Six Years Later, Lionel Messi Drawing Gets Miraculously Recreated By Soccer Star

Image by Suhas Nahian and featured with permission

In most instances, artistic tributes are created after a celebrity or renowned figure has done something memorable; rarely does it happen in reverse. In this case of a drawing of Lionel Messi, however, life appears to imitate art.

Bangladeshi architect Suhas Nahian, now the founder of architecture firm Loudworks Studio, was thoroughly surprised to find that a 2013 artwork he created of the Barcelona forward was replicated in real life six years on.

In his drawing, Messi is seen dribbling past some soccer players in green-and-white attire. The star’s head tilts forward as a defender grips onto his Barcelona jersey. Another defender is seen lying on the ground.

The image is coincidentally alike photos of a recent match, where Messi was up against Spanish soccer club Real Betis, which also has a green-and-white uniform. Here, Messi’s back is turned against the other players, with the arm of one defender extended forward, as if reaching for Messi’s jersey. Another defender is also shown on the ground.

“I painted something six years ago, and football gods made the image come true,” Nahian revealed on Instagram.

The architect, 29, said he created the painting as a student in 2013, and that the artwork was soon shared by a soccer fan page called ‘Plaantik’.

He recounted to Agence France-Presse that it was his friend who had alerted him of the similarities. “I looked back and found those are actually very similar,” Nahian said. “It was fascinating. I was surprised.”

Surprisingly, he also revealed that the green-and-white uniforms were not deliberately illustrated to represent Betis. Rather, he wanted to balance Barcelona’s “very vibrant” red-and-blue jersey.

“I wanted to paint the rest of the painting in green so that Messi stays in focus,” he detailed.

He also expressed his glee at the international attention brought about by the coincidence. “I am glad my only painting brought me so much fame, as it has been published in many Spanish, Argentine and Indian media [outlets],” Nahian exclaimed.

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I painted something 6 years ago, and football gods made the image come true last night! Swap for the painting from 2013 and the photo from last night’s match! #leomessi #messi #fcbarcelona #goat #lionelmessi #laliga

A post shared by Suhas Nahian (@suhasnahian) on Mar 18, 2019 at 10:54pm PDT

[via AFP, images by Suhas Nahian and featured with permission]

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