5 Must-Have Elements For Any Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

With 2.2 billion monthly active users, it should come as no surprise that major brands and small local businesses alike are trying to use Facebook to reach new customers and improve their financial results.

Of course, achieving digital marketing success on Facebook requires much more than simply setting up a page for your business — especially since the platform has undergone massive declines in organic reach in recent years.

To reach new, revenue-generating customers on Facebook, you need to harness the power of Facebook ads. But how can you ensure that you create a successful campaign that brings customers to your store or website?

The following elements will go a long way in helping you achieve your desired results:

1. Fine-Tune the Objective

Facebook campaigns live or die based on their ability to help a company achieve its overall goals. As Charlie Lawrance explains, “Facebook has three objective categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion … The best way to determine your campaign objective is to work backward from your goal. If your goal is to generate sales for your e-commerce business, for example, you could offer people 10 percent off of their first order to entice them to make a purchase.”

Determining exactly what you want to accomplish with your Facebook ad campaign will have a direct influence on everything that comes after — from the copy and images you use to the conversion metrics you measure.

Make sure your goals are clearly defined before you start developing a campaign.

2. Focus On the ‘Winning’ Audiences

Facebook’s advanced targeting metrics have been discussed ad nauseam over the years, and for good reason — few other resources give you the ability to tightly focus on your target audience.

However, not all target audiences are created equal. Though you might have several audience groups who have an interest in your brand, not all of these groups are going to generate the sales results you need.

According to Nazim Agabekov, “Like any other marketing campaign or promotion, running ads on Facebook requires a certain budget, and it’s important that you’re smart about your ad spend. You need to be diligent and quick. Find and pick your winning audiences fast. Too often I see people waste needless days and hundreds of dollars targeting people who are clearly not worth targeting.”

For Agabekov, finding a “winning” audience entailed using a customized audience tool to identify “the largest and most profitable audiences” based on current campaign results. By using this data to narrow the campaign’s focus to the top four audience groups, the overall ROI dramatically increased.

3. Leverage the Power of Remarketing

When selecting your “winning” Facebook audiences, don’t overlook the potential of remarketing. As part of the social platform’s targeting software, you can create Custom Audiences that include individuals who have signed up for your email list or visited your site in the past.

People who have already experienced some form of contact with your brand are often your best sales leads. The traditional rule in advertising is that an individual needs to interact with a brand approximately seven times before they will make a purchase.

It follows that those who have engaged with you previously already have some knowledge of your brand — with the additional contacts created through remarketing campaigns, you can generate more sales from your ad impressions.

4. The Unique Value Proposition

Beautiful imagery and well-written copy are invaluable parts of your Facebook ads — but if you really want to generate clicks and conversions, you need to provide a truly compelling argument for users. This means honing in on your unique value proposition.

As Mary Lister explains, “It’s okay to be vague about the nitty-gritty, but make sure the value is crystal clear. This will work especially well if you have numbers to offer!”

On Facebook, the most enticing propositions make use of social proof and special promotions to create a persuasive call to action. Discounted coupons and limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, while statistics clearly communicate your value. Focus on these elements to entice your audience to click.

5. Split Testing

You never truly know whether a particular ad will resonate with audiences until you put it on the Web. To help brands achieve better results, Facebook recently introduced its own Split Testing program — a feature designed to help advertisers by showing different ads to similar audiences.

When marketers use this program, Facebook automatically collects the data on their behalf, measuring results in everything from brand awareness to conversions. According to Facebook’s own data, split testing has helped marketers “produce strategies with a median 14 percent improvement in CPA.”

As you analyze results using this accurate and reliable tool, you will be better equipped to identify which tactics allow you to connect with your target audience.

Fine-tuning your campaign based on this data will dramatically improve your ROI.

A Quality Ad Campaign

Though other social media platforms can also contribute to your company’s growth, Facebook’s massive user base has ensured its continued status as the go-to resource for savvy digital marketers.

Though it isn’t always easy to stand out in a crowded, competitive field, those who incorporate these elements into their Facebook ad campaigns will go a long way in generating positive outcomes for their brand.

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Top 5 Web Marketing Tips for New Business Startups and SME’s

1. Twitter Marketing

Set up a Twitter Account and Follow up to 5,000 of your target audience.

A large proportion will follow you back and those that don’t can be unfollowed so that you can follow some more.

This could be a particular niche or businesses / consumers in a certain geographical location. Whilst you are building followers and when you have thousands of followers, send out information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

2. Facebook Marketing, Facebook Pages and Facebook Group Marketing

Use your personal Facebook account to connect with potential customers and partners, also create a Facebook Page and get your friends, potential partners and target audience (clients etc) to like and share your page. Whilst you are building likers & followers and when you have thousands of followers, send out information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

You can also set up groups for your target audiences and get some of those to join your group where you can also share information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience.

3. LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Company Pages

Make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile page that covers everything that you do including all of your skills and which links to your company website, blog and Facebook page etc. Also add links to any video that you might have etc.

Also create a Company page on LinkedIn (you need an email address on a registered domain to do this) and regularly post information, tips, offers, competitions and advice that would be useful and of interest to your target audience via your LinkedIn company page and your regular posts facility on LinkedIn.

Finally on LinkedIn regularly connect with lots of people in your target audience on LinkedIn (but not to many all at once though as LinkedIn can block you). Also join lots of groups full of your target audience and connect with them via the group (Something linkedin allows you to do more aggressively than just connecting with people).

4. Blogging

Create a blog or ideally add a blog to your existing website or get a new website with a blog already included and start blogging regularly about your business, products and services etc.

This can help to improve the Seo of your website and get it associated with more keywords to help you get indexed more regularly the search engines and helping you to appear higher up and more often in the internet page ranks.

5. Keyword Content Marketing via content pages on your website

You should have an existing website or get a new website and create great keyword written landing pages for your business, as well as every single product and service and geographical area covered etc.
This will help to improve the Seo of your website and get it associated with more keywords to help you appear higher up and more often in the internet search engine page ranks helping you to get more enquiries.

If you need any help with any of the above please call: 07517 024979 or email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com

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