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Victoria Beckham Cautiously Shares Vogue Mexico Cover Of Her Posing On Floor

Victoria Beckham stunned on the cover of Vogue Mexico magazine, which she reluctantly shared on Instagram.

The fashion designer wrote that she wasn’t sure if it “was appropriate” to post it due to the current pandemic. The cover saw Beckham lying on the floor as she posed sultrily in a tiny black strapless dress with her legs raised in the air.

The accompanying shoot saw the former Spice Girl donning a burgundy dress with a neckline that went all the way down to her tummy. She accessorized with several rings worn on her fingers as she gazed into the camera.

Another shot showed the singer wearing a purple ruffled top while laying on a white bedsheet. Her eyes appeared to be dusted in dark eyeshadow as she looked to be asleep in the photo.

In the caption, Beckham wrote, “I didn’t know if I should post this or not, a cover that was shot in what now feels like a different reality and time… I hold the memory of this shoot day with great happiness and so I decided to share it—and Vogue Mexico have made sure you can download the April issue for free. I hope you enjoy it.”

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I didn’t know if I should post this or not.. A cover that was shot in what now feels like a different reality and time. I had so much fun shooting for @VogueMexico in New York a few months ago with the most incredible team. I hope that our creative industries can keep playing their part in allowing all of us some momentary escapism and inspiration as we live through these unprecedented times. I hold the memory of this shoot day with great happiness and so I decided to share it – and Vogue Mexico have made sure you can download the April issue for free x I hope you enjoy it. x Thank you to @Patti_Wilson @OrlandoPita @FulviaFarolfi @anlestudio @claudiavaldeza @nowopenvic. x VB

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Mar 30, 2020 at 9:40am PDT

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#VictoriaBeckham protagoniza la portada de #VogueBelleza: "Esta portada fue creada en lo que ahora se siente como una realidad o un tiempo diferente. Me divertí mucho en esta sesión fotográfica con @VogueMexico en Nueva York hace unos meses con el equipo más increíble. Espero que nuestras industrias creativas puedan seguir desempeñando su papel al permitirnos a todos un poco de escape e inspiración momentáneos, mientras vivimos estos tiempos sin precedentes. Guardo el recuerdo de este día de rodaje con gran felicidad y Vogue México se ha asegurado de que pueda descargar el número de abril de forma gratuita a través del enlace en el link en bio. Espero que lo disfruten x VB @victoriabeckham." #YoMeQuedoEnCasa Fotógrafo: @anlestudio Estilismo: @patti_wilson Peinado: @orlandopita Maquillaje: @fulviafarolfi Directora creativa: @nowopenvic Editora de belleza: @claudiavaldeza Locación: @100barclay

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Martin Margiela’s Upcoming Documentary Gets Leaked On Pornhub Ahead Of Debut

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Image via moonnoor /

The new documentary of Martin Margiela: In His Own Words has somehow landed on Pornhub.

According to Dazed, the film is due for release next week by distribution company Dogwoof. The documentary, directed by Reiner Holzemer, sees Margiela opening up about his inspirations, and the importance of remaining anonymous while building the brand.

Even though the documentary landed on the adult site, it is absent of any form of sexual content. This, however, is in line with Pornhub’s new commitment, as the site intends to broaden its platform to support the arts scene, as well.

Recently, the site released its first-ever non-adult film called Shakedown, which provides a glimpse of the queer strip club scene in Los Angeles. Pornhub’s brand director Alex Klein said, “This film is part of a larger general commitment Pornhub has to supporting the arts. We want to be seen as a platform that artists and creators can use.”

The Margiela documentary’s appearance on Pornhub is currently being investigated. While you wait patiently for the film to drop through the official channels on 10 April, catch the trailer below.

which one of you did this

— st. voss (@saintvoss) April 2, 2020

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Watch: Medical Worker Puts On Layers Of Protective Gear Before Battling COVID-19

Image via Shutterstock

With the coronavirus sweeping across countries, medical professionals have stepped up to risk their lives to save those diagnosed with the disease.

To ensure that doctors, nurses and other medical staff who are the forefront of the fight against the epidemic wouldn’t be victims, they have to wear the correct gear to protect themselves from this virus.

A video by SurgMedia reveals how medical staff would suit up in protective gear before attending to sick patients. The three-minute clip shows the healthcare professional in green scrubs sanitizing her hands before putting on bandages on her face. She then puts on her mask, goggles and gloves, before topping it with another protective white jumpsuit.

She then wears another mask and doubles down on safety with a face shield and additional protective blue clothing. The clip ends with her wearing a second pair of gloves before reporting for duty.

How Medical Staff Suit Up for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How Medical Staff Suit Up for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is a Demonstration on How to Properly Suit Up as a Medical Staff Treating a Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Patient.

Posted by SurgMedia on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Lamborghini Produces Handcrafted Face Masks To Aid Italian Healthcare Workers

Image via Tofudevil /

As the coronavirus continues to spread, Lamborghini has stepped up to support the medical community in Italy by producing essential medical supplies, including face shields and masks, for healthcare workers in Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.

As the manufacturer produces hand-built vehicles, the medical supplies will be constructed by craftspeople in its Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturing center in Italy. The carmaker will be producing the hand-stitched surgical masks and 3D-printed face shields to aid a shortage in medical supplies amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The car company has also been working with the regional government, healthcare professionals, and the University of Bologna to verify that the medical supplies will be up to proper standards before they get donated to the hospital.

Along with the automaker, IKEA, New Balance, Chanel and LVMH have all engaged their facilities to prepare healthcare protection equipment for frontline professionals.

Lamborghini factory now busy producing surgical masks – the same tailors who work on Lambo interiors

— Earl Karanja (@Earlsimxx) April 1, 2020

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Microsoft’s New Bing Logo Exudes Class With Soft, Rounded Edges & Sleek Curves

Old logo. Image via SergioVas /

Microsoft has given the Bing search engine a logo update.

The new Bing logo still retains the lowercase ‘b’ letter, but Microsoft has replaced its sharp edges with a much curvier design. The wordmark now exudes a softer vibe with rounded edges and subtle gradients.

Though Microsoft could have extended the redesign to the name “Bing” as well, the new symbol is definitely more in line with the rest of Microsoft’s icons, which now sport a modern look.

It is still unclear when Microsoft will be rolling out the new look, but according to tech blog Thurrott, the company will be testing the logo with a limited selection of users first.

What's up new Bing logo (right)👀

Yay or nay?

— Daniel Rubino (@Daniel_Rubino) April 1, 2020

So, there's a new Bing logo being tested.
No one (until now) has been able to show off a high-res version of it- so here you all go!
I'll be uploading the PNG version to FluentNeo (as well as many MANY more icons) shortly!

— • Futur3Sn0w • Get Touch on Twickd! • (@Futur3Sn0w) April 1, 2020

#Microsoft #Bing Is Testing a New Logo

— The Scottish Tech Guy (@tech_scottish) April 2, 2020

Microsoft has a new Bing logo that’s more Fluent Design

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) April 1, 2020

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Facebook Takes On Zoom With New Messenger Desktop App For Video Calls

Image via Facebook

Facebook will be releasing a standalone desktop app for Messenger that enables video chats for those stuck at home in self-isolation. Messenger was previously only available as a mobile app, but now, the social media juggernaut will be releasing a separate desktop app for Messenger on macOS and Windows.

The desktop app was first announced back in 2019 during the F8 conference, and will be released at a time when more and more people worldwide are working from home to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Similar to Zoom, a popular video conferencing app, Messenger lets you collaborate and communicate with others via video calls while working in the background.

However, Facebook Messenger only allows video calls with up to eight people. Zoom, on the other hand, can handle conference calls of 100 to 500 people at once, per

AI Painting App Branded ‘Racist’ For Lightening People Of Colors’ Skin

Image via moonnoor /

Wonder what you’d look like as a masterpiece? Hopefully, it won’t deviate too far from your own appearance.

A new app sweeping the internet, called AI Gahaku, uses artificial intelligence to generate photos that resemble old paintings. According to Indy100, the “paintings” mimic “19th-century realism or Impressionism” artworks.

It seems to be a popular hit, except that it has one issue. AI Gahaku has difficulty recognizing features on people of color. Social media users have thus branded the app “racist,” as the software appears to only be able to turn people of color Caucasian.

One Twitter user tested a photo of Naomi Campbell, and the result saw a painting of a white girl with blonde hair, far from Campbell’s actual features. “The AI renaissance painting thing, it’s racist,” another Twitter user said.

According to Indy100, the reason the AI works this way is probably due to “biases baked into codes” fed by raw data and human programming. Due to the lack of representation of black and brown people in art, AI Gahaku migh tend to pick such cues from its “historical precedent.”

I'm generating photos into canvas renaissance painting. Like this tweet if you want one. (char haha pero true bitaw kay bored ko)

— cornelia (@chaaaguilar) April 2, 2020

safe to say she's now a renaissance painting

— f e r g (@lgbtsagelyn) April 1, 2020

Benedict Cumberbatch as Renaissance painting; a thread

— dra stranja (@bencwings) April 1, 2020

Putting Joe Exotic into the Renaissance painting app is already the best thing I’ve done today.

— Lizz ⚡️ (@LizzFree_OrDie) April 1, 2020

everyone loves Renaissance Painting Algorithm, a lovely algorithm that makes you look like a renaissance painting! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the algorithm is racist

— madeleine hindes (@madeleinelily) April 1, 2020

The AI Gahaku “renaissance painting AI generator” is racist AF. It made me way paler than I am IRL so I decided to see what it would do to a far darker POC. Here is Naomi Campbell:

— 🌲 sydnee wagner 🌲 (@sydneeisanelf) April 2, 2020

fam….. what the hELL is this shit

— make the rich pay for COVID-19 (@JAACable) April 1, 2020

the ai renaissance painting thing,,, yea it’s racist

— persephone🦪 (@chateaumargiela) April 1, 2020

That renaissance app hates me

— Jesse (@Skinnty_) March 31, 2020

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Amazon Is Streaming Canceled SXSW Film Festival 2020’s Lineup For Free

Image via SXSW

Amazon Prime Video is bringing the canceled South by Southwest (SXSW) 2020 Film Festival collection online via a 10-day digital event called Prime Video presents the SXSW 2020 Film Festival Collection.

Customers in the US can soon catch these films exclusively through Prime Video, and there is no need for an Amazon Prime membership to enjoy the collection.

The event allows filmmakers to enter their work to be aired virtually over a 10-day period. A screening fee from Amazon’s rights will be paid to the filmmakers.

A launch date for the program has not been announced yet, but some of these films were also put up for viewing on Mailchimp’s streaming website last month.

Okay, exciting news y'all! We’re partnering with @SXSW on a 10-day streaming event to bring you a collection of movies from this year’s line-up. It'll be free to everyone in the U.S. (yeah, we said everyone) because these films deserve an audience. Stay tuned for more details!

— primevideo (@PrimeVideo) April 2, 2020

[via SXSW, cover image via SXSW]

NASA Brings Back ‘Worm’ Logo For Next Major Space Shuttle Mission

Image via ChameleonsEye /

To commemorate another milestone to come, NASA has dug up its old ‘worm’ logo for the upcoming crewed SpaceX mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

The space agency stopped using the lettermark in 1992, deciding instead to go with the famous blue, red and white ‘meatball’ version for all of its branding. However, as the SpaceX mission will be the first operational manned expedition from US soil to the ISS since 2011, as well as SpaceX’s first operation crewed Dragon trip to the ISS, NASA decided to bring back the red logo and send it up to space, as well.

NASA excitedly announced on Thursday, “The worm is back!” and described that the “retro, modern, iconic” symbol “will fly once again, just in time to mark the return of human spaceflight on American rockets from American soil.”

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which will be taking astronauts to the ISS, has been emblazoned with the ‘worm’ to mark “a new, modern era of human spaceflight.”

NASA first adopted the ‘worm’ logo in 1975, as technology then made it difficult to reproduce or print the ‘meatball’, which has been around since the 1950s.

Retro. Modern. Iconic. That’s the worm. #TheWormIsBack

Our beloved symbol of exploration will fly once again, just in time to mark the return of human spaceflight on American rockets from American soil:

— NASA (@NASA) April 2, 2020

Image via NASA

[via CNET, images via various sources]

McDonald’s Shares Sausage & Egg McMuffin Recipe For All-Day Breakfasts At Home

McDonald’s UK has released the recipe for its fan-favorite Sausage and Egg McMuffin to appease those who are craving for the sandwich as they remain indoors.

The fast food company decided to share the secret so fans can recreate the simple dish in the comfort of their homes. The recipe is delightfully simple to make—all you need are English muffins, sausage meat, eggs, cheese slices and potatoes for hashbrowns.

McDonald’s has also released the exact method of cooking its McMuffins so you can get it right, every single time.

Fans have shared their attempts at recreating the breakfast recipe on Twitter, and some of them do look pretty close to the original. You can grab the recipe here.

Aside from McDonald’s, Burger King has released its Whopper recipe online. Shake Shack also started offering DIY Shackburger Kits so fans can make their own cheeseburgers from scratch at home.

McDonalds released a recipe card so you can make your own sausage and egg McMuffin at home

— PR (@PeterCReid) April 3, 2020

Recreated a sausage and egg #mcmuffin and feeling pretty damn pleased with myself (couldn’t get actual muffins)

— Buttery Ken (@chonkieboi) March 29, 2020

@McDonaldsUK It had to be done, cravings ? Gone 😉 #mcmuffin #ImLovinIt

— Jim Jam (@PikHud) March 30, 2020

[via LADbible, opening image via McDonald’s UK]

NASA And SpaceX Join Forces To Send US Astronauts To Space Once Again

Image via Shutterstock

NASA and SpaceX will be launching NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken from the US into space for the first time since the last space shuttle mission in 2011.

The launch for the manned SpaceX Demo-2 flight test from Kennedy Space Center in Florida is expected to take place in May.

However, the agency will also be following protocol from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) amid the global coronavirus outbreak, and the launch date might get postponed as a result of the crisis.

Nonetheless, the plan is still set for the astronauts to go onboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft along with a Falcon 9 rocket.

This will be the final phase for system tests before SpaceX receives certification to run operational crew flights to the space station with the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

NASA astronaut Shannon Walker has been assigned to the first operational crewed flight of @SpaceX's Crew Dragon, bound for the @space_station!

Pending a successful Demo-2 test, Walker, @Astro_illini, @VicGlover and @Astro_Soichi will launch this year.

— Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson) March 31, 2020

[via CNN, cover image via Shutterstock]

Apple Users Have Just Discovered That iPhones Allow Mouse Support

Image via bulentumut /

Apple officially brought trackpad support—and hence, mouse support—to iPadOS 13.4, turning the iPad into a pseudo-laptop. This left some users wondering, “Hmm, can a mouse be paired with an iPhone too?”

As it turns out, you can use your mouse with your iPhone, as long as it is an iPhone 6s a or newer model, and runs on iOS 13 or later. Apparently, Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 isn’t compatible with the setting, but a regular third-party mouse will do.

MacWorld details that you’ll first need to unpair your Bluetooth mouse from your Mac or PC, if they’re already connected. After which, make sure Bluetooth settings are switched on in your iPhone, and you’ll be able to pair your mouse from there.

If you’re using a wired mouse, you can still connect it to your iPhone, but you’ll need an additional USB-A to Lightning dongle. Then head to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Accessibility’, press ‘Touch’, and switch on ‘AssistiveTouch’.

For both Bluetooth and wired mice, you can adjust your mouse experience by opening ‘Settings’, then ‘General’, and then hitting ‘Trackpad & Mouse’. Users can tweak the tracking speed or opt for a “secondary click” under this menu.

Mouse support is available on: the seventh-generation iPod touch, iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhones 7 and 7 Plus, iPhones 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Make sure your device is installed with iOS 13 or newer.

Haven’t seen this mentioned, but mouse support is available on the iPhone as well! from


[via r/iPhone and MacWorld, cover image via bulentumut /]

In-Depth Personality Quiz Pairs You With TV Characters Based On Scientific Data

Images via IMDb and Open-Source Psychometrics Project

While “which character are you” quizzes are fun, they’re a dime a dozen on the internet and might not have enough data to generate an accurate snapshot of your personality. A newly-surfaced test attempts to dive deeper, and if you’re going to take another “which Friends character are you” quiz today, this is it.

Uncovered by Margaret Willison, librarian and member of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, the Statistical “Which Character” Personality Quiz by the Open-Source Psychometrics Project aims to match you with your television or film soulmate based on scientific statistical data.

The time it takes to complete this version will unsurprisingly be longer than the usual personality quizzes, though it’ll likely require no more than five minutes. Rather than making you answer vague multiple choice questions, you’ll be given 28 pairs of adjectives, and are asked to drag a slider respective to how much you resonate with them.

Adjectives include “creative” versus “conventional,” “impartial” versus “biased,” and “loyal” versus “traitorous.”

After you have locked in your answers, you’ll be assigned a character from a gamut of television shows or films, including Friends, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Office, Crazy Rich Asians, and Downton Abbey.

But there’s more. Upon clicking on “full match list” on the results page, you’ll be provided with an extensive list composed of hundreds of characters you might be able to associate with.

You can take the in-depth quiz here.

I object to many of these answers but can refute NONE of them.

— Margaret H. Willison (@MrsFridayNext) April 2, 2020

[via Insider, images via various sources]

Amazon Managers At Facility With COVID-19 Case Snapped Defying Social Distancing

Image via Shutterstock

Amazon has acknowledged that a worker from its fulfillment center in Jefferson, Indiana, has tested positive for COVID-19. The company confirmed the news after a voice note sent out to employees about the infection was obtained by Business Insider.

“This is your GM… calling to provide an update: Today we learned of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at SDF8,” stated the voice message sent out on 2 April. The sender of the note added that the affected employee was last on-site on 26 March.

What’s even more appalling is that, just before, an employee from the same facility had photographed three managers huddling around a table and flouting social distancing guidelines that were displayed on a nearby whiteboard.

Amazon says it will investigate after we obtained a photo appearing to show a lack of social distancing at Indiana warehouse – photo obtained by Business Insider appears to show company managers sitting close together at a warehouse. Amazon says it's in…

— David Raudales (@dfraudales) April 2, 2020

A notice on the whiteboard read, “Your safety is our highest priority. Please work together to ensure social distancing is happening.”

The worker who took the photo said it was captured on 31 March, and requested to remain anonymous. They also said that a sight like this was “normal” in the warehouse. “They’re at that table every day, all day long, sometimes more than three of them. And nobody’s saying anything to them,” the employee elaborated.

Meanwhile, personnel would be “risking our lives for a pair of tennis shoes,” the worker said, adding that employees of the facility don’t have a habit of wearing gloves or regularly washing their hands. “It’s a breeding ground for the virus,” they said.

Amazon told the publication that all of its facilities have implemented safety measures, and situations where employees have been found to go against social distancing rules “will be immediately investigated.” Aside from enforcing social distancing guidelines, the company halted “stand-up” meetings in mid-March.

Amazon declared that employees in close proximity of the affected individual will be notified and placed on a 14-day self-quarantine. Personnel on quarantine or who have tested positive for the coronavirus will also be paid two weeks of wages.

[via Business Insider, cover image via Shutterstock]

Harry & Meghan Deliver Out-Of-Office Message To Cement Their Royal Exit

Image via ComposedPix /

Since announcing their departure from the British royal family, Meghan Markle and Harry—who wishes to simply be addressed by his first name now—are now open to taking in a whole array of jobs, including a narration role for Markle in a new Disney documentary about elephants.

After Markle took her final curtsy as a royal, the couple have now reasserted their exit from the palace with an automated bounce-back message in the Sussex Royal email account.

People who attempted to send an email to the Sussexes would receive a note that read, “Many thanks for your email. The office for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has now closed.”

This likely isn’t the first time the couple have implied the end of their royal status through email. Reports have suggested that the two resigned from their roles with an email to the Queen.

It’s official…..

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) April 1, 2020

[via Cosmopolitan, cover image via ComposedPix /]

IKEA Acquires 3D Interior Design Startup For More Compelling Room Visualizations

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Video screenshot via Geomagical Labs

IKEA is hoping to turn your home into your very own showroom by acquiring interior design AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs, which endeavors to take the toll out of manually moving furniture around, imagining colors, and taking measurements when considering making changes to your rooms.

The purchase was made by Ingka Group, the parent company of IKEA. Geomagical Labs’ core product lets users take a photo of a room with their smartphones, convert it into a 180-degree panoramic 3D image, virtually remove every piece of furniture in it, and then “play dress up” by adding new products to the scene, Geomagical’s CEO and founder Brian Totty told TechCrunch.

This means when IKEA’s new app is ready, you’ll be able to drop BILLY bookcases and LACK tables into your dining room and move them around, creating an informed picture of how your room might appear.

The functionality seems similar to IKEA’s existing IKEA Place AR app that envisions its furniture in your home, but Geomagical’s version claims to provide more accurate visualizations. In time, IKEA will also build on this technology with its own features and tools.

“The user can really play around with this and see how something would fit immediately,” IKEA Retail’s chief digital officer Barbara Martin Coppola told TechCrunch.

The upcoming tool, which will be available as an app and as a web experience, will be free for customers to utilize. Watch the video below for an early look at this 3D imaging tech.

Ikea acquires AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs to supercharge room visualisations by @ingridlunden

— TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) April 2, 2020

Have been curious what the @geomagical_labs folks were up to (acquired by IKEA today, kudos!).

Similarities to the new tech: Both smartphone-based & use lines.

Geomagical: photos + depth map, ~180º panorama
Canvas: video SLAM + 360º 3D mesh

— Jeff Powers (@jrpowers) April 3, 2020

[via TechCrunch, video and cover image via Geomagical Labs]

Cardi B Wants To Feed Joe Exotic To The Lions After Watching His ‘Racist’ Clip

Image via JStone /

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has been heavily scrutinized, even more so now with a newly-emerged video of him expressing his anger of not being able to say the N-word.

Standing in a cage with two tigers, Exotic was seen complaining to the camera about his frustrations.

“What is going on here in this country is absolutely pathetic,” Exotic said. “I can’t say the N-word, but you can get on YouTube and watch any black man’s rap video and they’re calling each other the N-word. What the hell? Is this discrimination, I’m white I can’t say the N-word, but they can.”

Social media users were appalled by his statement, though some of them described that they were not surprised about it. “This is literally the least surprising thing about this whole story,” one Twitter user wrote.

Cardi B, too, jumped on the bandwagon after she saw the video online. While she initially wanted to start a GoFundMe page to get Exotic released from prison, she later clarified that it was just a joke, and she immediately despised him after watching the video. “Feed him to the lions immediately,” the rapper tweeted.

Ummm so I found this earlier today…

— Terry Jane Paul (@InThierry) March 31, 2020

This is literally the least surprising thing about this whole story.

— Symone (@JasmineSW3) March 31, 2020

Jokes on you if you expected any different 😂

— four•eighteen 🖤 (@chrilliamsX) March 31, 2020

literally WHO is surprised that joe exotic is racist… were we watching the same show

— 「desp」 (@bigracks) March 31, 2020

If you looked at joe exotic an thought “wow this guy NEVER says the n word” then you played yourself

— Aaron Heard (@AaronHeard_) March 31, 2020

Nothing about Joe Exotic told me he DIDN’T say the N word.

— Kevín (@KevOnStage) March 31, 2020

thank god we finally have a reason to cancel him. before this, joe exotic’s character appeared pristine

— rudy mustang (@rudy_mustang) March 31, 2020

Ooooo heeeeiiiiillllllllll naaawwww …….Feed him to the lions 🦁 immediately 😤

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) March 31, 2020

[via Daily Dot, opening image via JStone /]

Bindi Irwin Reveals Emotional Detail About Lace Dress Worn On Her Wedding Day

Image via DFree /

Bindi Irwin has revealed details about the wedding dress that she wore when she tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell on 25 March.

The daughter of the late Steve Irwin said that the long-sleeved gown was inspired by the one that her mother wore when she married the late “Crocodile Hunter.”

Bindi Irwin said she has always “admired” that dress since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, she couldn’t wear the exact gown because it didn’t fit her well and it was too old to be tailored.

Irwin found a wedding dress that gave off similar vibes at Paddington Weddings, and thought it was perfect at first sight as as it “mimicked” her mother’s heirloom gown.

The dress also featured a sunflower design on its sleeves, which reminded her of her late father. She recalled the huge sunflower fields they would pass by during family drives.

Bindi Irwin said that she “started crying” when she saw the “perfect dress,” and knew it was the one.

View this post on Instagram

March 25th 2020 ❤️ We held a small ceremony and I married my best friend. There are no words to describe the amount of love and light in my heart right now. We’ve planned this beautiful day for nearly a year and had to change everything, as we didn’t have guests at our wedding. This was a very difficult decision but important to keep everyone safe. We wish all of our friends and family could have been there with us, however it’s lovely that we will be able to share photos and videos. Right now we’re encouraging the world to hold onto hope and love, which will carry us forward during this profound time in history. Today we celebrated life and revelled in every beautiful moment we shared together in our Australia Zoo gardens. Mum helped me get ready, Robert walked me down the aisle, Chandler became my husband and together we lit a candle in Dad’s memory. We shared tears and smiles and love. Thankfully, since we all live at Australia Zoo as a family, we could be there for each other. To everyone reading this – stay safe, social distance and remember LOVE WINS!

A post shared by Bindi Irwin (@bindisueirwin) on Mar 25, 2020 at 5:38am PDT

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ICYMI: @bindisueirwin and @chandlerpowell got married Wednesday at the Australia Zoo! Although there were no guests, there was a whole lot of love in the air. #TheIrwins Get all the details at

A post shared by Animal Planet (@animalplanet) on Mar 26, 2020 at 3:52pm PDT

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Photojournalists Establish Guidelines For Publications To Follow Amid COVID-19

Image via Sandor Szmutko /

Photojournalists are speaking out about the the risks they have faced as they continue to create visual content for the world during this uncertain period.

Photographers from Juntos Photo Coop, which consists of Noemí González, Laura Saunders, Ash Ponders and Caitlin O’Hara; have voiced out their concerns towards inadequate resources and protection given by publications while they risk their lives to create content.

The professionals have released an open letter seeking “an equitable industry and a set of baseline standards that will improve safety and ensure dignity for all journalists risking their health to document the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

Some of the expectations in the letter include building “the cost of PPE into the cost of hiring freelancers,” having a “long term plan of quarantine and sanitation harm reduction,” and paying freelancers day rates for “the duration of any sickness. For the full list of guidelines, click here.

According to photojournalist Melissa Lyttle, it is important for editors and publications to follow these criteria, as many photojournalists have reached out to her to express that they are afraid of putting their lives at risk while going out to do what they love for a living.

According to some of the messages she has received, publications have been offering little protection to photojournalists, who are afraid they might contract the virus, or worse, pass it on to their families once they return home.

Only some organizations have purportedly looked out for their photographers, and these include Reuters, which provides protective gear to them.

“We call on our fellow freelancers to come together, raise the standards of our industry, and ensure that we are truly protecting and supporting one another at a time where it is more critical than ever,” Juntos writes.

You might be asking yourself why editors & publications need to follow guidelines like the ones Juntos Photo published.

Based on the DMs and emails I’ve gotten in the last few weeks, I’m going to share some things photojournalists have been told. /Thread

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

"We have not been offered masks or gloves. In my position, as an intern, I don’t have benefits and won’t get paid if I stop working and I’m immunocompromised. Culture is to do what you’re told without asking questions because editors are too busy.” /4

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

"I’m a photojournalist and have been told basically this is my job. I have never backed down from an assignment of any kind. This I’m terrified of. I have 2 children, and I’d like them to have me around. I love my job but I’m given no choice. Honestly, I’m scared to death.” /5

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

When questioning the safety of a situation on a given assignment the photo editor told the photographer that they will "find someone else who will do it.” /6

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

“XXX will have me go to 3 different places on a normal day and I asked if they were going to be changing that for lower exposure. The editor was like “we gave you masks.” They gave me 4 masks but who knows how long we have to keep those going and it's not exactly bulletproof.” /9

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

"I got bullied to going back out into NYC to shoot video. I told the editor that they should just tell me what specifically they wanted because I have a family & wasn’t comfortable going back into the city for that day rate. She called me negative & hung up the phone on me.” /12

— ǝlʇʇʎl ɐssılǝɯ (@melissalyttle) March 28, 2020

A freelancer told me that Reuters was providing PPE and a rental car for jobs in NYC so that the photog didn't have to take public transportation. Gotta work with those who have your back.

— Allen Murabayashi (@allen3m) March 29, 2020

Reuters has also been the only agency (that I’m aware of) that has emailed out safety guidelines and advice for how to properly protect yourself on assignment AND best practices to keep your gear and PPE sanitized between assignments.

— Elijah Nouvelage (@wanderinghome) March 29, 2020

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Sandor Szmutko /]

K-Pop Star Angers Fans After Pulling Coronavirus Joke For April Fool’s Day

Image via moonnoor /

South Korean singer Kim Jae-joong, known by his stage name Jaejoong, pulled an April Fool’s prank that didn’t sit well with fans.

Jaejoong attempted to pull the legs of his 1.9 million Instagram followers by alleging that he had contracted coronavirus. He added that he was in hospital and receiving aid after neglecting instructions given by government officials and medical professionals.

The New York Times reported that the star backtracked on his statement an hour later, and announced to his fans that it was all a prank, explaining that he did it as a move to raise awareness about the disease. He then deleted the post and temporarily deactivated his account.

Before deactivating his account, Jaejoong released a post acknowledging that his prank was inappropriate, and apologized to his worried followers.

“Although this did go quite far for April Fool’s Day, so many people worried about me in a short span of time,” he wrote in his post, translated by South Korean news site Soompi. “I don’t think of this as an April Fool’s joke, it’s never just someone else’s problem. I wanted to tell you that protecting myself is protecting the precious people around us. I will accept all punishment I receive from this post. I hope all of you are healthy.”

Jaejoong has since revived his social media account, as well as posted a lengthy apology. “The post today was too much. The method to get people to listen with this extreme attention hurt many people and received many criticisms,” he wrote, per a fan translation from @shinkipeia on Twitter.

“I would like to sincerely apologize for my post which has caused distress to the government agencies and medical staff who have been working hard for the coronavirus, and many people who are working hard to overcome the lifestyle they have given up as they adhere to guidelines,” he added.

His joke has angered many social media users and fans, who have called for his “cancellation” with the hashtag, “#JaejoongIsOverParty.” Others expressed their frustration towards the prank and the potential impacts of false information when exposed to and by the media.

The Korea Herald reported that the South Korean police has little tolerance towards fake news. “Producing and peddling false information regarding the virus would be punishable under laws on obstruction of official duties and defamation,” officials said.

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해서는 안 될 행동이라고도 저 스스로도 인식하고 있습니다. 먼저 제가 SNS 쓴 글로 인해 코로나 바이러스 19로 인해 피해 받으신 분들, 행정업무에 지장을 받으신 분들께 진심으로 죄송하다는 말씀과 사과드립니다. 옳지 않다는 판단. 알고 있습니다. 현재 느슨해진 바이러스로부터의 대처 방식과 위험성의 인식. 코로나 바이러스 19로 인해 피해 받을 분들을 최소화시키기 위해 경각심을 가졌으면 하는 마음에서 메시지를 전달하고 싶었습니다. 봄이 찾아와 따뜻해진 계절의 야외에서의 여가생활, 개학이 미뤄지고 여유로워진 시간을 활용한 밀폐된 공간에서의 접촉 등으로 제2의 제3의 코로나 패닉을 낳을 수 있다는 생각에 너무나 무섭습니다. 저의 아버지도 얼마 전 폐암 수술을 받으시고 줄곧 병원에 다니셨습니다. 그러면서 병원에 계신 의료진과 환자들을 보면서 뭔가 화가 나기도 하고 바이러스가 남의 일이 아니라 자신의 일이었다면 하는 생각이 들었습니다. 그래서 정작 코로나 바이러스 19로 인해 벗어나고자 노력하는 분들과는 반대로 평상시와 다를 바 없는 복장과 마스크를 착용하지 않은채 여가생활을 즐기고 계시는 분들이 많다는 이야기에 경각심이 필요 하다 생각 했습니다 다양한 정보매체와 인터넷에서도 크고 작은 주의를 요청하고 있는 가운데 그 이야기를 들어주지 않는 사람들에게 어떻게해서든 현시점의 위험성을 전달하고 싶었습니다. "제발. 귀 기울여주세요. 제발. 아프지 말고 아픔을 겪지 마세요." 라구요. 제 주변에서마저도 확진자가 생겨나고 있습니다. 먼 곳의 이야기가 아니란 걸 확신했고 두려움은 배로 느껴졌습니다. 사람을 잃고 나서야 반성하는 태도는 아무런 도움이 되지 않습니다. 답답하고 힘들지만 지금보다 더.. 조금 더 노력해서 이 힘든 시기를 함께 이겨내고 싶습니다. 오늘의 글..지나치지만, 지나칠 정도의 관심을 가져주신다면 이야를 들어주지 않을까라는 방법이 많은 분들에게 상처를 드리고 비난을 받고 있습니다. 제 글로 인하여 코로나 바이러스를 위해 애쓰시는 정부기관과 의료진들 그리고 지침에 따라 생활을 포기 하며 극복을 위해 힘쓰는 많은 분들께 상심을 드린 점 진심으로 사과드립니다.

A post shared by J_JUN 김재중 ジェジュン (@jj_1986_jj) on Apr 1, 2020 at 4:41am PDT

[Trans: jj_1986_jj IG] 200401 #Jaejoong;

Apology Post

— 돖. (@shinkipeia) April 1, 2020

#JaejoongIsOverParty 🤥🤥🤥 homeboy really said “i have covid19 i’m so sorry” then was like “april foolssss !!!” how tasteless

— free pinky ♡ (@movelymomo) April 1, 2020

Okay time to log out since Jaejoong embarrassed me

— Crushi💎 (@Beverly1llsBabe) April 1, 2020

jaejoong to his career

— bri #chocolate (@lomlhongbin) April 1, 2020

Jaejoong, you’re trending worldwide. Is this what you wanted when you posted that on IG? If you really wished to raise awareness on COVID-19, you could’ve done it in a different way. People around the world are suffering bc of this, yet you just had to pull this kind of “joke”.

— 딸기사슴 / 초콜릿🍫 (@paulisteu2618) April 1, 2020

This was one of the most irresponsible and insensitive attitudes I've seen coming from an Idol

— ♕Dan (@heyitskdan) April 1, 2020

[via Billboard, opening image via Kim Jae-joong]

Shake Shack Debuts DIY Burger Kits To Fix Your Cravings During Self-Isolation

Images via Goldbelly

You can now prepare your own Whoppers at home, but if you’re salivating for Shake Shack’s world-famous Shackburger, it’s also very possible—and easy—to recreate one.

After shutting its dining areas, Shake Shack is making its signature cheeseburgers more accessible by letting customers grill and put together the burgers by themselves. While other chains remain protective of their recipes, the New York City restaurant has launched a DIY Shackburger Kit, made logistically possible with the help of meal kit provider Goldbelly, to comfort patrons during the coronavirus outbreak.

The meal kit, priced at US$49, arrives with almost all of the ingredients required to make eight Shackburgers. It comprises of Shake Shack’s custom blend of 100-percent Angus beef, eight GMO-free potato rolls, slices of American cheese, and four ounces of ShackSauce.

To maintain freshness, the DIY kits don’t include lettuce or tomatoes, and fans are asked to “bring your own” toppings, according to the Motley Fool.

Interestingly, customers are asked not to freeze the ingredients, as this will affect the meat’s quality. The kit is prepared such that individual diners can make and enjoy one Shackburger each day, as it has a “best before” date of one week.

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Good news isn’t the only thing being delivered today… Introducing DIY ShackBurger Kits delivered by @goldbelly (ready-to-cook boxes shipped with all the staples you need to recreate a classic ShackBurger at home)! 🍔 Each kit features ingredients to make 8 ShackBurgers (including our custom blend of @patlafrieda 100% Angus beef, Martin’s @potatorolls, American cheese + our secret ShackSauce). Trust us, your whole quaran-team will be impressed. Check out the link in our bio to order the kit straight to your door via #goldbelly. #shakeshack

A post shared by SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) on Mar 31, 2020 at 8:14am PDT

[via The Motley Fool, images via various sources]

Kanye West’s Never-Before-Seen High School Art Pieces Estimated To Be Worth $23K

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Image via DKSStyle /

Kanye West’s never-before-seen portfolio of artworks from his youth were revealed to viewers of PBS’ Antiques Roadshow last Monday.

During the previous episode, the husband of West’s first cousin showed off the collection of drawings done by the rapper when he was just 17 years old. The artworks displayed his creative prowess from a young age, aside from his talent in rapping and making music.

Art specialist Laura Woolley was impressed with the pieces as she examined them on camera. “I think these pieces demonstrate an extraordinary facility as an artist, and I selected this grouping because it shows the different mediums he was working in,” she said.

She spotlighted four unique pieces made by West to illustrate his skills of handling various mediums. West appeared to have worked with graphite, gouache and scratchboard, based on the pieces.

According to Woolley, the pieces could potentially make anywhere from US$16,000 to US$23,000 at an auction.

West was only four when he studied art at the Hyde Park Academy. He also attended the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago State University, Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago and Nanjing University in China. The rapper was honored with a doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago back in May 2015, per the BBC.

[via HYPEBEAST, opening image via DKSStyle /]

Netflix Show Spoilers Are Put On Concept Billboards To Stop Fans From Going Out

Image by Seine Kongruangkit & Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo from Miami Ad School

Two students from Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany have gone the distance to make people actually want to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Seine Kongruangkit, a current student, and Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo, a recent graduate of the ad school, created a billboard concept imagining spoilers for popular Netflix series like Stranger Things and Love Is Blind all around public places to promote self-isolation.

The students conceived the idea upon noticing that people in the country were not taking the necessary measures to isolate themselves amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The concept has been so well-received, images from the project are being shared all over the internet. Along the way, people have mistaken it as an actual initiative by Netflix itself.

Unfortunately, according to Dazed Digital, the idea was rejected by Netflix.

“The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to #staythef**khome, but some people still think it’s okay to go out and chill, spoiling it for us all,” a message in the campaign, shared on the school’s Instagram account, reads. “So we took an extreme measure: we spoil their favorite Netflix shows.”

Netflix flashing spoilers to keep people inside is the most millennial thing I’ve seen so far..

— Aliza Ansari (@aliza__ansari) March 26, 2020

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Spoiler alert!! What happens when people are supposed to stay home to help combat the spread of COVID-19 but don't?! You get spoilers of your fav @netflix shows! 💻 @miamiadschooleu 5th quarter student Seine Kongriangkit @sseine & recent grad Maitithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo came up with creative ideas 💡 to urge people to #staythefuckhome. Read more about their project in the Forbes article published today 👉 👉 Please #StaySafeEveryone 💕

A post shared by Miami Ad School (@miamiadschool) on Mar 27, 2020 at 12:33pm PDT

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Spoiler alert!! What happens when people are supposed to stay home to help combat the spread of COVID-19 but don't?! You get spoilers of your fav @netflix shows! 💻 @miamiadschooleu 5th quarter student Seine Kongriangkit @sseine & recent grad Maitithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo came up with creative ideas 💡 to urge people to #staythefuckhome. Read more about their project in the Forbes article published today 👉 👉 Please #StaySafeEveryone 💕

A post shared by Miami Ad School (@miamiadschool) on Mar 27, 2020 at 12:33pm PDT

[via Dazed, cover image by Seine Kongruangkit and Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo from Miami Ad School]

Artist Problems Captured In Comics Are Gut Punches All Creatives Have Endured

Image by Catastrophic and featured with permission

Don’t be too disheartened if you find it difficult to draw human hands. It’s a really common problem shared by illustrators, as these brutal comics suggest.

A Philippines-based artist known as Catastrophic has shared 15 artist struggles that she has personally faced in the form of comics.

Judging by the attention generated by her post, at least thousands of other creatives share the same sentiments of grappling to make two eyes appear the same, their software suddenly crashing on them, and 12-year-olds superseding their art skills.

No matter how experienced you might be, these problems always seem to come back and haunt you.

Check out Catastrophic’s all-too-familiar Artist Problems series, and take a look at more of her work on Facebook and Deviantart, where she goes by the moniker of Sugar-Doodle.

Artist Problems

Shush… I attacked myself on this…
My 15 sufferings 🙂

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Posted by Catastrophic on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

[Images by Catastrophic and featured with permission]

Coronavirus Social Distancing T-Shirt Designs Spread All Over Amazon & Ebay

Image via Amazon

The coronavirus outbreak has, unfortunately, inspired many to cash in on the pandemic as they stay at home. T-shirt designs centered on social distancing by third-party sellers are now dominating websites like Amazon and eBay.

The garments are plastered with phrases like “I was social distancing before it was cool” and even “Straight outta Wuhan,” in reference to the city the virus is believed to have originated from.

Making sales out of a tragedy appears as an ill-intended form of exploitation, which was why Etsy has blocked any sales of products related to COVID-19 to ensure no one is attempting “to exploit the developing coronavirus situation.”

Amazon and Walmart sellers are hawking coronavirus-themed T-shirts about social distancing while workers protest about safety conditions #market #work

— HP Targeting, Inc. (@HPTarget) April 1, 2020

Amazon and Walmart sellers are hawking coronavirus-themed T-shirts about social distancing while workers protest about safety conditions #website #news

— Crash Signal (@crash_signal) April 1, 2020

[via Business Insider, cover image via Amazon]