Pornhub’s New Map Gets Down On The Most Popular Genre Of Your Region

Image via Pornhub

It’s been a long time coming, but Pornhub has released a whole load of data for its 2018 Year in Review.

As you might know, current events often intertwine with viewers’ interests for adult content. Taking dominance over 2018 is pornstar and alleged ex-mistress of President Trump, Stormy Daniels, who is followed by Fortnite.

In terms of countries by daily traffic, the US leads by a schlong stretch, with about thrice the visits of runner-up UK, which is ahead of India, Japan, and Canada respectively.

Now, if your region were a genre of adult visual content, what would it be? North, Central, and South America seem to have an inclination towards lesbian-themed footage, as do Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Russia, Chile, and Peru supposedly get hot and heavy over hentai.

Never in your life might you be so turned on by data. Check out some intriguing infographics put together by Pornhub, and give yourself a pat in the back for possibly contributing to these statistics.

Image via Pornhub

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image via Pornhub

Image via Pornhub

Image via Pornhub

[via Pornhub]

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