Watch: Woman Slipping Off Grand Canyon Ledge Will Make Your Heart Drop

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A visitor was caught almost falling off the Grand Canyon cliff while trying to take a photo of her mother.

The video, filmed by Kevin Fox, showed Emily Koford facing a near-death experience during a visit to the majestic site with her mother Erin.

Fox started filming when he saw Koford and her mother Erin posing at a cliff from a distance. His aim was to show his kids what not to do at the high-rise location.

As her mother posed against the backdrop, Koford took smaller steps back to get a perfect shot. However, her step proved to be one too far as she almost slipped off the ledge.

Fortunately, Koford was able to regain her balance as she immediately placed her hand down. Her mother promptly grabbed her by her shoulders to pull her up. Fox’s gasp could be heard in the footage as he saw how the incident unfolded.

Fox told ABC News that when he saw the mother and daughter walking around the park, he foresaw that the scene would not “look good.”

Erin also told the network that her “stomach went up her chest” when she saw her daughter stumbling at the ledge.

The news site reported that there have been 64 deaths at the park so far, with people either dying from heat stroke or falling off the edge.

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Shutterstock]

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