This Smart Sticker Lets You Know When To Reapply Sunscreen

Image via SPOTMYUV

New wearable technology is making it easier to keep yourself safe from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays when spending long periods in the sun. SPOTMYUV is a sticker that will alert you to when your sunscreen is no longer effective and needs to be reapplied.

While many of us know that sunscreen should be reapplied every two to three hours, we often forget to do so. Plus, it’s difficult to know exactly when sunscreen stops working. These stickers remind you to slather up in sunscreen in real-time.

SPOTMYUV is the “world’s first” clinically-proven UV Detection Sticker. The stickers are meant to be applied under sunscreen, so the wearer layers their sunscreen over the sticker itself.

According to Input, as the sun’s rays break down the chemical blockers in the sunscreen, the sticker gradually turns purple. Once it’s completely purple, you’ll know it’s time to get out of the sun or pat on some more sunscreen.

The stickers are made with a patented SPF-sensing layer that allows it to tell the differences between SPFs and UV levels just as human skin does. Upon reapplying enough sunscreen, the sticker’s UV Sensing Ink recognizes adequate levels of SPF and turns clear again.

Each sticker lasts for up to 12 hours, with six-pack going for US$7.99 online.

Image via SPOTMYUV

Image via SPOTMYUV

[via Input, cover image via SPOTMYUV]

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