Plant Milk Brand Takes A Stand Against Trump With Hidden Messages In Ads

Image via Rebel Kitchen

UK plant-based milk product brand Rebel Kitchen has released posters and billboard advertisements with hidden messages to voice out against US president Donald Trump as part of its Veganuary campaign.

In an unusual move, the Rebels has called President Trump “an ass” and told him to “F Off” through these covert ads. The campaign coincides with the launch of the company’s new Organic Barista Mylk, which is made of coconut cream, beans, and oats and is specifically developed to taste and work like dairy milk. With the ongoing controversy regarding the US Capitol Hill riot, Rebel Kitchen took the opportunity to use its campaign as a friendly “protest.”

One of its billboards reads the message, “For coffee, Rebel Mylk trumps dairy.” However, a new version on social media sees some of the letters being removed to read, “F Off Trump.”

Another originally reading, “Nothing trumps a nice glass of Mylk,” has had its text dimmed to reveal, “Trump’s an ass.”

The brand stated that its “hidden messages” are usually meant to poke fun at dairy products and to highlight its sustainable and organic plant-based ingredients. However, in light of recent events, it felt the need to speak up and take a stand against Trump.

“We are rebels with a cause, so we take risks and never shy away from telling it like it is,” Ben Arbib, co-founder of Rebel Kitchen, said in a statement.

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U.K. billboards from dairy alternative brand Rebel Kitchen have "hidden" messages insulting President Trump.

— Ad Age (@adage) January 12, 2021

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