Supermarket Rebrands Women’s L, XL & XXL Clothes As ‘Rotten’ Sizes

Image via Andy.LIU /

A Taiwanese-owned hypermarket chain in China has adopted an unusual and questionable strategy to advertise its plus-size garments.

RT-Mart decided to assign names to height and weight measurements. While small and medium sizes were regarded as “beautiful” and “skinny,” sizes L, XL and XXL were described as “rotten,” “extra rotten” and “rotten to the core.”

The image of its new size chart was posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where a heated debate on fat-shaming in advertising had ensued.

State-run newspaper China Women’s News released an editorial piece with the headline, “The evil and vulgar body-shaming chain is on the road to ruin.” It also described the store labels as “vulgar marketing.”

RT-Mart has since apologized for its charts and claims that only one store had the sign. It has also pledged to strengthen its “internal management to ensure that such incidents will not occur again.”

[via VICE, cover image via Andy.LIU /]

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