Wuhan Releases Promotional Video Featuring Iconic Attractions To Boost Tourism

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Wuhan has released a new promotional video to boost its tourism sector.

The clip, titled Let’s Meet in Wuhan, aims to brush up its image after it was recognized as the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year.

The ad features iconic tourist attractions, happy citizens and vibrant neighbourhoods and skyscrapers. It’s uploaded onto social media platforms by Wuhan’s Culture and Tourism Bureau to attract people around the world to visit the Hubei Province, where life has resumed to normal.

“Wuhan is never stingy in presenting its beauty, and we, who love it, hope more people can understand,” the tourism authority said. “[We] look forward to meeting you in Wuhan.”

According to The Telegraph, the Chinese provincial capital has found itself to be a “popular dark tourism destination.” Dark tourism refers to places known for its atrocity and death—including Chernobyl exclusion zone as well as World War memorial sites.

Niu Chen from Beijing told VICE that she traveled to Wuhan back in September as she wanted to see firsthand how the virus has impacted the city.

“I wanted to know more about what was going on and to see it firsthand. To get a sense of how things were and how people are living their lives now, as well as to look back on what happened,” she said.

#Wuhan, the epicenter of the #COVID19 outbreak in China, is speeding up its recovery after the more than two-month lockdown was lifted six months ago.

The latest #tourism promotional video "Meet in Wuhan" was released last Friday by the city’s Culture and Tourism Bureau. pic.twitter.com/7WUSWoQVIw

— TBN (@news_beijing) November 16, 2020

[via LAD Bible, cover image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/412329/Wuhan-Releases-Promotional-Video-Featuring-Iconic-Attractions-To-Boost-Tourism/

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