Tommee Tippee Celebrates Boobs & Breastfeeding In All Forms With Delightful Ad

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Video screenshot via Tommee Tippee

Women are often being shamed for simply wanting to feed their babies, despite breastfeeding being a natural process. A fun initiative by baby product maker Tommee Tippee hopes to open up conversations about breastfeeding by audaciously portraying it without censorship.

The campaign, titled Boob Life, celebrates the intimate sides of early motherhood with footage of breastfeeding women pumping and leaking. It also offers a glimpse at the challenges mothers sometimes face with feeding their babies; one woman, for instance, is shown bottle-feeding.

Alongside real imagery, the spot is filled with visual metaphors for breasts, like a pair of basketballs and oranges with milk bottle teats.

The video was created by content marketing agency Manifest and directed by Fiona Jane Burgess of UK production firm The Gate, and will be displayed in the UK, US and Australia.

It coincides with the launch of two new Tommee Tippee products; breast pads of various shapes and sizes, as well as a Double Electric Breast Pump.

“There is a lot of expectation and pressure put upon new mothers who often feel they have to feed in a certain way, and too often this is compromising their own mental and physical health,” explained Chomoi Picho-Owiny, creative director at Manifest, in a statement via Ad Age. “Many women we spoke with had wished people had been more real and honest with them, and it’s from this insight that The Boob Life was born.”

[via Ad Age, video and cover image via Tommee Tippee]

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