The Eiffel Tower Will Be Covered In Gold Thanks To A Luxurious €50M Makeover

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If you are dreaming about your first post-pandemic destination, you might be in for a treat when you finally make it to Paris’ most iconic structure.

The Eiffel Tower is getting a golden makeover ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics, which is slated to take place in Paris, France.

According to the Lonely Planet, the brown paint on the iron lattice tower will be replaced with a stunning shade of yellow-brown to serve as a bright stunning backdrop to the Olympic games.

The makeover will reportedly cost about €50 million (US$60 million) to complete, as the tower’s previous layers of paint will need to be stripped off first. Prior paint jobs also included lead-based paints, which are toxic to humans and will therefore require special protocols to ensure safety before covering the building with a shiny gleaming shade of gold.

“It’s going to give the Eiffel Tower a bit more of a gold hue than the color that we’re used to seeing, in time for the Olympic Games,” said a spokesperson for the firm that operates the tower.

Work for the transformation is already underway, and it is scheduled to complete in 2022.The new look will be accompanied with an extensive renovation of Paris’ Champs Elysees. Unfortunately, the new “extraordinary garden” will only be ready by 2030.

Stay tuned to see when exactly the golden paint will be visible on the monument. In the meantime, check out a video posted to the Eiffel Tower’s official Twitter account, where workers can be seen using a blowtorch to remove the ice because “ice-control salt is too corrosive for the metal.”

🇬🇧 When negative temperatures return, my floors got partially covered with ice! 🥶 To get rid of it, we need to use a blowtorch because ice-control salt is too corrosive for the metal.#EiffelTower

— La tour Eiffel (@LaTourEiffel) February 9, 2021

[via Time Out, cover image via Shutterstock]

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