Samsung Postpones US$2K ‘Galaxy Fold’s Launches After Disastrous Early Reviews

Image via Samsung

Samsung had fans pumped up for its foldable smartphone, which it teased for six years. After over half a decade, the ‘Galaxy Fold’ was finally announced, but it turns out that there is still much to be desired. More waiting is expected, as the company has postponed the release of the model.

Ahead of the device’s 26 April launch, the South Korean giant sent out test units to journalists for early reviews, but several of them ended up being damaged. The tech experts related that, upon peeling off a plastic protective layer from the display, much of the phone’s screen blacked out and became unusable.

Due to the novelty of the product, the reviewers did not realize that what looked like a regular screen protector was actually a vital feature of the ‘Galaxy Fold’.

Samsung had placed a label on the handset warning them not to remove the plastic layer—but in the defence of the users—it could not have expected them to grasp how important an innocuous-seeming adhesive piece was.

The tech firm vowed to investigate the debacle, deducing that the problems were caused because the reviewers peeled off the special protective layer.

However, upon further analysis, the company has now discovered that “substances found inside the device” were also responsible for some of the handsets becoming faulty, according to a press statement. In order to “fully evaluate” initial users’ comments, it has postponed the model’s official launch on 26 April, as well as its earlier events in Hong Kong and Shanghai, where the phone was set to debut on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

With more time given, Samsung hopes to “strengthen the display protection” such that the plastic does not get removed so easily. Further, it will amplify its guidelines on how to care for the ‘Galaxy Fold’ within the product’s packaging, in addition to creating a dedicated FAQ webpage.

Retail assistants and customer care representatives have been trained to guide users on how to keep their ‘Galaxy Folds’ in tip-top condition, it adds.

The tech giant also sent out emails to customers who preordered the ‘Galaxy Fold’ to alert them of the delay, as well as let them know that “more specific shipping information” would be available within the next two weeks.

Thankfully, smartphone owners who ordered the model, which starts at US$1,980, in advance have not made any payments, as Samsung will only charge their credit cards once the ‘Galaxy Folds’ have shipped.

Oopsy… Samsung to postpone launch of Galaxy Fold to "run further internal tests".

— Raphael Rashid (@koryodynasty) April 23, 2019

[via CNET, images via various sources]

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