Quiz: Can You Guess The Disney Princesses By Looking At The Colored Blocks?

Image via IMDb

Disney has dominated much of our childhoods, and some of its most iconic symbols are its lineup of heroines.

BuzzFeed has created a quiz that tests you on how well you can remember the characters through a collection of rectangles, each representing a Disney princess.

From Pocahontas’ long luscious hair to Ariel’s seashell getup, the characters get harder to recognize as the blocks eventually feature fewer details about them.

Take the quiz here, and see how well you know these wonderful characters.

[via BuzzFeed, opening image via IMDb] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/410495/Quiz-Can-You-Guess-The-Disney-Princesses-By-Looking-At-The-Colored-Blocks/

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