Watch: 15 Graphic Design Trends For 2019

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Last year, Philip VanDusen—founder and chief creative officer of NYC-based strategic and branding consultancy Verhaal Brand Design—took you through the 15 graphic design trends for 2018. Now, he’s returned with a succinct 2019 update that unravels 15 styles to keep your eyes peeled for this year.

VanDusen suggests using these trends as inspiration, sort of like a “jumping off point,” rather than simply copying what’s already been done.

“Designers, you can consciously ignore trends if you want… but being aware of what they are is critically important,” explains VanDusen inside the video’s introduction.

“For entrepreneurs and business owners, its important to understand what’s out there in trend, because you can use them or advocate them in your company and businesses to improve your brand’s design and keep it looking contemporary. That’s really important for brand perception.”

With that said, here are the 15 graphic design trends that VanDusen presents inside the video, with their respective time stamps so you can listen to his elaboration for each:

1:28 The Darkness

2:06 That’s so Metal

2:46 Inked

3:28 Neo Geo

4:12 Moto Logos

4:54 Mary Jane

5:42 Warp Speed

6:15 Optics

6:42 Color Field

7:22 Dada

8:10 Product Pattern

8:53 Moving Mail

9:48 Cut Ups

10:37 Apothecary

11:12 By the numbers

For more news on brand strategy, business planning, design, marketing and communication, be sure to check out VanDusen’s YouTube channel Philip VanDusen.

[via Philip VanDusen, images via video screenshot]

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