over the last 12 months…

Over the last 12 months, the average rent achieved for properties let in Cardiff was £755 per month.

This is a +4% change on the previous 12 month period.

52% of properties let in the past 12 months were flats, achieving an average rental value of £691 per month.

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SME Property Boom ‘on the Way’ as Firms Look to Expand – Business News Wales

Small and medium sized businesses are set to drive a commercial property boom in the next two years, according to a new study.

Research from by finance specialist Together shows nearly six out of ten SMEs (58 per cent) – nearly 3.4 million across the UK – say a boost in business is driving a need to move or extend their existing site for additional staff and equipment as well as space for storage.

Among firms with property plans, 30 per cent are looking to move to bigger premises while one in six (16 per cent) aim to extend their existing facilities. Another one in eight (12 per cent) will buy additional buildings or construct them from scratch.

However, some businesses fear their ambitions to expand could be hampered by a shortage of suitable property.

Andrew Charnley, head of corporate relationships at Together said:

“There is real evidence of a property boom getting underway as business owners finally feel assured enough to commit investment into a move or to extend where they are. It is great to see that SMEs are genuinely on the move now that business confidence is returning.

“However, finding the right property may be tough for some. Firms will need to make sure they can move quickly once they spot an opportunity, so it’s advisable to have clear plans in place first – including finances, lenders and lawyers – to enable them to push ahead with their growth ambitions.”
Nearly three out of four SMEs in London (73 per cent) and 71 per cent in the North East are planning to grow their premises over the next two years. SMEs in Wales (64 per cent) and the North West (63 per cent) are also focused on growth.

However, the survey revealed that about 29 per cent of SME bosses say there is a real estate stock shortage in their area, with the South West facing the biggest shortfall.

Around a third (35 per cent) of companies are worried about the costs of moving while 27 per cent are concerned about the potential disruption. Around a fifth (19 per cent) say they are nervous about the process of moving.

Finance is also a concern for business owners, with around 200,000 SMEs saying they are worried about lenders not understanding their business, while nearly 300,000 are concerned about the speed of decision making by banks.

Andrew added:

“There is a real opportunity for lenders and other advisers to provide support for SMEs to help them achieve their ambitions. The worry is that some lenders tend to ignore business track records when making decisions and adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“There are differences throughout the country and lenders should be adapting to local conditions. Yet the big banks seem to be concentrating on personal customers and that is creating opportunities for challenger banks and established finance specialists such as Together.”
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Property Services Wales – MA Property Wales…

MA Property Wales provide B2B and Consumer Construction Services and Property Maintenance Services, Property Clearance and Renovation Services, Property Management & Marketing Services and Property Finance and Insurance Services to Consumers, SME Businesses and Business Owners in the South Wales region including Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and Surrounding Areas (Monmouthshire, Vale of Glamorgan and RCT etc.).

Our Building and Property Maintenance Services inc. Commercial & Residential Painting & Decorating Services, Fixing Bathrooms and Showers in Commercial Buildings and Households, Repairing & Installing Kitchens and Kitchen Units, The Supply and Fitting of Wooden Flooring & Residential & Commercial / Industrial Carpets, Commercial & Residential Outdoor Landscaping and Gardening Services, Dismantling and Removing as well as Building and Installing of Fixtures and Fittings and Handyman Services etc.

We have been providing Commercial & Residential Construction Services including Commercial Property Maintenance Services since 2017 although our tradesman have 20+ years of experience in their trades, and the commercial and residential construction and maintenance services and other property Services that we have carried out in that time include:

  • Residential Property Maintenance for a Landlord in Canton, Cardiff, South Wales
  • Assistance with the Sales of a flat in Pontcanna, Cardiff, Wales
  • Taking Down a Pagoda, Hanging a sign and fixing and amending a bar and kitchen area in a Cafe, Bar, Restaurant and Event Venue In Cardiff Bay, South Wales
  • Helping to Market the Cardiff Bay Venue.
  • Refurbishing and Interior Design On some Airbnb Properties In Penylan, Cardiff, South Wales
  • The Management & Marketing of those Airbnb Properties In Cardiff, Wales.
  • The Airbnb Management & Cleaning of some Cardiff Properties whilst their owners were on holiday.
  • Repairing & Maintaining some Airbnb Properties In Roath, Cardiff, South Wales.
  • The Airbnb Management of some Properties in Roath, Cardiff, Wales
  • Repair and Maintenance on an HMO Property in Newport
  • Repair, Maintenance and Interior Design on a Church in Tremorfa, Cardiff, South Wales
  • Landscaping and ground works on a Church Yard in Cardiff, South Wales.
  • Repair, Maintenance and Interior Design on a Property In Marshfield, Newport, Cardiff, South Wales
  • Repairing an Alter and Stage Area on a church in Cardiff
  • Fitting Carpets and New Doors on a church in Tremorfa, South Wales
  • House Repairs and Decoration for a Landlord In Crumlin, Caerphilly, South Wales
  • Installing a wooden floor in a Lighthouse in Newport, South Wales.
  • Repairing and maintaining & Marketing of a B&B and their Accommodation & Events / Weddings including Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens in Newport, South Wales.
  • Painting & Decorating a Cafe In Newbridge, Caerphilly, South Wales
  • Hanging Doors, Installing Handles, Cleaning and Fixing Showers In an HMO in Blaina, Blaenau Gwent etc.

Areas Covered by our PropertyServices in South Wales:

We provide most of our property services including our commercial and residential construction services and property maintenance services and our property management and clearance services to consumers & businesses all over South Wales including Caerphilly, Newport, Cardiff, Blaenau Gwent, Monmouthshire, RCT and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Other Property Services:

We can provide our Property Marketing and Airbnb Property Marketing Services & Property Finance & Insurance Services to consumers & businesses all over Wales and the South West of England.

What to do if you want any of our Property Services?

If you are looking for any of these property services in South Wales including commercial or residential property maintenance and property management services in South Wales then please complete the online form or call us on 07960 872549.

WelshBiz Blog featuring Welsh Business News

New Homes in Newport Released For Sale – Business News Wales

New Homes in Newport Released For Sale – Business News Wales

New Homes in Newport Released For Sale – Business News Wales

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Great start to 2020 for MA Property

Large Wooden Flooring renovation project and Church decoration job on a Church in Cardiff, South Wales secured for January 2020 , A Property Clearance and Property Move Job secures also for Jan 2020!and a great Villa Renovation project secured on a Villa in Spain for March 2020.

If you need any refurbishment work either home or abroad or any wooden flooring or carpet flooring work done in South Wales then please get in touch on 07960 872549.

Zero Carbon Neighbourhood to be built in Wales…

One of the world’s first net zero carbon neighbourhoods will be constructed in Wales after Neath Port Talbot council approved the development of 35 homes able to generate more clean energy than they use.

Development of the £8m project in Pontardawe in south Wales is expected to begin this spring. The residents of Parc Hadau will pay no energy bills because the development will use a mixture of renewable energy technologies to generate enough clean electricity to power its homes over the year.