‘World’s First’ Skin-Friendly Face Mask Defeats Dreaded Maskne And Bad Breath

Image via Flora Masks

The pandemic has presented people with another brutal realization: that your skin is much more sensitive than you thought it was. In the past months, brands and designers have stepped up to develop more efficient face coverings; they made them more breathable, more protective, and less obstructive—but all this while, wearers still had to deal with a red, flaring annoyance.

People simply thought that “maskne” was an inevitable problem. However, one brand is trying to prove that this is not the case. Flora Masks, spotted by Mashable, are touted as the “world’s first skin-friendly face masks.” They were invented by dermatologists, product designers, and engineers to leave your skin unaffected by the prolonged use of face coverings while sitting comfortably on your face.

The masks are handmade from naturally hypoallergenic organic Mulberry silk, placed over a unique bio-foam structure that traces the natural contours of your skin to keep the garment away from your face’s breakout-prone areas. This elevation apparently reduces the level of skin contact to up to 50 percent in comparison with traditional masks, as well as lowers humidity and boosts ventilation.

On top of that, the protective gear is also built with an anti-microbial HeiQ Viroblock technology to “disrupt the behavior of microbes and germs on the fabric, whilst ensuring that treated products are self-hygenizing.”

The brand is also tackling the foul side effect of “mask breath” with biodegradable aromatherapy sticks that infuse scents into the inner side of your mask. There are three options available, and each promises up to 72 hours of freshness.

Since masks shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution, Flora Masks arrive with adjustable loops for all-day comfort and less skin friction.

The masks were recently shown off on Kickstarter and surpassed their funding goal in 48 hours.

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Image via Flora Masks

Image via Flora Masks

[via Mashable, images via Flora Masks] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/413241/World-s-First-Skin-Friendly-Face-Mask-Defeats-Dreaded-Maskne-And-Bad-Breath/

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